Live-in Care for the Elderly


What do you think about receiving care and help you or your loved one require at the comfort of your home? Ageing is inevitable, and with age comes illnesses and difficulty to go about with the simplest tasks. But this doesn’t mean the elderly have to leave their home for good and move into a care home. Gone are the days when the elderly have to move into care homes to have someone take care of them, their medication, routine check-ups and more. Now, care and help is just a click away. Abicare — a home care agency has recognised the sentiment and gap, ensuring to fill it up with their home care services such as Visiting Service and Live-in Care.
Abicare has highly trained, and experienced carers that offer the care you or a family member might require at the comfort of your home. The carers at Abicare, provide an extensive training programme that helps support you or your loved one better. To understand the care or assistance you require, the team will visit you. Upon getting clarity on the help or of any special care required, a skilled carer will be assigned.
Now, you could choose either visiting care or live-in care, whichever suited your requirements better. If daily visits are not enough for you, then our live-in care service will surely do you good. Living in your familiar surroundings and receiving the care and assistance you need cannot be compared to anything else. The carer will stay with you in your home to provide you with daily care. Abicare’s trusted and vetted carers will help you get into a routine, keep your skills intact
and help you stay independent. The live-in care services offered by Abicare are Convalescent Care, Holiday and Respite Care, and Companionship. Let’s understand the care services better.
Convalescent Care: Need professional help to take care of you or your loved one recover from an illness, operation or injury? With Abicare’s live-in care service, you can now take time to regain your independence and strength while the skilled carer will provide you with personal care, household chores and whatever else you need.
Holiday Care: Your usual caregiver requires some time off? No worries! Abicare’s trusted and vetted carers will ensure you continue to get the care you need to back on your feet.
Companionship: Seniors are most likely to fall victim to mental health issues such as depression and dementia. Loneliness is usually the cause of mental health issues among the elderly, but if they have companionship, have someone to talk to, it could keep loneliness at bay. The skilled carers at Abicare, are trained to provide the elderly with the companionship they need.
Abicare has the best highly-trained and experienced carers onboard. All the carers are compassionate and empathetic towards the elderly. Abicare understands that the idea of a carer living in our house might take time to get used to, that’s why the live-in carers are picked carefully. Reach out to us today to understand how we can help you.

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