Participating In A Tradeshow?


Tradeshow activities are held each year, allowing businesses to compete with their competitors, highlight their unique business objectives, and earn a name for themselves. Not restricted to any groups, industries from all corners of the business participate in creating attention, awareness, and interest among their potential and existing customers.

If you are an owner of a small business, participating in a tradeshow can open a wealth of opportunities for your business if you execute things correctly. It becomes especially challenging for some businesses that are still in the planning phase because they are not ready to present themselves in the market, but are merely participating in observing and creating opportunities for their relevant audience.

But if you are running a full-fledged business, and need a little boost in terms of revenue and profits, you first need to review the tradeshow you are participating in or planning to participate. If things demand you to contact the organizers to have an overview of the type of audience you will be facing, things will get convenient, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

If this is your first time, follow these interesting tips to make it worthwhile your business, and create visibility effectively.

  1. Your display booth/table needs to create attention

If your display table does not have a table cloth, or anything fancy, come up with creative ideas to make it visually appealing for your audience to see. When creating an attractive booth for your audience, make sure that you are following the right color schemes according to your business.

Make sure to include standees with your business logo, banners, etc. to create maximum brand visibility for your participants to see. You can also create attention by wearing branded uniforms with your logo or handing out custom tradeshow promotional giveaways like pens, mugs, keychains, water bottles, etc.

If the organizers give you something to decorate your business booth, make it exciting and happening so that the passerby’s and prospects notice your products and services.

  1. Use digital media for marketing your business

In some of the tradeshow exhibitions that I have attended over the past few years, a lot of companies adopt a digital strategy to market and advertise their business. Alongside handing out printed mediums of your business, highlighting its goals and objectives, you can run an interactive video of your business, highlighting the significant factors of your business.

Create a short video about your business, make it exciting and appealing for the audience to see. Keep it short and sweet so that you get maximum attention in a short period. You can also display your video on television that you can easily keep at your booth that will improve engagement and communication with your audience.

  1. Arrange your promotional booth intelligently

When participating in a tradeshow, try arranging your booth or table in levels. Place your promotional products correctly to draw attention from the audience. At your booth, place smaller items on the front, and larger items on the back. Keep things simple but creative.

For instance, if you are handing out giveaways like pens, mugs, and bottles, etc. you can arrange them in orderly fashion and handout to everyone visiting your booth for interaction and knowledge. If you think your prospects need something extra, you can always hand out promotional apparel like T-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, etc.

  1. Use the power of social media

In this modern era, if you are not using social media to create brand awareness, then you are missing out on a large market that follows social media for promotions. If your business does not have an official page, create one immediately and let your audience know that you are participating in a tradeshow, and you can always interact with them if they need information about anything.

To keep things on a personal level, try multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to communicate with your audience. If you don’t know about a solid social media strategy, create one today and get interesting leads.

  1. Food goodies are unorthodox but work like a charm

When participating in a tradeshow, get creative and offer something unique that your participants will remember for a long time. Have you tried handing out food-based goodies? If not, then give this strategy a try.

If you can package the food with your business logo, you will not just be creating brand visibility, but your audience will remember your business for a long time. Package the food in such a manner that it has your company details like your business logo, contact information, email address, etc.

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