Morning Travels: 8 Tips so You Won’t Come Late and Miss Your Company Trip

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Company vacation trips are important because you can’t just work totally all your life without taking a break to rest and have fun! When the boss sets a leisure trip for the whole team, it surely is exciting since the time to finally have a breather in the middle of all the burdensome and tiring tasks is here! 

You get so excited, so you prepare all your stuff, buy snacks and get your clothes ready! You might or might not sleep early and well the night before! Well, if you’ll be off to a really awesome destination for your company trip, then who would not be thrilled, right?

Morning travels are great since you can take your time and use the whole day for your activities, strolling and team activities! One of the problems, however, is arriving late to the destination, causing delay and/or missing your company’s transportation. If your company allows you to travel individually to the itineraries, it would not be much of a problem, but if not, then, it would be a huge mishap to you.

That’s why you have to do what you have to do, so you won’t experience that misfortune! And below are 8 tips to help you!


Be well informed of the time indicated on your company trip’s schedule. Know the call time, the departure time, the break time, the activities schedules and the arrival time. Have a copy of your own saved in your phone’s gallery or listed on your mini notepad. 

Don’t depend on your workmate to jot down the schedule for you. What if he/she forgets it too? What if he/she gets late? You will be affected, and you will regret trusting everything to him/her. 

The most important time to take note is the departure time, so you know when you should leave home and think about everything else after that!



It’s always best to be prepared in and for everything. Pack wisely and responsibly, and be sure that you will not leave any important thing behind. 

Of course, never forget the basic necessities like clothes, undergarments, extra footwear, gadget chargers and hygienic kit that contains your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo and many more. Especially if you are staying overnight, make sure to bring extras of necessary things that get dirty and disposable!

For snacks and packed lunches, make sure you have them packed already or packed quickly with secure seals to avoid spills that will lead to delays. You should buy your food beforehand. Avoid same-day deliveries unless your whole company will do that for all. Don’t put your whole trust on fast food restaurants because you don’t know what might happen. Waiting period can be unpredictable.



You might get really excited for your company vacation that you find it difficult to sleep, so while it’s still early, catch on your sleep before it’s too late. Remember, when you sleep late, there’s a big possibility that you will wake up late or that you will have a hard time getting up from your bed. It’s a domino effect on your morning, and keep in mind that it will affect your breakfast, bath, clothing, carrying stuff, rechecking items, traveling and many more!

It’s vital that you get proper sleep, so you can be energetic and active the next day. It’s unbeneficial and annoying to feel sleepy and tired when it’s time for fun!



The biggest danger in the morning starts when you snooze your alarm clock, so don’t you ever dare to do so! You know how the line “5 more minutes!” has brought you and many other people to an hour long of more sleep and misery!

When your alarm clock wakes you up, immediately get up, and avoid “closing your eyes” for a while. Don’t wait for the alarm tone to stop also because you might fall asleep again in the middle of its ringing. Be alert. Be awake. Be quick, or else, you might wake up to dozens of missed calls and messages from your workmates asking where you are and telling you they already left. You don’t want that, do you?



If you are not required to wear your company unform to the trip, then wear something that’s comfortable in general. The benefit of that is you will be able to move properly, swiftly and conveniently. That means even if you commute or walk, you won’t arrive looking completely haggard.

Prepare those clothes the night before, so you will not cram looking for and fitting clothes early in the morning. Moreover, if you panic and just pick up any clothing, you might regret it because you don’t really like it, or the fit isn’t good.



Like what was mentioned earlier, it’s crucial that you buy and prepare everything you need beforehand. Never plan on panic buying if you still can do something about it. Don’t look for things you need hours or an hour before the departure of the bus you’ll be riding in. 

That will stress you out, especially if you don’t get what you are searching for. Some other tendencies include buying the wrong thing, purchasing it for a more expensive price and getting stuck in traffic or in a long line because you still stopped over to buy it! Furthermore, stores have specific opening hours. Unless you spot a shop open 24 hours, you will have a headache because it’s even harder to buy things early in the morning than any other time of the day.

It’s always best to have all things you need before you step in the bus!



Know where the meeting place of all participants will be. If your company has gone for a coach hire, know what bus it is. What’s the color? The name? The number? Where is it parked? What’s the driver’s name?

Know all the features, so you will not be delayed while looking for it! You can see it from afar too. At the same time, they can also pick you up on the way if it’s possible. Knowing the coach’s characteristics and tags will make it easier for you to see it and just hop on it!



It’s obvious, and there’s no need to mention it, but many people still ignore this one. Always expect heavy traffic wherever the destination is and whatever route you’re taking. If you are so sure that the road’s going to be alright, then you can adjust according to it, but it’s best to expect the unexpected. 

Nowadays, you can’t really say how worst the traffic can get anytime of the day because even before the sun rises, you can see many vehicles on the road. Further, even when the dark night springs up, still many people are awake, many cars are still driving to and from places.   

You don’t control the traffic, but you can control yourself. Expect heavy traffic, and plan cleverly, so you won’t be distressed by its effects.



Vacation trips are all fun until you get up late, run late and miss them! That’s the worst thing that could happen to you in events such as these. Make sure you dodge them all by being responsible enough to know what to do and obedient enough to follow all the instructions. 

It’s a company trip, a fun event, but never forget to always put on professionalism. Morning travels are amazing, but they aren’t when you’re late, so do what you have to do! In that way, everyone will enjoy and have a wonderful time!

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