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Pairing Date Night Dresses with Delicious Dinners

Date Night Dresses

Wearing stylish outfits is a part of the excitement of going out on dates. The other exciting part? Eating, of course. Sure, there are dates you could go on that don’t involve a meal, but what’s the fun in that? Enjoying a meal with a new crush, a high school sweetheart, or a long-time partner welcomes all those memorable moments. They’re the moments that are awkward and romantic, comfortable and easy, funny and engaging. Basically, it’s all the stuff that makes finding the perfect date night dresses worthwhile.

Now, are you starting to see why date night dinners are so important? They’re a part of the date experience—just like your stunning outfit. If you want to make things really engaging, try pairing the style of your dress with your dinner. Because why not?

Italian Restaurant Favorites to Pair with Dresses

Italian restaurants are a go-to spot for dates: first dates, third dates, fiftieth dates—you name it. They can be quaint little spots in the city, a homey setting for families, or luxurious places you’re just able to visit from time to time. In all of those situations, a dress is totally appropriate. Here are some dishes, dresses, and details to marinate over if you’re heading to an Italian restaurant:

Savory Risotto

Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish. It is enhanced by the delicate balance of flavorful spices and ingredients like saffron, vegetables, and lemon. For this dish, elegant high necklines make a pretty picture. Think of vintage-inspired looks with lots of ruffles, mock-necks, and basic colors and patterns like a black dress with teeny-tiny floral details.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

An Italian-American restaurant is likely the kind of place you’ll visit if spaghetti and meatballs are on your mind. This dish can get a bit messy if you’re not careful. If you’re determined to order it, wear something that could handle stray tomato sauce well. A simple, tiered red dress with a rounded neckline and ruffle sleeves looks sweet and stylish, just like you. Yet, it still has a bit of an edge (also like you). The color and folds of the dress could easily hide stray sauce drops if need be.

Garlic Knots and Marinara

Garlic knots are not usually the whole meal, but they are a delicious, inexpensive date food. If you want to go with something more traditional, you might order bruschetta. For the garlic knot, simplicity is key. The same could be said for any look you wear while enjoying these small dishes or appetizers: Keep things simple. An ideal outfit is something like a tiered white dress with spaghetti straps and a black polka dot pattern. It’s perfect for stopping in at New York-style pizza joints and traditional Italian restaurants.

At-Home Indulgences for the Chic Stay-In Dress

Going out for a date night isn’t always on the schedule. You might opt for a fancy dinner at home instead, or even a simple study date with your crush and a side of takeout. Either way, you can’t go wrong wearing date night dresses for these dinner dates.

Seared Scallops

Seared scallops might be a special treat for longtime partners or college sweethearts with a working kitchen and a high-quality searing pan. In any case, it’ll give you an idea of dressier, at-home outfits. For a romantic evening at home, choose an on-trend look with a tasteful kind of flashiness. A unique pattern such as florals flecked with stunning gold foil should do the trick. Obviously, that’s just an example, but definitely keep your eyes peeled for that piece.

Steak From the Grill

A grilled steak is a simple meal anyone can make at home. It’s not fancy, it’s not difficult, and it doesn’t require any sort of over-the-top attire. A simple romper is a fantastic alternative to a dress in this instance. You can be in charge of the grill or take a back seat and prepare a side or dessert. With a romper that features a fun print (leopard perhaps? Meow), you can feel prepared to move around and take an active part in a fun date night.

Chinese Takeout

There will definitely come a time when the only thing sounding good is a takeout order. Chinese is a classic choice, but you can also consider ordering Thai food, Vietnamese food, or chicken wings. There are so many options—just like the dresses you can pull out of your closet for this date night. This date is definitely laid back. It might involve studying, a movie marathon, or kicking back after a long day. Put on something easy to move in and easy to relax in, like a sweatshirt dress or a button-up collared dress. It’s not that fancy, but it’s still pretty darn stylish and smart.

Quirky Dishes That Match Fun Date Night Dresses

If you’re not going to a traditional dinner date spot or staying in, you must be doing something more creative. You could be trying a new restaurant or heading out of town for a food excursion. Alternatively, you could just share a dish with your date—one you normally wouldn’t order on your own. In this case, don’t be afraid to get a little funky-fresh with your date night dresses, either.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is gaining serious popularity in freezer aisles, but have you ever ordered it from an Indian restaurant? It’s a game-changer, but so are the dresses you could wear when you eat it. Vibe with your surroundings and wear something to make it an experience. Opt for bright and bold patterns for any wayward drops of food that can come from enthusiastic eating. Think of your dresses with big florals and other fun details.

Flavorful Restaurant Paella

Paella is a big dish with lots of flavor. It’s definitely something meant to be split. You may be happy to share it along with sharing how amazing you look in your clothes. You can get paella from various restaurants, and sometimes even markets on the weekend. Wear a dressed-up romper to keep things fun without looking too casual. Ruffles, florals, and other details are well-advised and much appreciated on this variation of date night dresses.

Spicy Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville hot chicken is an adventurous date night food that could leave you in tears. Maybe from laughter or discomfort, but it definitely won’t be because of your dress. While Nashville hot chicken could definitely get messy, it’s mostly going to stay on your hands and over the table. Don’t fret about getting anything on your outfit—draw attention to it. A ruched bust, half-sleeves, tiered skirt, and ruffled hem on a hunter green dress gives off a sweet Southern vibe. Pair this dress with a pair of brown boots and go literally anywhere serving Nashville hot chicken. You’ll look like the belle of the fried chicken ball.

It’s probably important to plan your outfits around dinners like spaghetti and meatballs or Nashville hot chicken. If you’re eating anything that has the potential to make a bit of a mess, obviously, don’t wear white. While these aren’t necessarily fashion rules, they can certainly help you dress to impress your date. With a faultless collection of date night dresses, you should feel totally equipped to handle any dinner date. You designed that closet to help you feel good in your clothes and excited about them, right? So, that means you should feel excited any time you get to create memories in your outfits. It’s especially true when the occasion involves a delicious and memorable meal.

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