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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development – Why do you want it for your business in London UK

Defining the scope

Mobile app development has fallen into many categories and you have to be clear about what type of app you have to develop. In general, the narrower the scope of your mobile app idea, the easier it will be to develop and market, so the key challenge here is to minimize your needs (at least in terms of viable products). In addition, you also need to decide whether you need android mobile app development or Apple mobile app development, depending on the purpose of the app and its users you may need both.

Where to start?

You need to start with a strategy for your organization. Is it entering new markets? Once you’ve answered that big question, you can focus on how you can use your new app to support your organization’s strategy.


Your app must have one or more goals that directly align with your organizational strategy. These goals can be:

  • Remarkably raises our market share in key demographics.
  • Develop the best app for industry
  • Provide a Part Finder service that allows our customers to find alternatives to our competing Part Numbers.


At this point you are ready to get the details of your app and what it will actually do. Think about the goals you set above and how they can translate into your app screens, keeping in mind that the most important aspect of any mobile app is the user experience. Poor experience, or poor user interface, means people won’t come back to use your app again and again.


How do you design an app?

Don’t worry if you are not technically savvy, there are many ways to design a mobile app for non-taxis without investing in expensive computer programs. There is a popular technique called “paper prototyping”, which requires:

  • Some paper widgets.
  • Scissors
  • A level to work with (eg a magnetic whiteboard)
  • Something to glue the widget to the surface (small magnets or blow tech maybe)
  • Some short posts for attaching notes to your prototype.

If you are looking for some widgets, you can borrow from many app developing companies. It doesn’t matter what your widget looks like because we’re not trying to represent our app’s high loyalty here, App development companies in London  are trying to work harder to design great mobile app designs for their clients that provides their business a new edge.


Using widgets

The widget is easy to use:

  1. Start with the most important screen of your app.

What screen is this that really benefits your customers? Which screen closely matches your app’s goals?

  1. Using your widgets, start aligning your main screen to a larger level.
  2. Involve as many people as possible from different backgrounds in this activity.

Tip: Ideally, add some real users and real users. You may find that the great feature you planned was not what they wanted. You will find that a diverse group generates a lot of ideas and alternatives.

  1. Don’t be afraid to come up with some different ideas for your screen at the same time so that you can inspire all the best ideas.
  2. Once you’re fairly contented with your first screen move on to the next key screen, and so on.

6. If you have a large enough surface, place the screens side by side and draw arrows or use red wire to indicate how users will go through them.

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