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Organic Living 101: Understanding the Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Curtains


For so many years, you’ve been using PVC (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) curtains at home, especially in the bathroom. Or if you’ve ever tried purchasing a new one, you’ll probably know the overwhelming plastic-y scent that strikes your nostrils the moment you take it out from its bag. 

Have you ever stopped for one second to think about what that smell could be? 

FYI, that smell is released by the chemical toxins found in the manufacturing component of PVC-type curtains. 

Several studies have argued that these toxic chemicals — including high concentrations of toluene, ethylbenzene, phenol methyl isobutyl ketone, xylene, acetophenone, and cumene — have been linked to serious health issues and are actively causing hazardous effects to the environment.  

Good thing, a lot of people are focusing on going green nowadays by supporting an energy-efficient way of living and opting for eco-friendly products. These people know that going green can save not only the environment but also their health. All these things people know but one thing that they may not pay much heed to is their curtains. 

Honestly, do you always check the curtain labels every time you purchase a new one? If you don’t, you better start getting a little curious about what exactly makes up these curtains; otherwise, you might be abusing both your health and the environment without you knowing. Eco-friendly curtains are now readily available in the market and are made of different sustainable materials such as organic cotton, polyester, nylon, birch, bamboo, linen, hemp, and beeswax. 

Read on to see the benefits you gain from using eco-friendly curtains

You preserve a greener planet. 

Unlike those curtains made of synthetic materials, eco-friendly curtains are 100% recyclable. By ditching curtains that are made from harmful synthetic fibers and switching to their eco-friendly counterparts, you are saving the planet from the risks of pollution, global warming, and other major calamities brought about by the emission of harmful petrochemicals and gases. Who do you think will be saved by protecting the Earth? You.  

They provide a healthier option. 

The hazardous substances found in synthetic and vinyl curtains have something to do with health conditions such as reproductive problems, allergies, and even autism. Eco-friendly curtains, on the other hand, are providing a healthier option for you and the whole family, especially when you have children and infants at home. These curtains ate hazard-free and hypoallergenic, which helps avoid allergies that often lead to respiratory conditions, rashes, and other chemical sensitivities.       

They are durable.

Organic curtains have proven to stand the test of time better than the other options. These are fabrics that absorb moisture but do not give a wet impression. Thus, they get stronger and more beautiful even after every wash.  

You support sustainable agriculture growth. 

Supporting eco-friendly products does not only benefit the planet and its people, but green living also contributes to the growth of sustainable agriculture, which serves as a common source of income for millions of farmers around the world. 

People need to avoid using white synthetic curtains as the color is indicating that there is a great amount of used bleach in the making to achieve the color effect. The same goes for colored synthetic curtains that probably use artificial and hazardous dyes. Thanks to the farmers who are cultivating color-grown pieces of cotton should the market demand for curtains with organic coloring formula. This only shows the importance of sustainable agriculture in the aspect of home living. The best and only way to support them is when you choose eco-friendly products over synthetic ones.      

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