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On Roku, how can I watch HBO Max?

HBO Max App

HBO Max on Roku is perhaps one of the most incredible things to happen to savvy TV users. More than 6.75 million HBO Max users (source) enjoy viewing the network on their TVs or mobile devices without having to pay for cable. Everything on the HBO network is available to view on HBO Max. Choose from HBO Max Originals, Warner Media’s catalog, and licensed TV shows and films. More Detail: Windstream Internet service.

The program may download and stream on Roku devices running OS systems 10.0 and later. There are a few ways for new users to join up for the service. Subscribers to HBO Now or HBO Go may quickly adjust their selections using the Roku interface.

In the United States. Some of the Caribbean and Latin American nations, and US territories such as Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. The HBO Max app is accessible on Roku. Users in Canada may enjoy it and viewers in Australia and the United Kingdom, thanks to software choices.

On Roku, how can I obtain HBO Max?

HBO Max will be accessible on Roku starting in December 2020. The software on the smart TV makes discovering and installing it a breeze. It’s comparable to other Roku applications in adding it to channel selections. To get started viewing HBO Max on Roku, follow these steps:

In the United States, go the Roku home screen to the channel shop using the remote to download HBO Max. Choose “Search Channels” and input the app’s name. Install HBO Max by clicking on it.

You may create another area for HBO under the “Movies and TV” menu. You may look up the app’s name and download it.

Using voice search: you may also locate and add HBO Max to your subscriptions

HBO Max then offers high-quality entertainment the same way it does on any other device. The front panel displays the new episodes for this week and the various on-demand alternatives.

Subscribers who already have HBO Go or HBO Now may upgrade to HBO Max. On the home screen, the HBO Max app will be updated. Subscribers to HBO Go or HBO Now will see this happen automatically.

How to get HBO Max for free on Roku

HBO Max used a free trial available on their website, but now you can only get a seven-day free sample via Hulu. Hulu’s HBO Max free trial is a great chance to test out the streaming service and see whether you like the existing titles, forthcoming releases, and exclusive HBO Max originals.

To locate “Add-ons,” go to your Hulu account page and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Toggle the “Manage add-ons” button to the right, then check the plus sign button for HBO Max under premium add-ons.

At the bottom of your browser, click “review changes.” Once the trial period is up, go to the following page to evaluate your membership options and Hulu + HBO Max pricing.

To save your choices, click “submit changes,” and your trial will begin! (This 7-day HBO Max trial may be added to your 30-day Hulu free trial!)

  1. How to manually update Roku software
  2. Highlight the HBO Max symbol on your screen, but do not click it.
  3. Find the remote’s center star button and press it.
  4. Find the “Select Updates” option by pressing the button.
  5. In a few seconds, the app will be updated.

Go to the Streaming Channels area on Roku to add HBO Max. Then go to the New and Notable site, one of the first selections. Finally, choose HBO Max from the drop-down menu, and it will be added to your watching options.

With its high-quality entertainment offerings, HBO Max reaches millions of families. Furthermore, the app is compatible with practically every primary video streaming provider and intelligent device.

On November 17, 2020, Amazon Fire TV began streaming HBO Max. The HBO Max app Firestick home page may be found here. It costs about $40 for the Amazon Fire Stick TV and $50 for the Amazon Fire 4k, with the video quality being the only difference. Chromecast can stream HBO Max by connecting your Android smartphone and the Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network and then playing material from the app. The gadget can be found for less than $25 and turn any TV with an HDMI connection into a smart TV.


HBO Max is available on Apple devices, including the Apple TV and iPad, and includes the most acceptable content from Warner Bros. and more. Go to the Apple Store and search for HBO Max to get started. Then, after downloading it, view it on a compatible Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD that has been updated with the newest tvOS software. Existing HBO Max customers may immediately log in and watch content. After installing the HBO Max app from the marketplace, Xbox gamers may watch the show. Similarly, Playstation players go to the Playstation Store and download the software to play it.

HBO Max may be downloaded on the webOS platform by launching the HBO Max app on a Samsung TV. After joining up or installing the HBO Max app from the app store, devices from 2016 and after can play it. HBO Max is accessible on VIZIO SmartCast TVs through Apple AirPlay or streaming from the HBO Max App on your mobile device.

Plans & Prices for HBO Max

HBO Max provides two pricing options for entertainment and discounts for yearly contracts. You may select between an ad-supported and an ad-free membership. Users may watch their favorite movies, TV shows, and specials on up to three different devices simultaneously.

The ad plan is less expensive, costing $9.99 per month. This subscription includes premium features such as an ad-free option. Up to five users may have their streaming accounts. Parents can keep an eye on their children’s programming, which is streamed in HD with parental controls.


For $14.99, you can get all of this and more with HBO Max. Which is ad-free. The ad-load is described as the shortest in the streaming market, with no advertising interrupting HBO’s original content, and is advertised as four minutes or less for each pick (source). This option becomes available in June of 2021. All premium plan material is accessible, with the added benefit of receiving blockbuster movies streaming the day they are released. A new film is released every month that is only accessible in cinemas or to HBO Max ad-free subscribers. 4K Ultra HD is used to display movies and television programs. You may also download content to watch on your computer or mobile device.

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One of the main reasons to switch to the ad-free plan is to watch movies when they are released. The movies are eventually added to the ad plan, but the option to see them for free as part of a regular subscription is an enormous appeal.

Annual plans save you more money, with a total cost of roughly 16 percent less. Customers save $20 per year on the ad package, costing $99.99 per year. Ad-free subscriptions cost $149.99 per year, saving you $30.

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