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New Holland Tractor – Maintenance Tips and Guidelines

Guidelines to Maintain New Holland Tractor

The tractor is an essential part of farming and one of the biggest investments to fulfill your farming dream. For efficient work, a tractor needs time to time maintenance. Maintenance keeps your tractor like new. It is essential to take care of it and perform regular maintenance. A tractor is an extremely useful piece of equipment with proper maintenance. Regular maintenance allows the tractor to last longer and enable the machine to function well. Typically, a well-Maintained tractor can last almost 15 – 18 years. 

In the tractor market, there are many tractor brands available, and all tractors need proper maintenance. Today, we will discuss the maintenance of the New Holland tractor.

These tips will help you to maintain your New Holland tractor in India. Let’s start.

Check Manual

There are different types of New Holland tractor available in the market, and every kind of tractor has a different application. New Holland tractor provides a proper manual with all tractors for guidelines. You should read the manual very carefully before starting maintenance. Many tractors need specific lubricants and hydraulic fluid that you can identify in the manual. Wrong lubricants and hydraulic fluid cause the damage of the tractor. If you do not get any manual with a tractor, you may find a manual on the New Holland Website.

Visual Inspection

Regular inspection of your New Holland tractor is essential and the first step in taking care of a tractor. Once, you should take a look at the whole tractor. It is crucial in tractors to check for any leaks, dirt buildup, or any issues. It is vital to ensure that hazard lights with safety indicators are in working condition.

Abnormal Noise Check 

In the next step, you should check for abnormal noise in the tractor of New Holland. The user should observe the weird sound of the engine and note any noises like thumping or knocking. Any gurgling or grinding noise in transmission on gear changes Indicates the tractor needs maintenance or repair.

Radiator Fluid Level

There may be a loss of fluid due to the daily running of the tractor. You have to regularly check the regulator fluid level and fill in the required amount.

Air Pressure

It is essential to check the air pressure in the tractor weekly. Usually, the air pressure reduces with the use, it must refill to avoid tyre damage and high fuel consumption. In the winter, it is more vital to daily check the air pressure. Tyres lose their pressure faster in the cold winter season. Fully pressurized tyres run longer in the field and save money. Less inflated tyres deteriorate quicker and burn more fuel in regular operation.

Tractor Fluid Levels

Check all the oil that runs New Holland tractors smoothly. Transmission, hydraulic, engine, and brakes oil require time to time replacement as per manufacturer advised. Dirty oils can cause a lot of damage to the tractor.

Air Filter 

New Holland tractor used in firms and construction. With time there is an accumulation of dust. Clogged and dirty air filters can reduce the life of the tractor. It is important to check the air filter every 50 hours and replace it or clean it if needed. It would be best if you always wipe away the dust that regularly accumulates on the engine fan blades.

Battery Maintenance

When the New Holland tractor has not been running for some time, its battery is likely to be discharged. It can cause the alternator to be overburdened or engine malfunction. Low batteries of the tractor regenerate with a high voltage battery charger. Check the electrical connection and wire cracks. A healthy battery decreases the excess load on the alternator.

Regular Servicing

Tractors have to be serviced regularly at the time intervals specified by the manufacturer. Always get your New Holland tractor serviced at the authorized dealership and service center where you get genuine parts and quality service.

If the above steps follow, your tractor will perform anew in several years, and you can save on repair costs in the long run.

We hope you enjoy this blog, and now you get the tips of maintaining a New Holland tractor. For more information, stay tuned with us.

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