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Minimalist design guidelines for your NoHo apartment

Simplicity and practicality is a trend that has been more and more popular recently. Minimalism is loved by many NYC residents and has proved to be very beautiful and practical for small Manhattan apartments. So, if you’re moving into a new apartment in NoHo, you should consider this design style. However, it may be difficult to pick all the minimalist details without your apartment seeming cold and uninviting. Minimalism can be very cozy and pleasant – be sure to read our minimalist design guidelines for your NoHo apartment.

Why minimalist design guidelines for your NoHo apartment should be your choice?

There are several reasons why you should go for a minimalist apartment. Firstly, minimalistic designs are amazing for small apartments, which are very common in NYC. They help spaces look much bigger than they actually are. Furthermore, it’s much easier to maintain and clean an apartment with less furniture. And finally, if you decorate the place well, you can be sure it will never go out of style, which means it will be easier to sell or rent it in the future.

Start with an empty canvas

If you’re renting an apartment in NYC, it’s better to look for an unfurnished one. There are two reasons why this is a good idea. You’ll pay cheaper rent, and have a space to furnish it according to your minimalist preferences. This empty canvas will be the perfect starting point and will make it easier for you to decorate.

Bonus tip: If you have some of the furniture that needs to wait until the apartment is being renovated according to your minimalist taste, local companies are the best option to handle your move. They can deal with your items and store them safely until you take care of your new NoHo apartment.

an example of a room in accordance with minimalist design guidelines
If you start with an empty space, you can easily practice any of the minimalist design guidelines for your NoHo apartment.

Mix the textures and add details that stand out

Your minimalist NoHo apartment shouldn’t be dull and not cozy. Feel free to experiment with colors and textures, and find a perfect mix between neutral objects and color-popping details. Minimalistic homes shouldn’t be too plain and sterile – that’s why adding some accent elements is a must. Pick a contrasting color to your desired neutral color palette, and add details such as interesting artwork, pillowcases, or some other details in that tone. It’s a great way to bring attention to a certain piece, but also make the neutral background stand out even more. Apart from adding a pop of color, you can also play with textures, as well, as you can achieve the same effect.

an eye-shaped mirror in a minimalist room with a white background
Details can bring an amazing atmosphere and give personality to a room. Even in minimalist interiors, don’t be afraid to use some popping artworks, unusual items, etc.

Choose quality over quantity

One of the main minimalist design guidelines for your NoHo apartment is having fewer items in your home. However, quality should go over quantity in this case. You should have fewer items in your apartment, but be sure to choose high-quality materials and fabrics, especially when buying furniture. These items will last you longer and will give a more luxurious look to your place.

Pick classic pieces

As we mentioned above, quality should be more important than quantity. Therefore, you should invest in high-quality, classic furniture pieces, that will bring more elegance and style to your apartment. Items that are made to follow certain trends are not something you should look for – especially big pieces of furniture. Go for classical pieces that will last longer and be always in style. Details, on the other hand, are easy to change in case you don’t like them anymore or they go out of fashion.

Bonus tip: NYC apartments are often not big enough, and people always seem to need more space. When designing your new home, you should focus on the practicability of the furniture, as well as aesthetics. You can find some amazing multi-purpose pieces that include some storage space as well. However, if that’s not enough, extra space is always available at a safe storage space nearby. It’s a convenient way to store all the items you don’t use on an everyday basis, and don’t worry about their safety and condition. This method is also great for keeping unnecessary items from your apartment, making it truly minimalist and mess-free.

Choose a minimalist color palette

Another important feature of a minimalist home is a simple color palette. Even though you can choose any color you want, you should carefully pick the palette of all the items in your home. The pallet you pick should be concise – meaning it should consist of a maximum of three color hues per each room. The most common colors for minimalist design are neutrals such as creams, whites, grays, and of course – black.

a minimal interior
Colors in your NoHo apartment should soothe you – pick natural tones that can be easily combined with many details.

Add personal items

Most of the minimalist design guidelines for your NoHo apartment are about simplicity and purity. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel cozy and homey in your flat. Feel free to add personal items and make your home more pleasant and inviting. However, if you want to keep the same style even with the personal items, you can add them according to the previously picked color palette. For example, the photos you add to frames can be all black and white, which will add an artsy touch to space. Furthermore, the frames you add them to can be in the colors of your rooms, and therefore maintain the simple vibe of your new NoHo home.

Feel good at your minimalistic home in Noho

All of these minimalist guidelines mean nothing if you don’t feel good and relaxed in your own home. That’s why you should be careful when it comes to trends, and pick the colors and items according to your lifestyle and preferences. Minimalistic homes can surely be homey and cozy, but they also need to reflect the lifestyle of their residents and make them feel good to be back after a long day at work.

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