Non Stop Flights From USA to India: The New Trend in Aviation Market

non stop flights from Delhi to USA

Are you seeking for Non Stop Flights From USA to India? Then this blog might be helpful for you.

No matter where in India you actually want to go, at first you have to land in the Capital city of India, which is Delhi. Now you might be wondering which airlines should be considered or provides pocket-friendly tickets, then I’m here to get you out of the confusion. There are several Non-Stop Flights From the USA to India, but it is important to choose the company and timings of flight booking in order to grab the tickets comparatively at a lower price.

In terms of tourism’s total contribution to the national economy in 2018, India has ranked third among 185 countries in the World Travel and Tourism Council, until 2017 it was in the seventh position.


Timing plays a crucial role, be it in our lives or while booking tickets. In order to get airline tickets at a lower price, you should always keep an eye on the fluctuations in the price to make your desired reservations.


Have other work to do and got no time to keep track of the flight price fluctuations? Then signing up for a Newsletter will solve this problem of yours, it is an easier way to keep track of the variations of flight prices, so what are you waiting for? Go and sign up for your Newsletter and book tickets from your preferred airlines at a much lower cost.

Technical Stopover

Sometimes the plane needs to refuel in between the journey is basically called Technical Stopover. Where passengers are not allowed to get out of the aircraft as the airline does not have traffic rights on that particular airport. Sometimes the plane may stop at airport in between the journey which also falls under the category of Technical Stopover.

List of Direct Flights from USA to India offered by

  • Seattle to Delhi
  • Newyork to Delhi
  • Chicago to Delhi
  • Los Angeles to Delhi

Currently, United Airlines have three flights and Air India has five flights, making it a sum of nine direct flights available altogether for USA-India transportation. Although direct flights cost a little more than flights having stops in between, yet the prices do fluctuate. you can also find Nonstop flights to Mumbai From USA

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Things to remember while flying from the USA to Delhi:

  • Hindi is the native language for Delhi, although people do speak English.
  • The most favourable time to book your tickets for Delhi, India are February, March, October, and November as the humidity or scorching heat of Delhi is not present during these months.
  • Delhi being a metro city, definitely has a metro for its public transportation purpose, besides its local trains, cabs, autos, etc.
  • Terminal 1 of Delhi airport is the only terminal where you can board cheap flights to Delhi from USA.
  • You must be aware of India’s gigantic population and Delhi is one of those cities of India which certainly helps India to achieve the top position on the population board all over the world.

Questions you may want to ask before booking a ticket to Delhi:

  1. What is the rate of cheapest flights to Delhi from the US?

Answer: Book your tickets to Delhi from the US at a very pocket-friendly rate from

  1. How many USA to Delhi direct flights are available in a day?

Answer: In order to know about the available direct flights from the USA to Delhi, check out

  1. Are direct flights available from the USA to Delhi?

Answer: Yes, there are a lot of direct flights available in the USA to travel to Delhi.

  1. What is the average time when flights from the USA to Delhi generally take off?

Answer: The non-stop flights from the USA to Delhi generally takes off in between 14 to 17 hours. It takes lesser time to reach in compared to direct connecting flights.

  1. How many airlines provide non stop flights from USA to India?

Answer: A sum of nine non stop flights are available from USA to India. Among which cheapairlines like, Air India is considered the most for comfortable travelling.

Tricks to find flights at a cheaper rate:

  • Try booking your tickets 4-5 weeks before you actually are planning to travel to Delhi, as the chances of price-drop increases on that time.
  • Prefer booking your tickets on Mondays to avail low-priced tickets and obstacle-free travelling.
  • The months that offer the most low-priced flight tickets are February and March.
  • Comparing the prices of your flights is advised in order to get the best deals and not miss out any.

Best Non-Stop Flights Available from USA to India:

Currently, the best non-stop flight providers have to be Air India or United Airlines, but still Air India wins the race because of having few better qualities which United Airlines lacks. Let’s see what are the features that Air India provides better than United Airlines, below :

  • Air India is probably the best choice if you are seeking a non-stop flight from the USA to India.
  • Air India provides better quality food, service and legroom than that of United Airlines.
  • United Airlines is maybe time-saving, but does not provide the best services like Air India.

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