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New Metro City Gujar Khan is an allegedly TMA approved housing society, is situated close to the GT Road. It was created by BSM Developers. Following the huge success of New Metro City Kharian, is now launching New Metro City Gujar Khan . Its major features are accessibility, affordability, and rapid development.

The mega-development is designed to offer an affordable and luxurious housing choice. The most lucrative investment opportunity is located near Gujar Khan’s most coveted site, which is right close to the GT Road. It is located only an hour away from Islamabad. Gujar Khan’s New Metro City will bridge the gap between luxury and affordable.

New Metro City Gujar Kan Developers and Owners

BSM developers developed the New Metro City Gujar Khan . The company is the idea of Bilal Bashir Malik, Malik Riaz (owner Bahria Town). His grandparents were extremely enthusiastic about his work. BSM Developers launched the Metro City from Golf City Gwadar. Metro City Metro City is an eco-friendly housing project that offers all modern amenities and at reasonable prices.

Malik Riaz’s grandson has also committed to upholding the same high standards of the members of Bahria Town society. Professionals with the highest qualifications are working day and night to finish the project by the time frame, and also to generate more profits.

New Metro City Gujar Khan NoC:

Tehsil Municipal Administration, (TMA) has allegedly has approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC), of New Metro City Gujar Khan. Projects that are approved by TMA will be more likely to get completed and produce greater revenues. Contact the society’s official management for confirmation of the NOC.

New Metro City Gujar Khan

The site for the Metro City Gujar Khan is located at GT Road in Gujar Khan. The location was selected in order to make the project accessible and profitable.


The new Metro City Gujar Khan map is accessible to both visitors and residents.


New Metro City Gujar Kan Accessibilities:

The new Metro City Gujar Khan is an extremely accessible housing project.

  • It is located in Gujar Khan’s main GT Road
  • Sukho Road is just 7 minutes away by car.
  • Gulyana Road is only 5 minutes away
  • Gujar Khan-Bewal Road is only 9 minutes away
  • Mandra-Chakwal Road is only 15 minutes away

New Metro City landmarks and locations:

  • Gujar Khan
  • UBL Bank
  • City Palace Banquet Hall
  • Sarwar Shaheed College
  • Punjab College of Commerce
  • Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Gujar Khan
  • Government College of Women

New Metro City Gujar Khan Masterplan:

A small group of highly skilled experts developed, designed and drafted the 4,400 Kanal masterplan for the new Metro City Gujar Khan. The team comprised engineers and managers, town planners and developers.

The new Metro City Gujar Khan provides a range of residential properties.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The new Metro City Gujar Khan provides a range of commercial plots.

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

The society is still in its beginning stages.The masterplan will be shared along with other information to the public following the announcement of the masterplan.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plans:

The payment plan offered by Metro City  is a new payment plan. Metro City  is reasonable and provides simple installment plans. The plots that are available in Metro City can be booked at a reasonable cost. Developers and management have taken extra attention to ensure that prices remain affordable. The low rates have enabled those with low incomes to make the most of this golden opportunity to investing.


Pictorial Representative of Development in Gujar Khan:

Following is the Pictorial Representation of the Development in the process of development.



New Metro City Gujar Kan Newest News:

The New Metro City Gujar Khan is scheduled scheduled to launch in July 2022.. But, we will have specific information coming in the next months.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Policies and Public Notices:

The new Metro City Gujar Khan official management will issue all the necessary public announcements, guidelines, and policies.

Possession Allotment to New Metro City Gujar Khan:

The official administration of the society may determine the possession policy for plots within Metro City Gujar Khan.

