Men’s Fashion Guide: 10 Color Combos That Always Go Well Together


Have you ever worn a couple of outfits that simply look off together? Perhaps you’ve tried wearing a red jacket over a green shirt and a brown trouser, making you look like a Christmas tree. It’s not you – it’s the colors you chose.

If you don’t have the time (and knowledge) to mIx and match colors (but you don’t want to resort to your go-to black and white combo), check out these tried and tested color combo formulas for menswear

1. Navy + White

When wearing navy, it’s best to avoid black and other dark hues which can make your entire look appear overly dark. Instead, pair it with white – a clean and classic combination that allows both colors spaced to pop. 

One timeless and elegant look you can wear is a white oxford shirt with a navy suit. A navy button-down shirt on top of a white trouser is another go-to look that never fails. You can also pair navy with lighter shades besides white, like grey, cream, and beige. 

2. Navy + Light Blue

For a monochromatic look that never goes out of style, go for navy and light blue combo. Paler shades of blue, including light denim, pairs with navy seamlessly, providing a subtle blend of similar tones.  

3. Navy + Maroon or Burgundy

Want to make a statement with contrasting hues without looking like Joker? Go for navy and deep red tones, like maroon and burgundy. You can go as subtle as wearing a navy suit with a burgundy tie, or go bold by pairing a navy dress shirt with a burgundy trouser. 

Bonus point: this combo is one of the things men wear that’s more attractive to women.

4. Grey + Black

Of course, nothing beats the all-time classic black and white combo. But if you’re looking for a more subtle variation that creates contrast while being muted at the same time, you’ll love mixing grey and black. 

One look you can nail is having a black top paired with a pair of heather grey chinos. You can also kill the monotony and break up the darkness by using light colors, like pale pink, purple, and blue as accents. 

5. Olive Green + Khaki 

Military aesthetics has a big influence on menswear. It’s not surprising that green and the khaki combo is one of the most flattering, especially if you use dark green shades like olive. 

When running out of ideas, just put on that effortlessly stylish army green jacket of yours over a white tee and pair it with a pair of khaki chinos. Take your look up a notch by putting brown into the mix. 

6. Mustard + Light Blue 

Light blue is a versatile shade – that’s why denim jeans work well with almost anything. So if you’re wearing a tricky color, like mustard or bright yellow, you can never go wrong with light blue. 

7. Beige + Light Blue + Tan

Due to its soft shade, beige works perfectly with whites and pastels, like pale pink, yellow, purple, green, and orange. But if you want to stick to the classics, you can never go wrong with a light blue + beige combo. 

You can have a light blue button-down or blazer with a beige trouser, or go pair your light denim jeans with a beige coat. It appears even more stylish when worn with tan shoes, bags, and accessories. 

8. Brown + Cream

Another monochromatic look that never goes out of style is brown. Whether they’re on the lighter side like camel or they’re on the darker spectrum like chocolate, brown tones work seamlessly with other lighter neutral shades, like cream. 

9. Burgundy + Brown

Want to look like a wealthy and wise grown-up man who sips on an expensive glass of Scotch whiskey? Go for burgundy and brown. Deep, warm jewel tones like burgundy mixed with brown make a sultry and rich combination. 

10. Grey + Pale Pink

How to wear pastel pink in a way that will make you look edgy and manly? Don’t think twice – pair it with grey. Grey has a muted and understated tone which complements well with the soft shade of pink. 

One get-up you can pull off is a pale pink dress shirt paired with a nice grey trouser. Wear a pair of crisp white sneakers or brogues in tan, black, or burgundy. 

Worst Color Combos You Should Avoid

  • Red & Green – you don’t want to look Christmas-ready, do you? Reserve that combo for your ugly Christmas sweaters. 
  • Orange and Red – these two hot colors are too bold to be worn at the same time. Avoid them, unless you want to look like a walking Cheetos. 
  • Brown & Black – this combo looks too dark, and not to mention, dirty. Unless you’re an expert at pulling these off successfully, you’re better off avoiding them.
  • Green & Orange – While green is versatile, it’s just too colorful to be dulled down by a loud competitor, like orange.   
  • Purple & Yellow – Unless you’re wearing purple and yellow to support Lakers or pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, there’s no other way this combo will work.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a savvy writer for Northern Menswear, an online men’s fashion website, delivering menswear and footwear products from top UK brands such as Unforgivable, Jameson Carter, Loyalti, Rose London, and Avora London. She loves sharing tips about fashion and lifestyle for trendy gents.

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