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Life Hacks: Furniture That Doubles as Storage

A room with furniture that doubles as storage

The main problem for families nowadays is storage. As more and more people move to the big cities, living space tends to get smaller and therefore storage issues appear everywhere. It is so much easier when you are moving from an apartment to a house, but – it is what it is.  Even though you sometimes think the situation is hopeless, and there’s simply no more space in your home, there are some ways to improve the storage situation without saying goodbye to your favorite items or building additional rooms. Let’s take a look at furniture that doubles as storage – the perfect way to maximize space without additional walk-in closets and rooms.

Before you pick new furniture pieces…

…take a realistic look at your home. Do you need additional space for a good reason, or your home is getting more cluttered each day? Try to go through each room and remove the clutter and any unnecessary items, so you can see the true storage situation in your house. Decluttering is a great way to make more space and see how much more additional storage you really need. Also, a mess-free home is easier to clean and gives a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for its residents.

Bonus tip: Decluttering your home before you leave is a great way to prepare yourself for your upcoming move. Moving unnecessary, old or broken items will only make your packing process more time-consuming and expensive. That’s why you should be sure to declutter your home before you relocate and therefore make more space in your new house or apartment.

Can you get furniture that doubles as storage?

Absolutely! There are some less obvious ways to increase storage space – some furniture pieces can store things, apart from their main function in your home. Let’s see how you can make your home more practical and spacious.

Coffee tables

Apart from being a place where you can set your coffee, snacks, remote control, etc., your coffee table can serve as storage, too. There are numerous designs on the market. You can choose a table with built-in storage or a table that’s made of drawers. Therefore, when buying a coffee table for a small home, don’t just look at its design and beauty – pay attention to its functionality as well. Sometimes, a simple shelf under the coffee table is enough to store books and everyday knickknacks.

living room furniture that doubles as storage
A coffee table is one of the most common furniture that doubles as storage – pick the one with drawers or extra shelves.


The best way to free up space in almost every room in the house is through hanging shelves. Raising things off the ground will create more space, and interesting design can really make a room look amazing. Shelves can keep your books and other decorative items in the living room. Also, a practical shelf in the kitchen is amazing for storing spices and other kitchen items and therefore removing them from the kitchen counters. And finally, a bathroom shelf is excellent for all those cosmetics and products that usually sit on the bathtub, washing machine or sink.

a living room shelf is a piece of furniture that doubles as storage
Shelves of interesting design are both decorative and add space to your rooms

Ottomans/ benches

These amazing pieces are often considered purely decorative, but they can definitely be furniture that doubles as storage, in many ways. These can serve as storage space for sheets, pillows, and blankets in your bedroom. Furthermore, you can use them instead of a coffee table in your living room, as well as the place to put some extra blankets, books, toys, etc.


The truth is, mirrors don’t take much space since they are usually placed in a corner or hung on the wall. However, they don’t need to serve only for doing makeup or getting dressed. A mirror can be furniture that doubles as storage. There are different designs of mirrors that open up and have shelves behind them – amazing for makeup or jewelry. Also, a standing mirror can have sort of a ladder behind it, where you can hang your scarves, necklaces, etc.


Your bed should be comfortable and nice-looking. However, it can be very practical, too. Many companies make beds with drawers underneath them, which are super simple and easy to use. That’s why they can be used for various things like clothes, beddings, pillows, etc. Also, you can place your seasonal clothes in vacuum bags and place them in those drawers, too.

Multi-purpose desks

When choosing a practical desk or table for a small apartment, try finding a multi-purpose piece that is convertible. Many designs offer folding desks that can serve both for work and writing, as well as shelf storage. Also, as you can fold them, they don’t take up as much space all the time, but you open them only when you need a desk to eat, write or place your laptop on.

A desk with shelves.
Multi-purpose desk as furniture that doubles as storage – use it for work, meals, and shelves as storage.

Relocating to a bigger home

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you need a bigger home, and that’s fine. When a family gets bigger, it’s only logical to move to a place where you can have enough space to enjoy your family time. However, be sure to provide your family with only the safest relocation possible – by hiring a trustworthy professional. Moving companies like tiktokmoving.com have enough skill and experience to handle every type of relocation, without you feeling tired and stressed out. Furthermore, if packing the whole home feels overwhelming and time-consuming, skillful professionals have the right packing supplies and techniques to pack and deliver your items safely.


Making your home spacious and practical requires you to look at things from a different angle and find storage solutions in unusual places, and furniture that doubles as storage is definitely an out-of-the-box answer. However, there’s no perfect storage that will help you in case your home is way too cluttered. Getting rid of unnecessary items on a regular basis and being smart about storage solutions is the perfect mix that will help you have a clean, spacious, and happy home.

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