Make The Next Gift You Give A Jewelry Box from J Devlin Glass Art


Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, even Baptism or Confirmation – life is full of celebrations for wonderful and important people that deserve to be given the gift of timeless adoration. For each special occasion, and for each unique individual, there are nearly as many gifts to give as there are ways to celebrate. You’re always on the looking for ageless, peerless beauty, unique in style and craft, for use as a token of affection and admiration and as a gift, and some of the most unique and breathtaking pieces around are the glass gift boxes from J Devlin Glass Art.

Style and aesthetics aside, the glass boxes at J Devlin Glass Art are made using an age-old technique, designed in house and then handcrafted in original and beautiful designs incorporating real stained glass and attractive, lead-free metal scrollwork, and Accenture. Each piece of glass art from the shop at J Devlin Glass art is a unique, individual piece of handmade art that is the perfect thoughtful gift for celebrating and commemorating life’s important milestones. When you’re looking to Buy Jewelry Box Online, you can’t go wrong and you can’t do better than then wonderful pieces at

Depending on the celebration you are looking to grace with one of the beautiful boxes from J Devlin Glass Art, there is much to love. For occasions like weddings and other sacraments, there are faith-inspired options like J Devlin’s beautiful blue textured keepsake boxes. Each is a beautiful blue reminiscent of cobalt coloring and features attractive and eye-catching rippling to hold and throw the light. You have the choice of picking a cross accent in metalwork as an accent on the piece or to be etched into the surface of the glass. J Devlin Glass Art also offers boxes adorned with crosses in clear and red, each with a unique mix of traditional and novel elements and with the perfect blend of texture and clarity to the glass for movement and stillness of light.

But this isn’t all J Devlin Glass Art has to offer for those looking to buy jewelry box online. There is quite an array of very attractive and very stately options embellished with tasteful decorations to appeal to any individual’s eccentricities, with the hue and texture of glass to match. Options like their clear mini stained glass ring box are perfect examples of this harmony of texture and stillness. With clear beveled panels and gently rippled sides, this keepsake ring box is both reserved and commanding in its ability to draw and hold attention to itself. Given the exposure to a source of light, it makes a beautiful display in its setting. There are also options featuring accents like bumblebees, dragonflies, butterflies, hearts and geometric patterns.

If you’re looking to lend a really personal touch with the gift you choose, J Devlin Glass Art offers a collection of glass photo boxes. Whether you are attracted to clear, smooth glass with a small insert for a picture at the top or find the rustic appeal of texture, rippled or weathered glass with space for your favorite photos, you’ll find something to love at J Devlin Glass Art. With their collection of glass, photo boxes its possible to immortalize your favorite memory of a celebration with the very gift you choose to give. J Devlin Glass Art’s perfect blend of the taste of established and traditional elements with the eye-catching novelty of modern design and motif gives you the best of both worlds with a new twist on yesterday – and the charm is that there’s something for everyone to love about its appeal. The next time you’re looking to buy a jewelry box online, check out the exquisite artwork from

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