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Marketing Small Businesses: Why Core Values are Important

Good storytelling is key to strengthening your brand’s relationship with customers. Consistent resonance will be achieved by establishing clear, well-intentioned core values principles. They are essential.

Focusing on your values and weaving them into your communications will make your customer’s perception of you more positive. They want to be able to identify with your values. According to one study, 77% of them make a purchase decision based on their values.

Value-driven content can make a difference in hyper-local and global campaigns. This article will show you how to make this approach work in your company, starting with your values.

We will also be looking at brands around the globe that have created strong content based on brand values and tells a compelling story to connect with customers.


How to define core values

Your core values should be at the heart of your brand. These core values help potential customers understand what you stand for. They do not have anything to do with selling.

Branding is more than just the products and solutions you sell.

Your brand values will set you apart from your competition by letting them experience what it is like to shop with you. These are your driving force, but unseen. Instead, they are often included in your mission statement.

While many aspects of your company might change over time, such as your logo, website, marketing campaigns, or even the products you sell, your core brand values must remain. These can be changed, but they should not be altered entirely.

Customers are looking for brands that have values that they can identify with. It can be challenging to define your core values. However, they will help you build brand loyalty and affinity by being clear about them. So they shouldn’t be put off.

These values are promising about how your brand will act in the future. Therefore, you need to ensure they are true. These are the core components of defining core values.



Although it may seem obvious, your values should not be compared to those of your competitors.


Take Action

It doesn’t suffice to say them or write them. You must be able to show your customers how they are being achieved.



Vague statements such as “we value customers” are not enough. It’s hard to imagine a company saying that. Make sure you are clear and that the company’s values are understood. It’s better to say, “We treat our customers as we expect to be treated.” Or, “We won’t be satisfied until our customers are delighted.”


How to incorporate values into your marketing strategy

Your brand’s core values will help you connect with your consumers on a deeper level. As a result, it will allow you to drive more sales. Gerald Zaltman (a Harvard professor and market insight analyst) says that 95% of buying decisions are triggered from the unconscious. So this is precisely where your core values should be staying with customers.

When customers have to choose between a variety of brands, they will remember your brand’s values. But, it’s more than just a cognitive memory. It’s a feeling and an affinity.

Positive reinforcement is essential for any successful marketing strategy. It will help you create a brand that inspires positive feelings in all regions. Your brand will connect if you use core values that are universally understood. It can help you overcome cultural, geographic, and regional barriers as you seek to grow.

Your marketing messages should include values that will help customers feel comfortable when they interact with your brand. Consistency helps your audience better understand who you are as a company and can help to define what prospects will feel, expect, and experience when they interact with your brand.

Your brand’s core values can also be used to tell a story and help you bring your content marketing activities to a new level.


Your values can be incorporated into your content marketing to improve your content marketing

Marketing budgets continue to be dominated by content and with good reason. Content is still the king of lead generation, driving traffic to websites and increasing email opens. First, it is essential to have a dialogue with your audience to find out what they want from you. Next, you need to provide the information in an engaging and thought-provoking manner.

Have you ever wondered what makes content engaging and compelling? Value is key. It applies to both providing value to customers and creating content that reflects your company’s values.

Your customers should be able to value any content you create. Therefore, it is crucial to produce relevant and fresh content to drive success in your target markets, attract ideal customers, and grow your brand recognition.

It will make your brand more easily identifiable and help you become knowledgeable about the topic matter. It also earns the customer’s trust.

Companies that people trust, like, and trust are more likely to be bought from. Customers are more likely to trust the content that shares the core values of your brand. Your values and theirs will create a strong relationship that will last beyond the purchase and even lead to brand loyalty.


How to include values in your content

Your website is a great place to begin thinking about bringing value-driven content into your business. The site offers many opportunities to highlight your core values and provide resources that can help you get them to life.

It could be in product descriptions, the About Us page, or within the blog. Double-check that the copy is consistent with your core values and tells the story of your brand.

Values are not only about the people. Why not look at your employees and share stories about your company culture? Transparency can help build trust with customers and give them a glimpse into your processes and your people.


