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Most Popular Durian Cakes You Can Find In Singapore


Durian season is one of the most-awaited and popular seasons in Singapore. Singaporeans wait for this season as it’s the best time to enjoy everything at its fullest. Durian is known as the thorny king of fruits, and they are several things more pleasing than a rich, buttery, soft Mao Shan Wang or bittersweet Black Pearl.

But we are here to entice you more with these tempting and gratifying durian cakes.

Here, in the present discussion, we have brought together the most popular and mouth-watering cake you can find in Singapore. If you haven’t tasted them, then you must experience these lip-smacking cakes.

Do share your thoughts about the most desired cake!!!

  • D24 and Mao Shan Wang Cake 

Are you a true admirer of Durian? Do you want an amazing cake for your birthday? Why don’t you think about D24 and Mao Shan Wang Cake? It is the perfect choice to bring complete joy on your birthday. Interestingly, the cake contains no fat and no butter, so it is a wonderful preference for a diet-conscious person. Wholesome layers of pure durian sandwiches between fluffy chiffon cake layers make this cake look flavorsome.

So, order this cake on your birthday and make your special day worth remembering.

  • Durian Cake Roll

You don’t need a birthday celebration or anniversary party to enjoy Sunlife Pastries’ Durian cake. Generally, these cakes are available in their smaller versions too. Yes, Durian rolls are getting massive popularity in Singapore, and they are the best treat for your tea party. These cake rolls are filled with a layer of fluffy Hokkaido sporige cake. Just try them once, and you won’t regret your decision.

  • Durian Rainbow Ice-cream Cake

The name says it all; this cake is a wonderful treat for kids as they love different colors. The cake not only looks attractive but tastes amazing too. So, if you are looking for something that looks eye-catching and tastes delicious too, then try Durian Rainbow cake without a second thought. This spongy cake is filled up with enticing durian ice-cream, and that’s why it is the most favorite cake of Singaporean kids.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment and order the cake now.

Delcies Vegan Durianian

No problem if you are a vegetarian because Delices Vegan Durianian is the finest option for your tastebuds. If you plan to visit Singapore, you must try this cake and share your experience with us because Singaporeans truly adore this cake. This yummiest cake is made with fresh D24 durian puree that gets squeezed in between vanilla cake layers. If you like sugar-free cake, then gladly, the professional bakers use organic and sugar-free vanilla during this vegan Durain cake.

Final Words

So, which of the cake mentioned above you want to try in Singapore? No doubt, all of them are savory and delightful. For sure, the current discussion will make the selection of Best Durian Cake in Singapore easier for you. Providentially, the availability of online cake delivery services in Singapore has made the selection of most suitable cake opportune for you.

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