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Looking to buy Girls Dancing Shoes?

Ever seen the smile on a girl’s face while she is dancing? It is priceless. Every parent wants their child to do whatever they like most. If a girl likes to dance, she might have asked her parents for girls dance shoes, and one must be wondering what those are. It is recommended that one should gain more knowledge about dancing shoes for girls before they proceed to purchase dancing shoes.

History of Girls Dancing Shoes

Before going any further, one should also try to understand the various types of girls dance shoes and take a brief look at their history. Traces of the oldest form of dancing shoes, also known as ‘Ballet’, dates back to the 15th Century in the Italian Renaissance Courts. The word Ballet is taken from ‘Ballere’, which is an Italian originated word. It means ‘to dance’. Although these originated in Italy, people first noticed it when Italian Catherine de Medici tied the knot with French King Henry II during the 16th Century. Later, the King of France, King Louis XIV, made it even more popular. So, one could say they date back from the 15th Century.

Types of Girls Dancing Shoes

  1. Ballet Shoes: Ballet shoes are considered the oldest form of girls dancing shoes. They are usually very lightweight and equipped with rounded toes. They are furnished with a flexible sole and do not have any heels. They are typically manufactured from materials like Leather, Satin, or Canvas. Although they can be utilised by both male and female dancers, It is recommended that one purchase ballet shoes if the girl is interested in ballet dancing.
  2. Jazz Shoes: Jazz shoes are mainly used in Jazz dances, but they are also used in many other styles of dancing like line dancing, hip-hop, and pole dancing, etc. They are utilised in various other activities like aerobics, ballroom, and Latin dance. They primarily consist of rubber soles and commonly come in tan or black colour. If a girl is learning any of the above-stated dance styles, she should consider getting Jazz shoes.
  3. Tap Shoes: Tap shoe assembly is similar to Jazz shoes. They consist of a different bottom. The soles included in Tap shoes are hard and thick. These shoes are mainly used for tap dancing, as they are enhanced with metal plates around the toe and heel. They produce sounds using metal plates. It is not wise to wear tap shoes outside as the metal plate beneath can get damaged and even cause damage to the floor when worn later inside. They have been recommended if a girl is into Tap Dancing.
  4. Character Shoes: Due to the name, people might consider these as shoes worn by celebrities performing in or auditioning for productions, but that’s not the case. They are different types of character shoes. Few can be fitted with a metal tap to make them tap shoes magically. But the major purpose of these shoes is to wear them for an extended period. Character shoes are ideal for musical activities or dance classes.

Now one might have gained a lot more knowledge about girls dancing shoes than before. One would want to see that glorious smile on their girl’s face, so it is better to invest in good-quality shoes which will be comfortable and last longer. Also, if one is experiencing problems identifying the shoe size for their girl, they should check out the Size Guide to help themselves out with it.

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