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Looking to optimize the speed of your WordPress?

There are several reasons why your WordPress webpage is slow. Maybe it has Java script issues, excessive flash content, high-resolution images, or it has too many pop-up advertisements.  

If you have a website created by WordPress and you always encounter these slow issues, then a WordPress site speed optimization is what you need. But the question is: Do you know how to optimize the speed of your WordPress website? If you’re not familiar with handling any webpage speed optimization, you could ask for some aid in Digital Marketing Philippines to speed up your WordPress webpage speed. 

Limiting the number of plugins

If you are a WordPress user, there is a good chance that you have heard of the term “plugins”. A plugin is a software component that can be added to an existing software or web application for customization purposes. Plugins can be used to extend the functionality of existing applications or enhance and extend their capabilities.

Plugins are built to provide additional features and functions to your WordPress website. They can be used to add extra features like social media integration, payment gateway options, page caching, security and many more.

The number of plugins installed on your website can affect its loading speed as well as its performance. So it is important to keep the number of plugins small so that they do not slow down your site or affect its overall performance.

Limiting the plugins that you install on your WordPress website is a great way to increase its speed. You might experience difficulty loading all the plugins if you have too many. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are tools that can help you determine how many plugins have been installed on your WordPress website. They can help you determine which plugins will slow down your site.

The size of your website is another factor that affects the speed of your WordPress site. You can speed up your site by using a quality hosting plan. Also, reduce the number posts. Also, make sure to optimize your homepage. People will visit your homepage first, so keep it as simple as possible. Keep your posts short and keep the excerpts to a minimum. Widgets should be avoided. Instead, focus on the content and functionality. If you must use plugins, make sure they are lightweight and efficient.

There are many plugins that can help optimize the speed of your WordPress site. There are many options available. You can also read user reviews and choose the one that suits your needs best. Look for plugins that have many active installations and have good reviews. You can also experiment to find which plugins have the best results for your website. Remember, the real winner will be your website’s visitors.

Use a caching plugin

A caching plugin is a simple way to speed up your WordPress website. The caching plugin makes a backup of the page every time it loads. This means that it doesn’t need to be downloaded again. This cached version is then sent to subsequent users. Caching speeds up websites and makes it easy for visitors to use your website. It can also increase SEO rankings, which in turn will drive more visitors.

There are several caching plugins available. Some of them are free, while others can be expensive. Autoptimize, for example, reduces load times by moving JavaScript files into the footer. Hummingbird is another option that speeds up WordPress sites by compressing and merging files. This plugin also reduces the size of requests to the server.

One of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress is W3 Total Cache. However, it has a steep learning curve and is more aimed at developers. While its interface is somewhat technical and contains advanced configuration options, it is one of the best caching solutions available for WordPress. W3 Total Cache also supports multiple caching methods, such as CloudFlare and CDN services.

Updating PHP

Upgrading to the most recent PHP version is one of the fastest ways to increase the speed of your WordPress website. This will reduce the overall size of your website and increase its speed. You can also update your website to fix security and bugs. Your website will be more secure with updates. The latest version of PHP is available on DreamHost.

While upgrading PHP is not a quick fix, it will help your site run faster and make better use of your server’s resources. This means less demand on your system, which will reduce the risk of overworking it. Additionally, updating PHP will help prevent hiccups and security issues.

To update PHP, go to Appearance -> Themes and click “Update Now.” Child themes are also available. These allow you to modify your parent theme without having to change it. After updating your child theme, the parent theme will retain the changes you made.


If you want to improve the speed of your WordPress site, using Cloudflare can be an excellent choice. Cloudflare caches your static files and images like CSS. Your site will load faster and receive fewer visitors. Additionally, Cloudflare also caches third-party fonts. Because these files are cached on Cloudflare servers, they are delivered faster, especially on first-time visits.

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that optimizes the speed of your WordPress site by caching content and serving it from servers closest to the visitor.

Content delivery networks like Cloudflare have become an important part of any WordPress website’s infrastructure. They help you serve your site faster, decrease load times for your visitors and increase security for your site. In this post, I’ll show you how to set up Cloudflare on your WordPress site.

Cloudflare offers many features and is available for free to basic users. The basic plan includes a DNS service, which routes website content requests through their servers. Cloudflare also offers HTTPS security, without the need to purchase an SSL certificate.

Cloudflare uses a global network of data centers to cache content and reduce requests to the original server. Cloudflare’s global CDN can cache static files as well as content to significantly speed up your website’s performance. The CDN also provides features to speed up WordPress websites.

WordPress is the often use software for blogs, schools, and even businesses. It is one of the most useful platforms for blog management systems because it is free and easy to use. However, if you have finished the contents within your WordPress webpage, and it’s ready to be launched, sometimes the webpage speed performance is sluggish. 

WordPress Page Speed Optimizer Services by DMP

Digital Marketing Philippines is known for its service of search engine optimization or SEO.

They help clients expand their website by improving the overall ranks and increasing their relevance through the search engine results. 

What is also good about their agency is that they also offer WordPress page speed optimization service. They will help you fix the speed of your WordPress page without redoing anything from your content.

Features of their Service

If you avail their one of their packages, these are the inclusions of their WordPress Page Speed Optimization. Below are some of their features.

– Staff will study the existing WordPress to get familiar with their set-up and system

– Copies the existing contents and plugin settings

– Tests for staging and live website

– Will set a minimum score of 80 in Google Speed or Pingdom Test for both desktop and mobile

Ready to optimize the speed of your WordPress?

With Digital Marketing Philippines, you’re in good hands, and they will fill what your webpage needs. If you need more information about their services, visit their website at this link https://digitalmarketingphilippines.com/



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