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Monily’s Virtual CFO Services for Growth & Profitability

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 50% of startups fail to survive the first five years after they were launched. Small Business Administration claims that only 33% businesses manage to stay up and running for a decade or longer.

There are several reasons that contribute to their decline – unclear communication of value propositions, shoddy business models, poor leadership – to name a few.  However, the most basic reason why these businesses must declare bankruptcy is poor financial management.  The pandemic certainly did not make things easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners. A lack of contingency plan made it difficult for most startups to adjust to the economic disruption. However, those who employed virtual CFO services were able to keep up with the changes in the socio-economic environment.

The massive shift of data and systems to the cloud in recent years has led many small businesses to outsource most key operational functions – including CFO services.

Monily’s professional virtual CFO services- Helping businesses navigate through financial challenges

While it can be difficult to choose between virtual CFO solutions, Monily has been offering customized solutions to all sorts of businesses for years. They offer personalized virtual CFO services based on each business’ needs.

The virtual CFOs at Monily provide exceptional value to the finance function of the companies. They offer a wide range of services including but not limited to accounting, taxes, auditing to reporting, forecasting, and strategy. They have developed keen insights into various industries given their experience and vast network.

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Let us have a look at how Monily’s virtual CFO services helps save you time and money and meet your growth objectives simultaneously.

Helping small businesses thrive in uncertain times

With their vast industry knowledge and experience working with all sorts of business models, Monily’s virtual CFOs have the expertise to help your business thrive, not just survive these uncertain economic times.

Their proficiency in providing regular financial insights, performing cash flow forecasting, budgeting, and ensuring compliance with all accounting policies and tax guidelines paves the way for growth and profitability.

Cost Reduction

To help the businesses achieve their objectives, the virtual CFOs of Monily design effective growth strategies and optimize processes that lead to cost reduction.

They identify potential pitfalls proactively, and pinpoint loopholes in the financial system for increased internal controls and improved operations-all, resulting in profit protection.

Their solid business plans and valuable recommendations lead the partner companies to gain a competitive advantage.

Cash flow management

Monily’s virtual CFOs take a deep dive into your financials to figure out how to maximize your cash flow. From renegotiating vendor contracts to restructuring client contracts to aligning pricing with industry trends, they take every step to ensure your cash flow management is optimized to bring in more revenue.

Raising Capital

For most startups, the priority lies in attracting investors and raising the funds needed to scale their business. Monily’s trusted experts lead up to your pitch, giving you the proper fundraising guidance for unlocking new avenues of growth and navigating you to safer waters.

Short- and Long-Term Forecasting

Monily’s virtual CFOs will offer a detailed financial and operational roadmap to help you achieve your goals. The right combination of in-depth analysis and strategy in light of the strategic understanding of your company’s current and future capabilities and the competitive landscape within your industry will help you envision your future growth most realistically.

Budgeting and business planning

From employing successful budgeting techniques to making recommendations specific to your business requirements, Monily’s virtual CFO does it all to ensure maximum return on investment.

Covenant monitoring

The virtual CFOs at Monily adopt a proactive covenant monitoring approach throughout the lending lifecycle to let the partner companies minimize the financial risks and costs.

Virtual board attendance

The dedicated CFO will be part of your board, subcommittee, and strategic meetings to help you and your stakeholders get the necessary financial insights at every stage of the business lifecycle as part of the virtual CFO services.

Facilitating Mergers & Acquisitions

Although small business mergers and acquisitions differ from large businesses, your dedicated virtual CFO provides you the needed advisory, insight, and due diligence on such decisions, including a merger, acquisition, or partial, public, entity, or asset sale.


Well-versed in the industry’s latest tools and best practices, Monily’s virtual CFO understands your business challenges and guides you with sound planning and strategies for leading your way into the next phase of your growing business.

Personalized Service

Monily doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter approach. Our virtual CFOs possess industry-wide experience that makes them capable enough to provide customized service to various businesses.

Peace Of Mind

They go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met when it comes to operational efficiency. With efficient cash flow management, they help you minimize debt. They take care of the hassle and ensure optimal financial health while you focus on working on your growth strategy.

Accessible and responsive

With Monily’s virtual CFO service, partner companies get all the benefits of working with a full-time in-house CFO such as accessibility and responsiveness. It’s like having a full-time corporate officer working in your team, but virtual.


Startups can leverage Monily’s virtual CFO service to get the financial guidance and benefit from the traditional CFO-level expertise and growth strategies at a price their company can afford without compromising their limited resources. They take your business to the next level without charging you an arm and a leg.

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Outsource Your Startup’s CFO Services With Monily

Monily’s experienced virtual CFOs, bookkeepers, accountants, tax advisors, CPAs, controllers, leverage state-of-the-art tools to deliver expert financial management services. With one integrated team managing every aspect of your financial management and planning, you get fast, accurate, insightful, and actionable results every time.

Contact us today to speak with one of our financial experts.

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