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Paid antivirus OR free antivirus: How to choose?


Cheap and Best Antivirus Software can be divided into two broad areas: generally known as premium or paid applications.


In this article, we will look at which of these two options is the best for you and we will see several key factors that will help you decide.


The first and most obvious consideration is your budget. If you’re really on a tight budget when it comes to your PC and the software that runs on it, a free alternative is obviously a tempting option.


You should be careful with the free software that you download and install. Don’t get an app from a company you’ve never heard of, or just an old antivirus – be sure to choose software from a known vendor. Some antivirus developers offer their premium products with long-term contracts at a very affordable monthly price. These applications give you many more functions, as we will explain below. So the overall value proposition is really pretty solid, at least for some products like the ones that top our list of highest-paid antivirus. See how well some of the top names in business have done their premium deals.


With free antivirus protection, you only get a range of basic functions. These applications can only contain the main antivirus engine and may have additional defenses. However, for obvious reasons, vendors reserve all the heavier features for their paid products.


With premium versions, you often get great additions, such as additional levels of protection against ransomware or web protection with anti-phishing technology or possibly a bespoke secure browser. With these online protecting features, you are even more secure.


Since parental controls and similar social media monitoring tools are generally only included in paid security apps, family members may want to pay for such features to keep kids safe while online. .


Advertising is another important topic. Free products are usually ads. There’s nothing like that with a paid antivirus app. Another point of view could be with a free antivirus. Simple messages indicating that you are upgrading to the premium version. It won’t take long to remove the ads.


Another key difference between paid and free products is that you get a complete technical support package with premium antivirus. This often means 24/7 support so you can speak to human agents.


Some security companies even offer additional benefits like Norton’s antivirus promise. If a paying user’s system is infected with malware, one of the company’s experts is guaranteed to remove it. If technical support cannot resolve the situation, the customer’s subscription cost will be refunded.


Of course, free antivirus protection gives you no guarantee, and support is generally limited to simple FAQs or forums where users can try to help each other with varying degrees of success.


Paid antivirus versus free antivirus: what should you get?


It depends on your exact needs. In general, it is improved by paid antivirus programs due to additional features, many of which are very useful, especially for newbies, as well as better support and the absence of annoying ads.


However, a free app is an absolutely viable option for solid protection of your PC’s core. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going this route for those who want to save money and can be more confident in avoiding online dangers.

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