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List Of The Most Famous And Must-see Sights in Haiti

Pearl of the Antilles-Haiti

Do you like sight-seeing? then Haiti is a natural paradise for you that pop out of some movie. The turquoise waves that beat lightly on the golden coast, the mist-shrouded mountain tops peeping at the dense vegetation, and the spectacular sunset covers the entire landscape with bright colors. It is located in Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean Sea, and shares the Dominican Republic’s idyllic scenery. If you are looking for fascinating historical monuments and happy beach views, then Haiti is a place. You should visit Haiti once in your lifetime and this is a guide to the must-see fascinating sights in the area. Scroll down to read about the attractions and make Air France Reservations right away to plan your trip to Haiti.

The town at the Waterfront – La Côte des Arcadins

This coastal city is full of all-encompassing resorts and will continue to develop Haiti’s tourism industry and make the island more attractive to travelers. These hotels offer many excursions, aiming to give tourists the best experience in Haiti through gastronomic and cultural backgrounds.

The former Capital – Cap-Haiti

Cap-Haïtien, formerly the capital of Haiti, is a beautiful city full of unique French architecture and Palais Sans Soucis. The town is so small that most sightseeing needs can be met on foot, but a taxi and guide must visit the castle. 

The Mountaintop Fort – Citadelle Laferriere

Citadelle Laferriere is a magnificent hilltop fortress originally built after Haiti gained independence to provide defense against the French invasion. Now it maintains more or less the same graceful state as it was then. For Haitians, it is a noble symbol of their strength in the face of threats. The Citadelle is located on the northern coast of Haiti, on the top of the Bonnet hill of L’Eveque, with beautiful views of the surrounding green fields. Try making Spirit Airlines Reservations now and visit Haiti with ease.

The Romance Hub of Haiti – Geele Beach

Geele  Beach is the longest and most romantic beach in Haiti. Fishing boats sway on the horizon, and the air emits the sweet smell of coconut. There are many excellent seafood restaurants nearby, offering discounts every day. In August, the place was crowded with passionate dancers and musicians to participate in the Fete Notre Dame festival. A few meters away from Gelee is a pasture, so don’t be surprised to see one or two roaming cows.

The Curent Capital – Port-au-Prince

The capital of Haiti is a city with fantastic architecture and a long history. Since the travel warning was issued in 2012, the city’s crime rate has been plagued by tourism, but visitor reports have been shrouded in stories from Haiti, from art and culture to history and cuisine. During the Current COVID 19 situation, Haiti still has many airports running. Air travel safely using Air France Reservations and get to experience some new things.

The Private Paradise – Labadee

Labadee is a private port and a secluded paradise. Owned by Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line, the white sand beaches and crystal waters here make it one of the island’s most charming destinations. In addition to relaxing on the beach in the blue waters, visitors can also shop from selected Haitian vendors, take part in water sports, or try on the zip line.

The Largest Waterfall of the southwest – Saut-Mathurine

Saut-Mathurineis the largest waterfall in the region and a tempting waterfall in southwest Haiti. The Cavaillon River (Rivière de Cavaillon) provides a water source for the waterfall streams, and its waters are easy for boating and swimming. Driving to Saut-Mathurine, can enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery and is surrounded by lush green plants.

The Holiday Brochures Favourite – Kokoye Beach

Kokoye Beach is a paradise of the Caribbean sea style. It is copied in vacation brochures all over the world. The exquisite white sand beach, turquoise water, and tall and sweet palm trees sway lazily in the warm breeze. The beach is the best place for snorkeling, and it is the right choice for those who wish to avoid many tourists. You can only travel by boat or on foot.

Palace of The Slave-turned King – Sans-Souci Palace

The Sans-Souci Palace was the former residence of the famous former slavery king Henry Christopher I before it was partially destroyed in the 1842’s earthquake. The palace has a deep historical foundation, recalling nostalgia’s beauty, usually with the Palace of Versailles’s majesty in France. The castle has many high arched windows and decadent stairs. Use Spirit Airlines Reservations to travel safely, and while protecting yourself from getting infected with the COVID-virus, experience something new.

The little version of Heaven – Bassin Bleu

Bassin Bleu is a blissful and secluded waterfall on the Jacmel mountain in Haiti. Travelers can follow the trail to the basin, spend a day jumping from the waterfall, swimming in the turquoise water, and enjoying the cool coverage of dense vegetation. The privacy of this attraction makes it feel like heaven.

With its beautiful beaches, hidden caves, and magnificent mountains, Haiti’s trip will be a genuinely revitalizing trip.


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