Orbi login Network Not showing on Computer. How To Fix It?

It’s often a hassling moment when your WiFi network is not exposed on a laptop or computer. Over the past few years, many users have encountered the ‘WiFi connection drop’ error, but alas there’s nobody solution to troubleshoot this. In most of the cases, it’s thanks to changes within the operating system’s configuration or the orbi login router’s settings, but the rationale might not always be so evident. This means you’ve got to undertake alternative ways to seek out the proper fix. Here are some tested fixes which will assist you to unravel the WiFi network connection not exposure .

Start with your Orbi login

Are you facing WiFi dropping connections constantly on your computer? Then to identify the problem, try to connect your smartphone to your home WiFi orbi. If the Internet works fine on your smartphone, then the problem lies with your computer and it’s wireless network adapter.

On the other hand, if the Internet drops on the smartphone too, then the problem is most likely with your home WiFi orbi router or from the ISP end. The easy way to fix the orbi router is to REBOOT it. It might sound a little bit silly but the reboot clears the caches and fixes of the related WiFi network and operating system problems. If you have a separate modem and orbi router, reboot both.

The issue with the Internet Connection

Sometimes, the WiFi connected but you still face Internet error maybe with the Internet connection and not with any computer or smartphone. It could be due to broken Ethernet cables, ISPs, or just orbi configuration settings have been changed. That’s important to know if the issue lies from your ISP’s end. For this, check the ‘Internet’ light on the orbi is working. Also, ensure there’s nothing common, such as the continuous blinking of LEDs.

Problem with your Laptop device

When other smart devices are able to connect the Internet via your wireless network, the issue is with your computer or regularly used WiFi device only. Firstly, try to reboot your computer and see if reboot fixes the issue. As with the home orbi and the wireless network often get fixed itself via a simple REBOOT.

If that doesn’t fix your wireless network drop issue, follow the below-mentioned handy steps:

  • Right-click on the network icon present at the bottom right-hand corner of your taskbar.
  • Hit on the Troubleshoot problems.
  • Your computer’s windows will automatically attempt to diagnose the issue and will try to solve it for you.
  • If Windows is unable to solve your issue, it will in some situations tell you about the problem.
  • You can search online for a fix to solve this problem.

IP Address Conflict Error

IP address conflict happens when more than two devices are assigned on the same IP address via the orbi router. When this happens, both the devices fail to connect to the local network. Though it’s rare, orbi router login IP conflicts with other connected devices because of the following reasons: One device is assigned a static IP address and the same IP address is assigned by DHCP server on another device on the same local network. When you have multiple orbi routers connected to the same home network. We hope that now you understand well the reasons behind the continuous WiFi connection drops. If still, you have a few queries, get in touch with us via comments.



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