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Must Visit Places in London

Visit London City

Is London the best city of rest to visit in the world? This is one of those cities with an endless list of sights, weird things to do, and new shop openings. I have called London home for most of my adult life, and even after my years there I still have a lot on my London wish list.
My true appreciation for London only started when I was a tourist. When you return to the city where you called home with more time (and money), you can appreciate a completely different side of the place. After two days of my trip to Manchester, I took the bullet train to the capital to work on my wish list in London.

1. Postal and Tunnel Museum

More tunnels, but this time for the postal service! At the Postal Museum, you can drive through these strange underground tunnels, which are over 100 years old, and learn all about the post’s history right here in beautiful London!

2. Kingston on the Thames

Kingston upon Thames is still in London, but it is an independent city. This is a wonderful day trip for those on an extended visit to London.

3. Queen’s House, Greenwich

IMO, one of the prettiest buildings in London, didn’t seem too busy when I visited either. It’s an old royal residence, quite grandiose inside and from the ornate ceilings to the curves of the staircase, it just screams beauty and design.

4. The Royal Greenwich Observatory

Come and stand on the timeline of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Not only is it located in a very nice park, but the meridians actually run through it so you can tap into your astronomy and navigation knowledge. In case you didn’t know, GMT is literally Greenwich Mean Time.

Gardens and outdoor areas in London

When (yes, when, not when) the sun shines in London, we are spoiled for sunbathing green as soon as the slightest light pops up. But here are some interesting places to visit all year round.

5. Primrose Hill

To be honest, I don’t wake up here that often. The view of the London skyline was great and I left it because my friends love going here, but I thought some of the other suggestions were more than worth my time.

6.Postman Park

Postman’s Park isn’t huge, but this little area is beautiful for a special reason. It is dedicated to those who have lost their lives to help or save others. This is a place where you want to be careful, especially when reading the dedication plaque.

7. Speaker Corner in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a large royal park adjacent to Kensington Gardens and including the Serpentine Lake. However, there is one thing to note, namely the speaker angle. For over 200 years, this place has been a place where people can talk, share positive and negative views, and even today you often find people doing just that.

8. Kyoto Park in Holland Park

Unless its name was mentioned, this lovely Japanese-style garden in Holland Park is probably one of the most serene and peaceful places in London, even though it’s so popular with photographers and tourists alike that you probably won’t get much of it. opportunity in midsummer to relax.

9. Columbia Street Marketplace Market

It’s not actually a garden, but this Sunday market is a gem and popular with flower seekers and gram seekers.

10. Barbican Conservatory

Another option starting on Sunday, London’s second largest greenhouse is right in the heart of the city, which honestly makes it super cool!

11. Greenwich Park

See points above for GMT and the observatory is also a great park and you can visit Cutty Sark. Overall, Greenwich is great because it’s quite separate from London that it feels different and the food market is cool. Yes, I just love Greenwich!


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Hidden Gem in London

Honestly, I’m not sure if any of these are really hidden gems, or whether hidden gems are anything you can say about a city as populated and visited as London, but it makes me feel good about it.

12. Park Richmond


13. Neal Court

This colorful neighborhood near Convent Garden / Seven Dials wasn’t very famous when I first moved to London, but now it’s all on Instagram, so I imagine it’s quite a busy place with old shoots these days.

14. St. Dunstan to the east

In the city of London, this time covered in moss, churches and medicine. I came here oddly for lunch, but it’s a great place because it’s turned over by thousands of bankers in suits every day.

15. The Leighton House

The building’s eastern influence is worth the ticket price. Think green and blue tiles, marble columns, and ornate Arabic designs. Look at the picture, you will love it, it’s like another world in London.

16. Banquet house

The last remnants of Whitehall Palace, once again in this building, are exquisite! Kings in the 1500’s would eat here and are still used for this function to this day when people don’t visit to break their necks while enjoying the divine blanket.

17. Eltham Palace

Back in Greenwich (did I mention I love Greenwich?) Eltham Palace, the attractive inside and out, has been used very often as a wedding venue these days. To be honest, this is a real designer beast as the medieval buildings complement the modern architectural designs inside.

18. Roman Baths at Billingsgate

There’s not much to see here, to be honest, and thus, wouldn’t be on every London wish-list. But for those who are interested in the history of Londinium (Roman name), they are also worth mentioning.

19. The missing tunnel tunnel

More tunnels and this time the old pipeline has been abandoned. Hidden London circles them sporadically, but now I can’t understand much about that. It is best to contact the Museum of Transport to find out if this is available during your visit to London

Funky way to get around London

In fact, while central London looms large on the pipeline map, walking can often be faster than picking up a pipe with multiple stops. So keep that in mind. But if you’re looking to expand your transportation options, here are some suggestions!

21. Thames Clippers

In addition to standard public transport, the Thames Clipper is a boat service that sails above and below the sparkling clear water (cough to cough) on the Thames River. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s a great alternative.

22. ​​Hop on the bus

You can’t come to London and not get the iconic image of the red bus. However, if you want to avoid learning a lot of bus routes, a hop-on hop-on hop-off bus tour that allows you to hop on and off is an easy, if not more expensive, option.

23. Jack the Ripper walking tour

A serial killer tour, maybe not for the little ones?

The 48th Harry Potter Tour
The magic tours you’ve probably heard of may be better for kids.

24. Hidden Tours in London

As I mentioned above, Hidden London Tours offer underground tunnel tours, but they have other options. I’ll be updating this as soon as we get confirmation that this great tour is still going on in London.

25. Schematic of a bicycle

You’ll see them all over the place, used to be on Boris’s bikes, then Santander’s on bikes and I don’t really know what that is now. But motorbikes in London are green and quite affordable and you can get more details from this link.

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