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Launch Your OpenCart Mobile App To Boost Sales From Mobile Channel

OpenCart Mobile App

You must be wondering why should you integrate the OpenCart Mobile App into the eCommerce website. Is the OpenCart Mobile App able to make your business succeed? What are its key characteristics? We would try to cover up all your problems related to mobile apps 

Knowband is the leading eCommerce app plugin development company. We aim to provide the best eCommerce plugin solutions to the business. And keep itself updated according to the latest market trends. OpenCart Mobile App Builder is one of the best platforms. 

The Mobile App for OpenCart is built using cutting-edge technologies to provide a seamless experience. It also contributes to the conversion of an eCommerce website into a mobile app. There is no requirement for any coding language. Furthermore, it is based on no-code technology, which allows it to run seamlessly and smoothly across all operating systems. Android apps and iOS apps can be quite beneficial in bringing your goals to existence. It also provides you with an advantage in the marketplace. It is for enhancing user engagement and boosting sales of Android and iOS apps. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator consists of several features. That can help boost your eCommerce sales, revenue, user engagement, traffic, and lowers the cart abandonment rate.

OpenCart Mobile App Maker –

The Mobile App for OpenCart is based on modern technologies. It also helps transform the eCommerce website into a mobile app. Without the need for any coding language. Moreover, it is based on no-code technology that can run seamlessly and smoothly on all platforms. Android apps and iOS apps are very much helpful in converting your dreams into reality. It also gives you a competitive edge. 

It is used to increase user engagement and revenue for Android and iOS applications. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator is made up of a number of different features. This can help you increase your eCommerce income, user engagement, and traffic, while also decreasing the rate at which customers abandon their shopping carts.

Key Features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder –

There are many other important features provided by Knowband. Those are very much helpful in making your business succeed. And boost the eCommerce store sales and revenue. 

White Label Solution – 

The OpenCart Android App Builder allows businesses to launch the app under their brand name. The brand logo, app name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc. by admin panel. This helps the store admin to advertise the brand in front of customers. And catch their attention more.

Easy Home Screen Designing- 

The store admin can also easily customize the home screen of OpenCart iOS App Maker. Furthermore, the home screen can look attractive by adding banners, images, categories, etc. by the admin panel of the eCommerce app. Even the intuitive colors and fonts can also be selected. The changes can also be performed even after the app is live. 

Featured Product Listings- 

The store admin can add featured products like new arrivals, best sellers, etc. on the home screen of the shopping app. Additionally, the OpenCart Mobile App can add this feature to drive more traffic to the website. 

Multi-device Compatibility – 

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App is compatible with every device and can smoothly run on any device. The shopping app also gets adapted according to the screen size of the user’s smartphone. So no matter what device the customer is using you can easily catch them up. 

E-mail and Social Login- 

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder allows users to simply login into the Android and iOS app with just one click. The store admin can integrate social login options such as Facebook, and Google, or Email login and registration. The fingerprint and OTP options are added to boost the trust of the customers.  

All Payment and Shipping Method- 

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker supports all types of payment and shipping methods available on the eCommerce website. The store admin can also include other payment and shipping options to allow easy transactions. These are extremely beneficial to your company’s success. Also, increase revenue and sales for the eCommerce store directly.

Multilingual and Currency Support- 

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator also allows the store admin to include all the languages of the website in the Android app and iOS apps. The mobile app supports all the local, regional and global languages. Including RTL, and can also be added by accessing the admin panel. 

One-Page Checkout- 

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows users to fill up the necessary details, while checkout for transaction ease. This way customers only have to fill in the necessary information. And they can easily focus on the products of the eCommerce mobile app. 

All Products Type Support –

The OpenCart Android App Builder by Knowband supports all product types. The store admin can include all the product types such as single, grouped, bundled, etc. 

Real-time Synchronization- 

The OpenCart iOS App Maker also simplifies the inventory and stock management in the mobile app. Additionally, the product inventory is linked in real-time with the eCommerce platform. All modifications and corrections made by the eCommerce store administrator will be reflected on the Shopping app as well.

Unlimited Push Notifications- 

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App sends a push notification to the app users. Furthermore, It consists of regular eCommerce store updates, offers, and discounts, etc. Customers can quickly receive messages, offers, and other information from businesses due to this fast-moving communication channel.

Offline Mode- 

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder also allows the customers to fetch the preloaded screen. Even, if they are facing any internet issues. This way customers get enough time to search for their favorite product. Also, they don’t have to worry about the internet tissue. This is a great initiative to make customers shop in the way, anytime or anywhere. 

Coupon and Voucher support- 

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker supports coupon and discount codes. To gives shopping benefits to potential customers from time to time. This is the strategy to attract more customers. Also, give timely offers and discounts to the customers to make them buy more. 

Zopim & WhatsApp Chat Support:

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator includes Zopim and WhatsApp chat features. It also allows customers to connect with store admin 24*7 for their queries and issues. This feature is very much helpful in boosting the trust of the customer. The user will more relay on your brand because of customer satisfaction. 

Conclusion –

Knowband is a major developer of eCommerce app plugins. The goal of our company is to give the best eCommerce plugin solutions. And it keeps itself up to speed with current market trends. Its purpose is to increase user engagement and app revenues for Android and iOS devices. There are several more benefits of the OpenCart Mobile App. Those are enough to give you a competitive edge and growth opportunities.
There are various features in the OpenCart Mobile App Creator. This can help you increase eCommerce sales, revenue, user engagement, and traffic, as well as reduce cart abandonment. Knowband experienced developer also helps you to convert your eCommerce website into Android and iOS apps. You can send us an email at in case of any queries.

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