The Latest Metro City Gujar Kan Transfer Methodology:

The method for a tentative transfer may be:

  • Request your “No Demand Certificate”
  • To get an appointment for transfer, clients must present the transfer documents along with a paid SOD.
  • The transfer appointment will be set by the officer who is transferring
  • Both the seller and buyer will need to go to the transfer office in order to complete the transfer procedure.
  • To get the transfer letter the client must show up at the CNIC
  • After you have paid the fee for urgent transfers An urgent transfer may also be done

New Metro City Gujar Khan Possession Charges/Fees

Soon, charges for possession will also be made public.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Manual Book:

  • Print a copy of the application form, then fill it completely
  • You can also sign up as an Member within the Metro City by submitting the online booking form using an electronic form
  • Make the deposit by hand or electronically, along with the processing cost.
  • You may also make your payment through interbank transactions to several banks, for example:
  1. United Bank Limited
  2. Askari Bank Limited

To confirm a manual booking for a confirmed manual booking, please get in touch with the management.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Application:

The official website lets you download and fill out the New Metro City Gujar Khan application form.

But, you might need to include the following documents as a preliminari document along with the application form:

  • Photos of passport size
  • Original passport copy or CNIC
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of the receipt for payment
  • Screenshots of online transaction slip

New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Methods:

Find out about ways to pay for plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan on the site.

Facilities and Amenities

The New Metro City Gujar Khan provides modern amenities and services with affordable prices. These facilities are as a part of any luxurious, multi-purpose development.

The following are the services that are available in the new Metro City Gujar Khan:

  • Eco-Friendly:

The development will provide a nature-based lifestyle with all modern conveniences in a setting that is a welcoming. The unique setting is near to nature and offers an experience that is unlike similar in Pakistan.

  • Water Resources:

Water reservoirs will be built to store huge amounts of water that residents can utilize in their daily chores.

  • Business & Commercial Center:

The project will provide an entire commercial space. The areas will enable residents to meet all their needs in the commercial sector.

  • Secure Project:

To make a project a success it is vital to have a feeling of security. Security that is all-inclusive is offered by an alarm system that includes surveillance cameras, CCTV equipment, and 24 hours a day CCTV cameras. To ensure maximum levels of security, the perimeter wall will be surrounded by the building with a secure security system.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Salient features:

The New Metro City Gujar Khan’s most notable features include:

  • Shops
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Security 24/7
  • Maintenance
  • Eco-community
  • Water Resources
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Waste disposal and sewerage system
  • World-class infrastructure development

Why should you invest in the New Metro City Gujar Khan?

There are numerous advantages to investing in New Metro City . Metro City is a great location to invest in Gujar Khan if you are seeking a profitable venture. Here are a few of the most compelling advantages to investing in New Metro City Gujar Kan:

  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Prime location
  • Spacious properties
  • Luxurious amenities
  • Soon-to-be-approved
  • Reputable developers
  • International infrastructure development

Guidelines for the Purchase and Sale of Plots:

These are the rules to be following:

Document Verification:

To avoid confusion or miscommunication To avoid miscommunications or misunderstandings, make sure you check the authenticity of all documents. Be sure to inquire about the NOC of the developer prior to you sign any contract for property purchase or sale. This will guarantee that the documentation you provide is up to date and is in line with the expectations of customers.

Financial Security:

Make sure that your funds match the plan for purchase prior to any purchase or sale of property. This will guarantee that the purchase or sale is smooth.

Visits to properties:

Check out the website before you make any purchase.

Reservation Requirements:

Lead Marketing believes that trust and honesty are the key ingredients to our clients’ satisfaction. We suggest that you inquire about the most current documents required prior to making a reservation. You can also reserve residential and commercial plots in other projects such as Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad and Nova City Islamabad.

To buy a the property located in New Metro City , you’ll need these documents:

  • Two passport-size Pictures
  • NICOP for clients in other countries
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the I.D. Two copies of the I.D.

The Advantages of Real Estate Investment:

Real estate investing is among of the most profitable business. It is a great ROI. It is crucial to keep in mind that this investment can only succeed if executed correctly. There are numerous benefits of investing in real property. Here are a few of the greatest advantages:

1. Financial Security:

The real estate industry can help to keep your investment’s value high and will not decline if you have additional money or assets.

