Mother of Bride Dresses

mother of bride

..As they say, cliches are more often than not true. On such cliches is ‘mother knows best’, and the entire conceptualisation of mother-of-bride dresses takes it to a whole new level of fascination. This saying comes true when mothers of the bride or even the groom are all too excited for their wedding dresses. Regardless of the dress theme, some of what these mother’s pull off are a standing proof that they know how to look incredible at their daughter’s nuptial. It is bound to make the day, the celebrations and the memories that extra bit special. Being the mother of the bride, comes with big and often unique responsibilities.

They are very keenly and integrally involved been by the bride’s side helping, planning, and lending invaluable advice along the way. This can be seen across cultures and traditions of the world. Hence, the mother deserves securing the perfect dress that encapsulates the emotions and spectacles that are associated with the daughter’s wedding. It can be a great indicator of the special bond a mother and daughter share. Their dresses can be thematically connected in a certain way which narrates a story of your own.

Traditionality in no way should hinder the aspirations and excitement of the mother. As they say traditions are at their best when the complement the time and change is the only constant the world has ever known. As a matter of fact, the mothers of the bride dress etiquette has changed over time, and has in fact covered a range of palettes and fashions.

Some fingertips to mothers of bride

  • Its always advisable to be on the same page with the bride. They should be in constant conversation about their prospective attire. Its important to get all the elements of their outfit in perfect order to match their aspirations. Sensitivity about some particular colour should be duly respected. Those colours should be given preference. All in all there should be coordination between the way the bride and her mothers dress.
  • While one should respect the bride’s choices, the mother’s innate likings should not be rejected absolutely. Often the best outfits are one which are a melting pot of many ideas.
  • Don’t leave shopping for your special dress to chance. Plan well in advance, so you will not get too stressed and can help either your son or daughter with the wedding preparations.
  • Stick to your style personality as much as you can. If you normally like clean, plain clothing, don’t go over the top with sequins and diamonds. On the other hand if you like to be hip and enjoy pattern you could consider the featured modern black and white outfit (above).
  • Due to some unexplained but prevalent reason, one should not restrain from wearing pants. However, if a dress is totally out of your comfort zone, then choose a great pants and blazer combination in a luxurious fabric. There are ideas here on how to wear pants for the mother of the bride.


La Femme’s Embroidered Bodice Ruched Trumpet Gown

As is well known, La femme has got the customers covered for a wide range of needs. Whether it’s a fine prom dress, a party suit or in the present case a high-end statement gown, you name it, La Femme will serve it. With terrific expertise in gowns and cocktail dresses, La Femme features styles which varies from simple, middleton and sophisticated to classically romantic, or dresses which drop a bomb. Some of their products easily become the highlight of the show or events are talked about for days that follow.


Sparkling embellishments and beaded designs are a signature for the La Femme stream of products. It is their oxygen and they very rightfully pride themselves on that. But you will also find vibrant patterns and prints, pastel chiffons, and much more! No matter the occasion, you will be sure to impress while looking every bit your glamorous best.




A below-the-knee style can be do wonders for a wedding. They can be complemented with beaded detailing elevates this JS Collections dress (below), making it ideal for a special occasion. In case of reducing the revelation of arms, one can always opt for bit more of wrapping.


The coat dress


The ultimate British mother of the bride look. Steeped in tradition, the coat dress has an old school feel to it offering a suitable amount of formality making it simply perfect for all the pomp. And ceremony a grand wedding displays. As mother of the bride, there is always an expectation for you to somewhat own the day and this look certainly means ‘business’. While there are various versions of the coat dress, the idea is the coat is the main event and what is worn beneath is not of importance.

Royal couturier Stewart Parvin who has designed for many-a-high profile wedding, including. Her Majesty’s outfit at the 2018 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, says: ‘If you are very sophisticated and are aiming to wear one look on the Wedding Day that will see you through from start to finish, this is the outfit of choice. Coat dresses are designed to be worn and not removed, just like you would a dress.’

Penny Knatchbull pulled this look off with great elegance at her daughter Lady Alexandra’s wedding in 2016; with Parvin confessing that this is now the aspirational look of every chic mother of the bride-to-be that he designs for. Hats are preferred to fascinators in order to add weight to this particularly smart look. All other accessories are expected to blend in, much like anything else you may wear beneath it.


The day dress


This dress depends a lot on how one can pull it off. In the uear2018 Liz Foy de Osma appeared gracefully in her daughter Alessandra’s church service on a wave of glistening style. Her long chiffon dress raised a lot wyevrows in the crowd. That flanked the streets and that’s all there was to it. No coat, no shawl and definitely no headpiece.

The dress was enough. It set the tone beautifully and notably the general lack of headwear from guests. Suggests she may have even put that rule in place. (which is perfectly feasible in her role as mother of the bride). At the late Diana, Princess of Wales’ London wedding in July 1981. Her mother Frances Shand Kydd also chose a day dress for the wedding of the decade. Equally as feminine with frills and a flower-adorned matching hat, she pulled it off in a pretty shade of violet. Her very British summery look was completed with a pearl choker, gloves and – of course – sheer tights.


The cocktail dress

Sarah, Duchess of York’s pride was palpable (and for good reason) . At her daughter Princess Eugenie’s wedding at St George’s chapel, Windsor in 2018. Her choice of outfit by local designer Emma Louise Design was one that put this emotion on display through its fitted cut and bold colour. With the added detail of the train at the back of the skirt, giving it a fashionable edge. Cocktail dresses, in particular, work perfectly for traditional British weddings. Which take you directly from the church service through to the wedding reception. Where one is expected to remain in the same outfit. They are chic enough for church while being stylish enough for the after party).

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