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Offer Personalized and Customized Products with PrestaShop Product Customizer module by Knowband


Nowadays, customers look to find and buy unique and personalized products as everybody loves a personal touch in their products. Most of the buyers like to design the product according to their desire and personalize it. Product Customization is when the customer is given the opportunity to choose color, design, and customizations for the product. As shoppers love buying customized products, you can take advantage of it and can earn a huge chunk of revenue by offering personalized and customized products. It not only increase sales but also enhances the shopping experience of your customers.

PrestaShop Product Customization addon by Knowband

With Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Customized module, you can allow your customers to design their products by adding a designer panel to your product pages on your website. The module offers various attractive customizations by which the user can easily design the product according to his desire. Let’s check all the benefits and features of the module in brief.

Key Benefits of the PrestaShop Product Customizer addon:

  1. With the addon, you can easily increase the sales and revenue of your online business by offering customized products on your store.
  2. The PrestaShop Product Customization addon allows the users to customize and design the product from the designer panel which enhances their shopping experience on your store and helps to make them loyal to your brand.
  3. If you want to retain your customers then offering customized products with the Knowband’s PrestaShop Custom Product Designer addon is the best option for you. With the module, you can increase the customer retention rate of your online business and encourage the customers to purchase again from your store.
  4. With the Advanced Product Customizer module, you can create more engagement in your store by offering a product customization option and let users design their products. Even if the user doesn’t purchase the product at the same time but he can try and enjoy customizing it and hopefully will return to your store and buy the product after adding customization to it.
  5. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Designer module helps the store owner to identify what the customers really want to purchase and what customizations they use the most. After getting better insight, the e-merchant can make changes in the designer panel and can add more wanted customizations.

Key Highlights of the PrestaShop Custom Product Design module:

  1. The installation and configuration of the Product Personalization addon are super easy and can be done without making any changes in the core files of the website.
  2. The Knowband’s Online Product Designer addon adds a Customization button on the product pages of your website from where the customers can go to the designer panel and design and customize the product accordingly.
  3. The best thing about the PrestaShop Extended Product Customization module is it shows the customization cost of each customization added to the product side by side along with the product’s total price. The customers can add or remove customizations according to their budget.
  4. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Customizer addon offers a lot of customization options to the customer including selecting images, uploading images & QR codes, adding effects and filters, adding color to the product, etc.
  5. The module can be enabled or disabled from the admin interface within a single click.

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