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NBA Doubleheader Guide: How To Bet On NBA Games

NBA Doubleheader

Football is the number one most popular sport in America, followed by NBA and basketball. These two sports keep the Americans busy placing wagers as they enjoy their favorite teams. Sports betting is an exciting activity that you can do for fun and earn some decent cash while at it. You must have heard of professional bettors who are making up to six figures. That’s right. And you, too, can have the potential to get there someday if you start with this guide that will help you learn the tricks and strategies of betting in the NBA Doubleheader.

Nevada is the only place where it was legal to place a bet on the sportsbook. But that has changed in time as many states have now legalized professional basketball betting, and the list keeps growing.

Common bets you can use in NBA doubleheader bets 

NBA Moneyline bet

It’s a popular form of wager that you’ll find in NBA betting for its simplicity. And this is how it works; when the NBA money line odds list the favorite in a game as a negative number (-200), you’ll have to bet the amount to win $100. The positive number, which is the underdog (+120), will give you a return of $ 120 if you bet $ 100. 

NBA Point Spread

So, you must bet on the number of points a team will win or lose. The favorite team must win by the number set by the bookie or more. For instance, if the team you’re betting on has a point spread of +4.5, if it loses by four points, that means you can still cover that.  

NBA Under/Over

 Oddsmakers sets a number estimating how many points that both teams will score combined. In essence, you must understand how this works; let’s say you wagered Under 204.5, you need to have a combined score from both teams of less than 204. When you bet on the NBA OVER the total, you would be hoping for a 110-100, and the final score to be 210 total points. 

NBA Parlay bet

 This is a single NBA wager that can link two or more chances to have more payouts. You could also bet the point spread in multiple games, and each selection must win for you to get cash. Although there is a chance of winning a more considerable return on an NBA doubleheader, it’s also a risky bet compared to other bets.

NBA Prop bet

In Prop bet, what applies here is the statistical performance of players, instead of conventional wager like a team to win. It’s as simple as saying if a player will score-for instance, more than 20 points in a game. You could use your favorite player like LeBron James and say he will give more than 30 points in a contest or have more than 10-rebounds.


The pay in Pro bet is similar to the game or other stakes. One of the distinct lines for prop bet odds is -110 for each side, considered even. But you must wager $110 to win $100. Sometimes the line may get skewed, and when this happens, the oddsmaker fixes that by altering the Lines. 

For instance, if a player didn’t play and placed a wager on him, you get your money back. And if the event or a match gets postponed or a change of venue, the bettors get back their wagers in that particular market. 

Future bets

 As the name suggests, you’ll be betting on future events, series, or an award. You’re simply saying who will be the winner in the NBA Finals. Also, you can tell how many games a team wins in the regular season. Although it’s different from the bets of a single game, where you place the wager on that particular day, future bets are almost as popular.

Some of the bets you can place for the future include;

Live to bet

With the high increase of mobile phones and apps, it has become easy for bettors to go on live bets, becoming prevalent. You can place a stake even after the game has started. The oddsmaker may adjust the odds, which depends on how the game or event plays out. A bettor can use several bets that include Moneylines, point spreads, props, and many more.


How do you know which NBA games to bet on?

Typically, the games played in an NBA regular season are over 1,230. It might be a little puzzling to pick the perfect match to place your wager. If you’re careful, you can find some enticing lines, but we have more suggestions for you that can help you win in NBA doubleheader bets below: 

Look out for Grudge Matches

When the NBA players get traded, that’s something they take personally. After all, they are humans. A grudge match might happen when a traded player faces his former employer for the first time in a game. There will be a high chance of playing a “revenge game” and winning for the new team. That’s why you must look out for such players, especially if got talent. For example, when Brook Lopez played his first game against the Brooklyn Nets, he brought a season-high of 34 points and ten rebounds.

Know the team’s schedule

According to a study, teams playing in the second game of a back-to-back usually win 44 percent. Before you place your wager on a team, keep a team’s schedule in mind. In Green and Gold Analytics, number crunchers found that a team’s net rating will drop by 2.21 points for every 100 holds in the second back-to-back game. That means they are inefficient on the offense and defense while playing back-to-back games. A drop of 2.21 percent is not tiny because it can make a difference when covering the spread.


Consider Geography

Most NBA teams have to travel for a long distance to get to their games. You must consider this while selecting the NBA doubleheader team to bet on. For instance, the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves have to travel for miles, while Cleveland and Indiana Pacers have the fewest air miles. And why is this important? Because players who have traveled less tend to perform better since they are better-rested and energetic, and that makes a big difference in the game outcome. 

Stay updated with player’s injuries.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on the player’s injury report before laying down your wager. When an important player gets an injury that you don’t know, it can drastically change the outcome in the sport. That can be more damaging in an NBA doubleheader, where a single key player can significantly impact both sides of the ball.

If you remember, 2011/12 Portland Trail Blazers experienced a 20-game drop-off because of the absence of their three-time All-Star Brandon Roy. Also, the recent one is a 2019-20 season, where the Golden States Warriors fell from 5-straight NBA finals to the last place. They recorded a .231 in the absence of All-Stars Lay Thompson and Steph Curry.

In Conclusion, before you place a wager on the NBA doubleheaderplease consider this guide that will give you a reason of what to look for and a complete NBA betting guide. We wish you luck and enjoy the game! 

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