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Natural ways of lowering androgens in women

Natural ways of lowering androgens in women include DHEA and testosterone and both of them are male hormones. The androgen hormones are found in dominant in men, but these are also present in women. In women, specific quantities of androgen are produced by the ovaries and the peripheral tissues. Mostly, women experience androgen deficiency. But certain women may face sexual health problems related to excessive androgen. Excessive androgen in women has symptoms like the growth of hair on the face, acne, the deepness of voice, hair loss, menstrual problems, etc.

There are medications to treat this condition. But why take medicines for something that can be treated in natural ways? There are a number of changes that you can make in your lifestyle and diet. In this article, you are going to find some supplements and lifestyle and diet changes that can help you treat the problem of excessive androgen in women.

Androgen deficiency

Androgens are hormones that are found in both men and women, both. In men, these are found in abundance, whereas women have fewer amounts of androgen as compared to men. Androgens are the chemical messengers that communicate within the body tissues to cause changes. These are mainly responsible for the reproduction and growth of humans.

In women, the androgens are produced by fat cells, skin cells, ovaries, and adrenal glands. The production of androgens in women slows down with age. The deficiency of androgen in women is quite a sensitive topic. The androgen levels in a woman who is 40 years old are half that of when she was 20.

Women tend to experience a number of symptoms of androgen deficiency. For example, androgen deficiency in women can cause tiredness and loss of sexual desire to a great extent. In this article, we will talk about androgen deficiency in women in detail.

Diagnosis of androgen deficiency in women

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms of androgen deficiency, you must get a thorough check-up. Your doctor will have to examine you for the condition. There is no specific test for androgen deficiency until now. But there are some testosterone tests available. It is possible for the doctor to tell you to have your testosterone levels checked through a blood sample.

Lifestyle changes

Reduce your consumption of alcohol

Drinking wine occasionally can have a few health benefits. But drinking excessive alcohol can cause testosterone levels in women to increase significantly. Well, it hasn’t been certain, but a few types of research have shown this. Taking precautions is always a better option.

Exercise regularly

Women with excessive androgens must make it their habit to exercise regularly for 30 mins. The effect of exercise on our hormones is very healthy. The loss of fats causes unhealthy levels of androgens in women to reduce. Gaining muscle mass and losing unhealthy fats can help to reduce androgens naturally.

Cut off on unhealthy carbs

Start taking a diet that is not processed and does not contain unhealthy carbohydrates and sugars. You must take a healthy fat and protein contained diet.

Drink spearmint tea

It is an herbal tea that can help you lose excess amounts of androgen. Drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea daily has shown a significant reduction in the levels of androgen in women during research in Turkey.

Diet changes

Soy containing foods

Eating foods that contain soy such as soy milk, tofu, miso, etc., can help to reduce the testosterone levels in your blood. Soy food is high in phytoestrogens, which also act like estrogen in the body and helps to maintain the balance of hormones in your blood.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oils such as corn, soybean, canola, sunflower, cottonseed, etc., contain unhealthy fatty acids. Using these oils may help you cut down your body fats, contributing to the reduction of testosterone in you.

Licorice root

Licorice root is commonly used in candies and beverages to sweeten them. It is also considered a natural remedy to reduce the levels of testosterone in women. Licorice root is not the same as licorice candy. So make sure that you have a licorice root.


Eating nuts can help you gain healthy fibers, fats, and minerals and have been proved to cut the excessive testosterone levels in women.


Flaxseed contains healthy fats and fibers that are essential for your body. It contains lignans that bind with testosterone and hence get it out of your body easily.

Just like various characters of sex are always changing, so are orgasms. One night you might feel the passion that seems like an out-of-body adventure. You might experience another that is fun, but not necessarily impactful. And you might encounter another which is just uninteresting. Are you supposed to worry?

Not certainly. While it can feel frustrating to observe the intensity of orgasm fade, there are multiple causes why this happens, and some of those obstacles have manageable solutions. Let’s get a deeper look.

Do orgasms grow weaker as bodies age?

There are times when people mark that the orgasms they receive are no longer as powerful as they used to be when they were youthful. That doesn’t imply the orgasms aren’t pleasing, simply that they are changed.

Hormones are usually the accused here. Sex hormone generation reduces down as we mature, and that can transform the way we feel about sex. For instance, men’s testosterone levels begin to diminish by around 1% every year once they approach their 40s. Some physicians denominate this andropause or male menopause. They might become limitedly enthusiastic about sex, low-spirited, or tired. And that might decrease his orgasms, also.

Through menopause-related hormone fluctuations, women’s levels of estrogen decrease distinctly. Within North America, for women, the average age when menopause begins is 51. Estrogen provides nourishment to vaginal and vulvar forms. In its absence, the vagina grows dry and less elastic. Sex can become painful and less delightful. Decreased levels of estrogen may also cause the clitoris to become less receptive to pressure, and because numerous women’s orgasms are dependent on it, the climax may become less pleasing.

Hormone replacement therapy can assist in most cases, but this treatment approach must only be obtained with a doctor’s recommendation. Women having vaginal atrophy might use lube or moisturizers to decrease resistance and pain during penetration.

In reverse, aging could likewise be healthy for orgasms. Some more grown pairs discover that they appreciate sex plentifully because they have added isolation when the children are raised and are away from the home. They might rest longer without the worry of an unplanned pregnancy.

Reduced Response and Pleasure

Numerous age-related and menopause-related hormone fluctuations and vaginal modifications that can depress arousal throughout midlife can likewise transform women’s pleasure of sex and the strength to accomplish orgasm. All over again, the vaginal dryness and atrophy associated with low estrogen present a part, as does a diminished supply of blood to the clitoris and the deeper area of the vagina. Furthermore, the clitoris, which is the core of sexual pleasure for the maximum women, is possible to become less receptive than in younger years, perhaps due to low estrogen levels and alterations in the nervous and vascular systems.

Each of these may contribute to some loss in the responses and satisfaction you feel during lovemaking. It further can influence orgasm, they might become less powerful, take more to achieve, or seldom happen at all. In case you are bothered by a persistent difficulty or obstruction in attaining orgasm, or consistent incapability to approach orgasm after sufficient stimulation, you might have “female orgasmic disorder.”

What about pelvic floor health?

The pelvic floor can be the reason sometimes behind weak women’s orgasms. The pelvic floor is usually compared to a trampoline or a hammock that supports your pelvic organs to stay fixed. This group of muscles can lose after an operation, delivery, and gain in weight. It may happen in diabetic people or those who have inflammatory bowel disease. Kegel exercises were introduced to strengthen the pelvic floor, and people declare their orgasms improve as well.

Can contraception affect orgasms?

Some birth control techniques, including condoms and oral preventatives, are believed to decrease the intensity of orgasm. Your healthcare practitioner can advise you to decide which means, of birth control is more suitable for you.

When to consult a doctor?

If you have observed that your orgasms are no longer what they were before, and you can’t conclude why, do not shy away to give your physician a call. He or she can provide you a full checkup to find out any health issues that could influence your female sexuality. You might also acknowledge seeing a mentor or sex therapist who can assist you discuss any sentimental or psychical concerns that could be conflicting with orgasms.

Reference post article link: https://theblogulator.com/natural-ways-of-lowering-androgens-in-women/

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