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Learn Quran Online

learn the Quran. a platform to learn Quran online, memorize Quran online, and classes that allow a person to learn Quran reading.
Quran School is an online Quran teaching academy that since the day it first began its operation has been providing Muslims across the world.The Online Quran Teaching Academy also provides lingual studies such as Arabic online classes and online Quran reading with tajweed courses under the guidance of highly educated and expert online Quran teachers and Tutors in directly interactive, one on one quran classes that are flexible enough that any student including kids and the working class can have them scheduled according to their own timings and days.

Online Quran Courses & Programs

Quran School has become one of the pioneers of Online Quran teaching in the world and today provides many courses that make active use of technologies like the internet and software such as Skype to Learn Quran Online and to spread Islamic learning among the masses including kids, through expert Quran tutors and teachers and online Quran classes.

Quran School does not merely go over the basic studies that cover the learning of Arabic alphabets such as Quran Qaida courses, but also has experts scholars in its faculty that are capable of teaching higher levels of Quran teaching such as found in Quran tafseer course, Spoken Arabic, Quran memorization courses and even in depth tajweed courses online.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”
Memorization of the Quran is one of the best worship that a Muslim can accomplish in his or her life. There is no greater blessing for anyone than to know the book of Allah (SWT) by heart. Quran School is one of the pioneers in providing the best online quran memorization courses in the entire world that have been designed to help students preserve the entire Quran in their hearts. The course comprises of three stages. In the first stage, students are thought renowned verses and smaller Surahs and are then judged if they can move onto the next stages. The other two stages follow in depth scenarios of guidance and homework from qualified online Quran teachers under whose guidance these courses are taught over Skype. Kids especially who are brilliant and can easily handle memorization of the Quran are encouraged to enroll into an online Quran memorization course where they can properly learn through traditional methods of memorization of the Quran that have been essentially re-designed for an online Quran class.

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