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Loft Conversion - Design Ideas
Loft Conversion - Design Ideas

Loft Conversion – Design Ideas

A loft conversion is a simple process of converting an unused attic or loft space into a usable room, usually utilized as a bedroom, living area, a workshop, or even a storage room. Undertaking a loft conversion allows a homeowner to free up valuable floor space in a house or apartment and increase the value of the property. Many homeowners are also choosing to take advantage of the extra space that’s often not utilized because it’s hard to sell as an apartment or condo. It also adds to the character of a neighborhood. Loft conversions have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years.

When planning a loft conversion, there are many options available for home improvement. Many loft conversions are turning traditional garages or workshops into comfortable sleeping areas. Some homes even use the attic as additional living space by converting it into a home office or home theatre room. If you are planning a conversion, here are some of the ideas that may be of interest to you:

o Insulation. Before starting your loft conversion, you should get planning permission from your local council. This is to ensure you don’t end up with a damp, dark and dangerous place to live. There will also need to be permission granted for any structural changes to be made to the property, including removing the existing ceiling, walls and any insulation. In some cases planning permission can be obtained for renovations to be carried out on the exterior of the building.

o Roof dormers. Another popular option for loft conversions is the installation of a roof dormer. This is a wall-mounted, permanently attached roof dormer which is attached to the existing house roof. It is a cheap, temporary solution for attic Loft Conversion Ascot. However, it should not be used if the property has a low ceiling because it will be unable to handle the extra weight.

o Head Height. A loft conversion can increase head height by as much as 100mm. There are many options available when considering head height. You can choose between mini sheds, dormers, awnings or a new roof. Each option will provide you with different levels of freedom to customise your new space.

o Guest Bedroom. One of the most popular reasons to convert an attic is the creation of a guest bedroom. During your attic conversion, you can use as much or as little storage and work space as you wish. This will create extra living space for your family. To create extra living space for your family, you can install an awning or velux window, https://www.articleritz.com/

o Dormers. Many families benefit from the creation of a double loft conversion. In this case, you create two separate sleeping areas, one in the loft and one in the main level of your home. In this way, you have access to a headroom, dressing area and bathroom without having to open up your bedroom.

o Loft Extensions. It is possible to gain planning permission to convert a small loft extension. In this case, you would convert an existing open plan space into one that meets your needs. For instance, if you have a smaller living space but need a dedicated bathroom, you could opt for a bathroom en suite instead of a guest bedroom. In addition, you would not be required to get planning permission for an attic extension. However, you should still check with your local council to make sure that you would not require planning permission for any loft conversion if you change nothing else.

o Velux Conversions. A value conversion is when you convert the main bedroom to an en suite with an attached bathroom. In some cases, the bathroom is smaller than the en suite, while in others it is the opposite. The majority of loft conversions are en suites, because it enables couples to maximise the space that they have.

o Dressing Room. In some cases, conversion enables you to create an extra dressing room, which you can use as a home office. You can do this by removing the door to your home office and then wallpapering the walls. You may also choose to install a skirting board over the entrance to your home office, so that you can avoid the cost of painting the area.

In conclusion, when planning a loft conversion, you have a number of different options that can help you create the ideal home. You can use the existing space to create additional bedrooms or you can install extra equipment in the attic. If you want to create an additional bedroom, you have options to include wardrobe doors, a double bed, wardrobes and dressing rooms. If you want an extra living area in the loft, you can install a kitchen or a utility room. You can design the loft of your house in any way that suits your needs and the design ideas that you think will be most beneficial.

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