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Morocco landmarks

Morocco landmarks

Morocco is a one-of-a-kind that has many beautiful landmarks. This relatively small region, located at the crossroads of Islamic and European cultures. Populated by ancient Arab and Berber tribes. It is situated on the border of the world’s largest desert. Also, Africa’s greenest mountains can boast of a diverse range of sights and landmarks.

Beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast. Not to mention rugged cliffs on the Mediterranean coast, snow on the High Atlas. The latter surrounded by cedar and evergreen oak forests. Also, picturesque river gorges, various cultural landmarks. Then centuries-old local customs, and magnificent souvenirs by local masters. Contact us for more details.

Discover what to see and do on Moroccan soil by learning about the country’s major sights and landmarks:

1) Marrakech:

Marrakech is Morocco’s most vibrant and dramatic capital. As well as the country’s cosmopolitan heart. It having been shaped by a variety of influences, including Berber cultures. Also, Andalusian Arabs, Africans, and Europeans.

Marrakech is Morocco’s most interesting and sought-after city. As well as one of the most popular landmarks. Thanks to its vibrant and exotic light, the intoxicating fragrance of spices. The hidden secrets of its past. Also, its comfortable and cosmopolitan soul, simple and plentiful.

Marrakech combines exotic spice gastronomy with refreshing culture. Also, ethnic eccentricity exchange, opulent gardens, and stunning architecture.

There is no other African city where one can traverse a century-old mercantile medina. Crossing oblique alleys, through donkey-laden burrows. After that, into a new lounge-restaurant, where the ubiquitous buzz of international markets mingles with the sound of modern DJs.

The Koutoubia Mosque, built in the 12th century, is one of the city’s most notable landmarks. It is one of Morocco’s oldest mosques, with a 69-meter-high minaret. The mosque has a width of 90 meters and a length of 60 meters.

The Madrasa Ibn Yussef. Also, the Saadian Tombs, the ruins of the Badi Palace. Not to mention the Royal and Bahia Palaces, the Menara Gardens. Furthermore, the Majorelle Garden, and the Djemâa el Fna, Africa’s most popular square, are among the other places of interest. The old town, along with the Agdal Gardens and the Menara Gardens, was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

2) Fes, the historical landmark in Morocco:

Due to its winding Medina, countless monuments. Also, unique culture, this city has been designated as a UNESCO heritage throughout its history. Paul Bowles identified it as an enchanted labyrinth protected from time.

The Medina of Fes, the largest medieval Medina in the Maghreb. It has remained in its original configuration since the 12th century. That makes the city one of the most well-known landmarks in the world. This city is traditionally an information pole in North Africa. It is full of memories of a culture that once stood for peace and trade.

Fes is made up of lush parks, which were once irrigated by the “20,000 fountains,” ornate palaces, mosques. Also, a Madrasas with opulent yet tasteful decoration, and mysterious alleyways. The entire city is sublime and dreamlike, with various generations coming together to share their heroic past. Not to mention, the special atmosphere in what is known as the most feudal of imperial cities.

3) Chefchaoun, the blue city in Morocco:

Only in this small town can one’s gaze be diverted from the typical Moroccan house variety. Chefchaouen, the blue settlement, is a one-of-a-kind location on the Rif Mountains’ slopes. It has the appearance of both a European city and a peaceful hamlet. With old buildings decorated in a variety of heavenly hues.

Painting houses have a long tradition in Morocco, dating back to the 15th century when the first Jews arrived. Chefchaouen became a safe haven for the Jewish community fleeing persecution. They did not remain long in the area. As they did manage to leave a mark by repainting the buildings in blue, a color that was sacred to them. When the Jews left, the custom became entrenched, and it was passed down through the generations.

Among the Andalusian Arab cities of northern Morocco. Chefchaouen’s well-preserved medina with its winding streets is a gem. To see the city in all its glory, climb the Rif mountain from the street to the east of the old town. As the hill to be climbed through a road.

4) Essaouira:

Essaouira, on the south Moroccan Atlantic coast, is one of the most beautiful places by the ocean, with its perfectly preserved medina and impressive fortifications.

It is a city of European, Jewish, and Moroccan influences. Essaouira grew in importance as a port in the 18th century. As its Medina was built using European military architecture concepts.

The preservation of the fortifications and old ramparts, where original Portuguese artillery pieces can still be seen. As well as the primordial church built there, has won Essaouira the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

The city’s main commercial industries are fishing and tourism. It is known for its fish and argan-based cuisine, as well as its temperate climate. Also, extensive beaches, and status as a musical and artistic hub.

5) Merzouga, one of the best landmarks in Morocco:

Merzouga, a Berber village near the desert’s edge that is sometimes inundated by the desert’s sands. The desert near Merzouga is known for its high dunes. Not to mention, typical Berber camps, and easy access for camels and 4×4 vehicles.

Sandboarding, motorcycle trips across the dunes. Also, relaxing sand baths are only a few of the activities available in Merzouga’s desert.

There are other small villages near Merzouga. They are not as accessible as Merzouga. The villages of Hassilabied, 4 kilometers away, Tanamoust, 3 kilometers away. Also, Takoujt, 1.5 kilometers away, and Khamlia, 7 kilometers away are among them.

As well as the populations of Ouzina (15 km) and Ramlila (40 km). Here it is possible to speak with Berbers who continue to live a nomadic lifestyle away from the regular tourist attractions.

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