Value-driven marketing in action

These are great examples of brands that highlight values in their marketing approach.



Adidas, a global sports apparel manufacturer, is not surprising in that it places a lot of emphasis on winning and competition. It uses a value-based marketing strategy called Own the Game. Adidas uses messaging such as “Play to Win” or “Impossible is Nothing” to connect with its customers and drive the sport forward.

Adidas produces video content with international soccer/football players. However, they believe that to win, you must create your own rules.

It is a statement to the company’s customers, who are not pro athletes but combine sport and lifestyle. Adidas argued that sport could change lives and allow people to win to deepen their relationship with them. So it is something that people want to support.


Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry are quirky ice cream producers. However, their values are also unique. Ben & Jerry’s focuses on quality products and deals that reflect its social and economic responsibilities as manufacturers. It promises its customers that it will be mindful of how it conducts business and ensure that everyone benefits, from its suppliers to their neighbors.

Through its brand stories and web content, accurate information and transparency are woven into its business model. For example, videos about its supply chain and blog spotlights on different ingredients can be found here.

The company has built deep trust and an affinity with its customers. This authenticity permeates the company’s marketing strategy. So it’s a little easier to choose between Ben & Jerry’s or a significant corporate name. Of course, the ice cream is delicious, too.



Voz, a luxury Chilean fashion label, is well-known for its exquisite clothes made of natural materials. However, Voz’s core values are deeply rooted in environmentalism and ethically sourced practices. As a result, the brand is a global leader in a sustainable fashion.

Voz’s designers have made it a priority to revive traditional weaving techniques used in the production of its products. In addition, Voz is committed to fair-labor practices and hosts spotlight interviews through its website. Finally, it allows advocates and


Bunmeido Sohonten

It is an excellent example of the long-term potential. Bummeido in Japan makes castella/castilla. It is a famous Portuguese-inspired sponge cake. It has been making it for more than 100 years and is well-known throughout Japan. Bunmeido is a fascinating story. However, its English site requires better translation and localization to communicate its value.

Bunmeido’s is similar to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream brand. It built trust and loyalty by sharing its production process and the reasoning behind its choice of ingredients. Bunmeido went one step further in transparency by sharing its rich history.

Bunmeido has maintained its traditional manufacturing processes for over 100 years. It ensures top-notch product quality and reminds consumers that they will have consistent experiences with the brand. Castella-making is a tradition passed down from one craftsman to the next. In addition, Bunmeido uses historical storytelling in its marketing (Japanese Page) to keep customers returning and bring in new ones based on its reputation for excellence.

It has some success and appeal worldwide. It could avoid many of the mistakes made by Asian websites that attempt English.



Samsung is consistently ranked among the top global brands. It is because they invested billions of money in transforming themselves from a producer and distributor of tech knockoffs into a digital powerhouse.

Samsung competes with Sony in the early days but doesn’t have the Made in Japan brand value. So now, it works hard to communicate its values of quality and credibility. It aims to convey that its products are honest and people’s experience is the priority.

Samsung’s design is what sets it apart. It blurs the lines between high-tech and what consumers expect. Although it isn’t as innovative or as chic as Mac’s, Samsung’s design is always an attractive option. Features such as processors and cameras are a big plus. In addition, it uses a variety of marketing channels and content media to let consumers experience its design talent firsthand.

Samsung has increased awareness and prioritized customer experience through unique channels such as 3D games at movie theatres, free content downloads from kiosks, and short films on social networks.


Final thoughts about marketing values

It is not easy to build a brand that has a good reputation and loyal customers. Before focusing on their product, successful brands identify what makes them unique and then share that story as authentically as they can.

B2C brands such as Ben & Jerry’s or Samsung are not necessary for smaller businesses. These smaller businesses may be more appealing due to their personal touch and smaller scale. All of these are communicated through the brand value.

Customers will be looking for companies that share their values as they compete for digital advertising space. Therefore, they will buy from companies they can identify with.

Disclaimer. The opinions and views expressed in this article are the authors Andrew Napolitano.

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