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Masala Kadhi Pakoda……


How to Cook Masala Kadhi Pakoda

How are you all? hoping well for you all in this pandemic situation. try to stay at home and eat healthy.

Today’s recipe is very rich in taste and famous in every Indian house in different ways . here i am presenting my way . it is very simple and easy to cook with some basic ingredients which are available at you homes.

Main ingredients are buttermilk and gram flour. Buttermilk is very healthy for us. it has protein carbs good fatty acids. it is easy to digest and cool for stomach. On the other hand gram flour carries its own benefits. it is full of fiber ,protein and other facts.

   Masala Kadhi Pakoda

                                                                                                                 For making this yummy dish we need some ingredients….

1-Dahi or buttermilk  2- Besan or gram flour 3- onion ginger garlic green chilli  4-whole Spices ( dry coriander, cumin seed, black pepper, half black cardamom, some cloves)  5- haldi or turmeric powder   6- Mustard Oil

For Tadka……1 bayleaf , 1/4 tsp asafoetida   and 1/2 tsp methidana or Fenugreek seed

let’s start the process…….first we will make onion paste in which we will add  one big roughly chopped onion ,peeled garlic 8-9 cloves,ginger 1 inch 2-3 green chill, whole spices ( 1tsp dry coriander, 8-9 black pepper, 1/2 tsp cumin seed, one small or half of a big cardamom, 3-4 cloves) and add 1 tsp haldi or turmeric powder. Make a fine paste of all this masala or spices.

Now first we will make onion pakodis for kadhi. after making pakodis remove excess oil and now add tadka of bayleaf asafoetida and fenugreek seed. be careful during this process. let it crackle nicely then add onion masala paste mix well and cover it and cook on low flame. Cook until the masala does not release oil. it will take 5-7 minutes. Meanwhile make dahi (buttermilk) and besan (gram flour) better. Take 2 spoon besan and mix it in dahi very well. add some water and make cake consistency better. Now check the masala if it done add buttermilk and gram flour mixture in it and stir continuously until bubbles from better does not come out.

this process will take 7-10 minutes because you have to do this process on low flame. When bubbles are there in gravy add required water because we have to cook this for another 20-25 minutes. Add water mix it well and cover it cook for 10 minutes and then add your ready pakodi and salt and now cook another 15 minute. after 15 minute you will notice that gravy has thickened. This is the sign that your Simple Masala Kadhi is ready.

Now to enhance its taste we will give it a nice ghee’s tadka. Heat a tadka pan add 2 tsp of ghee when ghee is warm of the flame and add kashmiri red chilli and pour this nice tadka into the kadhi instantly .

Give this recipe a try and share your experience with me through comment. You can watch full recipe on youtube.

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