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Nance Appliance: Does It Hurt?

nance appliance

The Nance Appliance, which was named after the inventor’s wife, prevents snoring and sleep apnea by holding the jaw in place so that it doesn’t fall back to obstruct the airway while sleeping. Because this device holds the jaw in place throughout the night, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, especially if you are used to falling asleep with your mouth wide open (and possibly drooling). However, many users find that once they get used to wearing their Nance Appliance every night, they stop feeling discomfort after just a few days.

What is the nance appliance used for?

The Nance appliance is a less invasive orthodontic treatment design to correct underbites in adults. In addition to correcting an underbite, it’s also used to prevent jaw injuries and other issues resulting from clench teeth at night. The device can be remove whenever you want, so there’s no long-term commitment. Most people experience a sore mouth during the first few days of wearing it but that pain diminishes over time. In some cases, patients require antibiotic mouthwash or canker patches until their tissue adjusts. Patients should speak with their orthodontist about which method works best for them. When worn properly, most people have minimal complications while wearing a Nance appliance.

Does it hurt when you wear a nance appliance?

Wearing a nance appliance should not hurt. In fact, it will take some getting use to for your body to adjust. Some people do experience tenderness and discomfort for a few days after insertion. The average time to wear a nance appliance is between four to six weeks before removal, though it varies from patient to patient depending on factors such as obesity and overall health condition. If you experience pain or discomfort that is at an unacceptable level, make sure you speak with your doctor or dental professional right away so they can advise you on options to relieve that pain or discomfort.

The sooner any issue is address and resolve, the better it will be for your treatment plan moving . If no adjustments are make early on in your treatment plan, then continuing treatments can become more difficult. So if there’s something wrong, don’t hesitate to say something; your comfort should be at the top of everyone’s list! We hope that helps answer your question about does it hurt when you wear a nance appliance. Make sure to check out our other informative articles if you have further questions about weight loss solutions! And remember…you can ask Dr. Nance himself!

How long do you wear a nance device?

A Nance appliance is wear over your teeth at night while you sleep. Because it has to be mold specifically for your teeth, your dentist will make one that’s tailor to you and only you. It can take several appointments before they get a good fit and then, typically, you’ll wear it every night for a set amount of time. When that time is up, you can either continue wearing it—often with slight modifications made by your dentist—or stop using it altogether. If you do choose to go without it after awhile, try sleeping without one first to see if there are any negative effects. The bottom line is that wearing a Nance appliance doesn’t have to be anything more than inconvenient.


You don’t need to worry about how long you wear it or whether or not it hurts, as long as your dentist fits it properly. If you’re uncomfortable in any way, tell him right away. However, no matter what your dentist tells you in terms of duration or comfort level, he won’t give you a hard-and-fast rule on how long to use it. Wearing them too long isn’t necessarily bad but it might mean he didn’t give you enough adjustments because they were so quick and easy to make each visit (which would be pretty costly).

Plus, when we advise patients not to take them out entirely, we’ve had an issue arise where their mouth moves too much because they aren’t hold in place anymore and these issues often lead back to needing braces again…so we like them around! But again…nothing is write in stone so talk with your dental professional when making your decision.

How do I know if I need the nance appliance or treatment?

First, your doctor will do a full mouth exam, checking for fractures and loose teeth. You’ll also be fit for a bite. Which you’ll wear every night for six weeks as you sleep. If your teeth are properly aligne, you won’t need any other treatment or appliances. If they aren’t, we’ll recommend an Invisalign® or ClearCorrect® treatment plan to straighten them. As with any cosmetic procedure that requires changing the shape of your face (such as liposuction), it is always wise to consult with a plastic surgeon before going ahead with any non-surgical treatments. Our doctors can refer you to one nearby who has experience in these types of cases.
Invisalign vs clear correct vs nance appliance: Invisalign aligners work in much the same way as traditional braces. Your dentist makes custom molds by taking impressions of your teeth; after casting them into custom trays, he sends those trays back to Align Technology, Inc., who produces each set of aligners using 3D imaging technology. The aligners snap onto your teeth using a strong but removable adhesive; over time, they slowly shift your mouth into its new position while you go about daily life—no one can tell that you’re wearing them unless you decide to take one out at dinner!

Where can I buy the nance appliance in my area?

A team of doctors, including a dentist and orthodontist will work together with you to create an individualized treatment plan that could include using appliances like the Nance appliance. practicing dentists, oral surgeons or orthodontists should refer patients to a certified provider. In some cases it may take time to find someone offering Nance procedures near you – have patience if it takes time to find care close by.

Don’t delay – start your search today!
In case you cannot find anyone nearby offering services relating to Howard-Nance clinics such as (invisalign), there are other services available online. With dental options becoming more popular and more common, getting dentistry do over video calls has make it easier than ever before to get treatment without leaving your home. How do I get start?: The first step is a complete and thorough examination by one of our Nance specialists using digital imaging technology. This lets us accurately monitor each step in treatment and is also a requirement for receiving an appliance or service from Dr. Weiss’s practice. What can I expect after my consultation with a Nance dentist?

What does the treatment process involve with the nance device?

The first step to getting a Nance appliance is visiting your dentist, who will take an impression of your teeth and will fit you for a temporary Nance device. At that point, if all goes well, he or she will begin making impressions of your mouth in preparation for creating your permanent molding. This takes about two more weeks.

From there, you’ll be send home with your permanent Nance appliance and instructions on how to properly adjust it at home. Over time, your bite will gradually shift toward perfection. During treatment, you may also have some soreness due to pressure points; most people describe it as feeling like they’re chewing on their front teeth too hard or having sensitive gums. To mitigate these issues, schedule regular appointments every six months for checkups and dental cleanings. A good way to keep track of time between visits is to pay attention when symptoms start becoming noticeable again; once those appear regularly, schedule another appointment!

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