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My Opinion on Goat Milk Soap

I’m coming back to you today, to give you my opinion on the famous goat’s milk soap from the Pin-Up Secret brand which has been shaking the whole blog/Instagram lately. I also fell for it and I let myself be tempted. I didn’t have much to lose. Apart from a few euros.

I have already told you about it, I had and I still have an acne breakout after stopping my contraceptive pill in September. I was already somewhat acne-prone before starting the pill but nothing extreme. A few buttons here and there when the rules came or when I ate junk food. Nothing crazy.

So I took a big slap and a big complex more when my acne appeared at the end of October. Neither one nor two, I made an appointment as quickly as possible with the dermatologist, who still made me wait 3 months with a pepperoni pizza face… No choice, I took my pain patiently.


My Opinion on Goat Milk Soap

So when I heard about this brand and this famous soap on Instagram by many bloggers – who had either casually or very few buttons – I still took the plunge and ordered this famous soap miracle. $26 the soap, I had a little pain in my wallet but I took advantage of the many promo codes found on the net. A few days later, here I have the so-called grail.

Let’s go to put him to the test with my adult acne, and see what he has in his stomach!


My review

I mention MY record because each skin and person is different and can react in several ways. I have combined this soap with my acne treatment myself, so I don’t know if it really worked, but I’ve seen some results.

It is advisable to wash your face morning and evening with goat milk soap for acne and have it applied as a mask twice a week between 3 to 15 minutes depending on your skin. So I followed the advice to the letter (at the beginning). I was more of the one who leaves for 15 minutes than 3. Then I got laziness so I kept washing my face morning and evening but often remove the mask step…

I have personally washed my face for 2 years with my silken cleaning brush that I pass underwater then I rub on the soap to collect the foam. I find it much more hygienic than applying it to the fingers. My brush is programmed to rotate/vibrate for 30 sec. So I apply the soap 30 seconds in the morning when waking up and 30 seconds after removing makeup in the evening.

DISASTER at the start!! I have seen my skin break down and come out with more acne breakouts. But since I’m a bit masochistic, I still persisted.

And I did well! A few days/weeks (I don’t remember anymore), I saw my skin improve day by day. My skin texture is refined, my pores, which are usually very noticeable in me, are smoothed and my pimples have started to disappear. I’m not saying that I currently have perfect skin, not far from it, but the difference is noticeable for me.

I still have some acne breakouts and scars, but I think it’s more about my poor diet (hello fast food, alcohol, sugar, etc.). I am a true epicurean and my skin reminds me of that Ahah.

A few months ago I couldn’t stand to see myself in a photo, or even in the mirror. I was ashamed and kept lowering my head. Today, despite the imperfections still present, I go out without makeup, and I manage to take pictures and instastory bare skin as well. This allowed me to regain my self-confidence and lift my head even if my skin is not yet nice.

To conclude, I think that this soap is a good thing to properly clean your skin of the impurities of everyday life (pollution, germs, and makeup) but also of the sebum that your skin produces and which clogs your pores and then creates pimples. It is composed of essential oils of lavender which is a very good natural anti-bacterial when with goat’s milk, I have not found any info.

If you asked me if I am happy with it and if I would recommend it, I would say yes. I cannot do without it. At least until I may find something else later. There are only idiots who do not change their minds as they say.


My Final Words

Whatever the products you use in your routine life, they should healthy and organically natural. Because natural skincare products are always free of the elements that are harmful to your skin health. My whole family regularly uses products made from pure goat milk to keep our skin healthy. This is the reason why I always suggest people, especially women to bring natural products like goat milk soap into their lives.

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