2. Stable Income

A real estate investor can earn a steady income. You can buy a property and then build it. Rent it out either monthly or every year. You can rent a house either annually or monthly and the rental increases each year by a specific percentage.

3. Manageable:

Once an investment has been completed, it is no an actual living thing you have to take care of each day. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your property doesn’t go to the encroachers.

4. Passive income:

Rent or other passive income is possible after an investor has made an investment in real property. Investors can purchase or construct a property to let it out for rent to earn an income stream that is steady all through the year.

5. Non-depreciable Asset:

If it is done right, the investment in real estate will not be devalued. Each year, the value of real estate rise. If a major public or private project is launched in the region, it could see a massive rise in its value.

Book Gujar Khan’s New Metro City:

Lead Marketing advises every customer to seek out the most current booking process from the management. This will eliminate any confusion. It is simple to make a reservation.

The steps are as follows:

  • Pay attention to the booking request form.
  • Attach the CNIC Copies from the applicant
  • Pay by check or pay an order payable to ” New Metro City “, however, be sure to verify the management process in the event of modifications.
  • Following confirmation by management Cash payments can also be accepted
  • Make sure you send all the documents required along with the payment, and then get the receipt.

Pros & Cons:

Here are the pros and Pros and Metro City :



24/7 water Perception of high-priced goods
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
CCTV and Surveillance Systems – Guards
The central areas are close, and the other developments are also within reach.
Security system
Solid waste disposal system


Q1 – What’s New Metro City Gujar Khan and how is it different from other similar projects?

Ans. New Metro City is a multi-purpose project that was created to offer an exclusive living space for residents at a reasonable cost. The project was created by a group composed of architects and engineers with decades of expertise.

Q2 – Is the New Metro City Gujar Kan an legally authorised and approved project?

Ans. Based on TMA-approved Gujar Khan, who is the NOC in New Metro City.

Q3 – Is New Metro City Gujar Khan an investment in property that is cost-effective?

Ans. It’s no surprise then that the New Metro City installment plans make it so simple. Management has played a crucial part in balancing luxury and affordability.

Q4 – Does New Metro City Gujar Khan offer a good ROI?

Ans. Since the New Metro City payment plan is affordable for smaller families and investors It’s real. This improves the chances of high yield investment returns.

Q5 – Where is Gujar Khan’s New Metro City Gujar Khan is located?

Ans. New Metro City is located on the main GT Road.

Q6 Who are the creators of New Metro City Gujar Khan

Ans. The new Metro City was developed by BSM Designers.

Q7 How do I book an apartment for New Metro City Gujar Khan

Ans. Here are a few steps you can follow to reserve a property in Metro City.

  1. Choose the dimensions of your property
  2. Make sure that all personal details are correct.
  3. Data entry for the person who is nominated
  4. Make the payment
  5. True signature

Q10 – Will there be a charge for late payment for plot reservations in New Metro City Gujar Khan’s?

Ans. Late payments could be charged an additional charge. The amount will be calculated in accordance with the booking form.

Q11 – Who is the owner of New Metro City Gujar Khan’s property?

Ans. Famous property developer Bilal Bashir Makik acquires the property.

Q12 – Do you think New Metro City Gujar Khan an investment that is worth it?

Ans. The New Metro City is without doubt the most lucrative investment option for Gujar Khan.

Q13 When was the New Metro City Gujar Khan first launched?

Ans. In 2022, Gujar Khan announced Gujar Khan’s New Metro City.

Q14 When do you think New Metro City Gujar Khan possession be given?

Ans. After six months, the possession will be given to the owner.


The Metro City is an exclusive commercial development which aims to provide an extravagant lifestyle for the residents. The project is renowned for its lavish amenities and affordable prices, as well as its location as well as other important characteristics. Contact us for more information about the latest Metro City Gujar Khan available plots.

Lead Marketing highly recommends this investment opportunity in the New Metro City. It is also possible to read more about Al-Noor Orchard Lahore and Lahore Smart City to find out about other real estate investment projects.

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