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Mykonos transfers
Mykonos transfers

Luxury Transportation and Mykonos transfers

Luxury Transportation in Mykonos is one of the services offered by many Mykonos transfers companies.

The above is considered for clients who are looking for a luxury transportation service that provides Mykonos transfers with confidence and security. Especially when they have to move within the island either for work or personal reasons.

Mykonos is a beautiful Greek island, the smallest and most charming of the Cyclades.

This island has its own rhythm: the tranquility of the Mediterranean is the basis of all its customs and folklore… and this is also carried over to gastronomy.

Greek cuisine

The cuisine is based on olive oil and consists mainly of vegetables, olives and cheeses, especially kopanisti, a farm cheese, and spices such as oregano, basil, cloves and pepper. With that they cook fish, although meat it is also found in many typical dishes and pastas.

A little bit of Mykonos

One of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands is the famous Mykonos, which attracts the interest of a large number of tourists from all over the world and, among them, many intellectuals and artists.

The steep mountains that we find in most of the Cyclades Islands, here give way to low rocky hills that, together with the beaches, characterize the natural environment of the island.

The picturesque port of Mykonos, facing the distinguished waterfront “Hora” (Jora). There, fishing boats and luxurious yachts harmoniously abut, presents a different image from most Aegean Sea villages. While others are built like an amphitheater on plains or peaks, this one extends and presents an indissoluble solidity and coherence.


Cubic and white houses with steps, wooden doors and windows, brightly colored balconies, small and luxurious churches. Everywhere are taverns, folk art shops, giving the impression of an interior space.

One of the most picturesque places in Hora (and much photographed) is its famous “Venetia”. On the small elevation of the Kastro (Castle) is the group of churches of Paraportianí, a very white set created over the centuries and recognized as a national monument.

Of special picturesque and monumental interest are the medieval houses of the Kastro that rise above the sea, forming a wall to the west.

Mykonos transfers
Mykonos transfers

In the Archaeological Museum of Hora there are finds from tombs of Rinia, sculptures Probably the most famous Greek island. According to Greek mythology, the island was named after the hero Mykono, son of Apollo; therefore it is the island of light, because from the one who took its name it has family ties with the luminous Apollo.

It is also said that in Mykonos the legendary Heracles (Hercules) killed the giants, whose petrified bodies formed the rocks of the island. In another version of the myth, it is Poseidon himself who raises the rocks that form the island, also against the giants.


The Luxury Transport service offered by Lux Auto adapts to the needs of each of its clients. That is why they are the ones who can choose the car model to use so that it suits their needs. The company’s vehicles for this service are designed for senior executives who have meetings in various places in the island.

To make the Luxury Transportation service effective, all you have to do is request it. Make the reservation and from then on the company takes care of each one of the details. Doing so, customers have a unique luxury transportation experience where Mykonos transfers is in charge.

To organize an itinerary so that the required transport service or services work without waiting, delays, or errors.

The luxury transport service offered by Mykonos transfers adapts to the needs of each of our clients. We have different categories of vehicles including Mercedes Benz, BMW and many more among the most requested. All our luxury vehicles are high-end and are designed for senior executives or individuals who have business meetings.

To confirm a luxury transportation service, you just have to contact our reservations team who will assist you and give you the best option according to your requirements. Mykonos transfers will take care of every detail so that you have a unique experience and optimal luxury transportation service.

Luxury transport for companies

Luxury Transport for companies is designed for clients who need to move from one place to another within the island, in a car that provides quality, comfort and safety. In expansion to being served by drivers who have been within the trade for a long time and who know the requirements of clients. Lux Auto provides a luxury transportation experience that ensures that the service always meets customer expectations.

Luxury transportation from the Airport

For Mykonos transfer airport to hotel services, Lux Auto works with a team of drivers highly qualified bilinguals. We watch over every detail of the service placing great emphasis on punctuality and security for the services we offer. Our aim is to give business executives and international visitors great services.

Our reservation team will immediately respond to your request with all the details of the service, including the information of the driver, vehicle and service details. Luxury transportation is one of the most requested services by senior executives of international companies. They need to attend business meetings, congresses or corporate events.

Our operations, reservations and drivers teams plan the itinerary according to the routes and times requested by our clients. This way we ensure that you have an optimal and successful business trip.

Finally, the company is committed to delivering the best experience for each of the users of the Luxury Transportation service. In such a way that all customers have a top quality service and according to their expectations. Senior executives and CEOs of large companies worldwide trust in the quality. Also commitment and security provided by the company since 2004 in the field of luxury transportation in Mykonos.

Additional information for your transport

The heart of the island is Chora, the centre of the action. Mykonos port is the largest and most influential central district in Mykonos. There you will find many major banks, bars, clubs, cultural and tourist attractions. We know the financial district of Mykonos perfectly, so there will be no problem in taking our clients anywhere without delay since we have the best transportation service in the country.

Mykonos has a warm climate with warm winters and beautiful summers and a windy season in the winter. Lows sometimes drop to 10 °C or lower, and highs usually reach 41 °C or higher.

Lux Auto carries out transportation to different places in Mykonos if requested by our clients; We take you from the Mykonos International Airport with the best executive airport service. Lux Auto adapts to all the needs of you and your company.

Mykonos is a great place to visit

If Mykonos is one of the first tourist destinations in the world, it is not for nothing! There is plenty to do on this beautiful Greek island, and also many places to visit! If you are looking for a place to relax, this is the right place. Nope ? Do you prefer to spend your days partying?

Then it is still and always the right place. Dance until your legs can’t carry you, then rest and start partying again! Mykonos is not only a place where you have fun all the time. It is also a welcoming island, where the past and the present mingle. Where you can taste traditional Greek cuisine and every photo will remind you of an exceptional vacation.

But it is above all the place where you will leave a little of your heart and which will make you want to come back again and again…

Mykonos Lux Auto
Lux Auto

The island is rather arid with little vegetation despite a few rare crops on the rocky ground. The island enjoys a warm temperate Mediterranean climate, with little rainfall and sunshine most of the time.

In summer, the north and northeast winds make the heat more bearable by cooling the island, and this is also why Mykonos is nicknamed the island of the winds. The sea, the climate and the landscape have contributed to the significant tourist development of the island. This very economy depends on this mass tourism.

This success is also due to the architecture of local infrastructure such as shops, restaurants and hotels. It is a radiant, welcoming and full of activities Mykonos that you will enjoy.

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