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Perfume companies target apt niches with custom rigid boxes

The perfume brands and companies are now ordering custom rigid boxes to win the hearts of their customers. It helps them stay on top of their minds. Gone are the days when perfume manufacturers and brands only focused on color tones as prominent packaging details. The correct color tone and accents, which match the scent of perfumes appeal more to the customers. But this concept in custom perfume packaging is overdone in the industry and is now is losing its charm. 

Impact of custom perfume packaging 

Many marketers refer to custom perfume packaging as the ‘silent salesman’.  The adequately packaged perfumes in custom perfume boxes can convince the buyers to make an impulsive purchase. Customers can gauge the quality of packaging and bottle placed inside, to evaluate the value of a respective brand and its products. There are many customers, who remain loyal to a respective perfume brand only because they like its packaging style. The custom perfume boxes provide maximum security to the bottles placed inside. They make the product appear attractive to entice the customers. Let us explore some emerging trends in custom perfume packaging. There are countless styles in custom perfume boxes that a perfume brand can select. 

The use of custom rigid boxes  

Sometimes the perfume brands do not want to offer just their products. They want their customers to benefit from the brand experience that their packaging holds inside. For such packaging, they make use of the best quality cardboard stocks, which are sturdy. Unique layouts are designed with improvised styles and further enhanced with modern printing techniques and add-ons like magnetic closure boxes. For a classy appeal, ribbons, buttons and stickers are used according to the themes. All this sums up to provide a memorable unboxing experience to customers, which they remember for a long time. Custom rigid packaging strengthens the bond between a customer and a brand. 

1. The use of eco-friendly stocks 

Many brands and companies are coming forward as environment-friendly organizations. They are opting for processes and solutions that are not harmful to the planet and its inhabitants. These companies realize that after a certain time, packaging ends up littering our planet. To reduce litter, they get their custom perfume boxes manufactured from biodegradable stocks, which are cost-effective and sturdy. Using eco-friendly stocks helps the perfume brands in generating more sales. These brands are also able to expand their customer base by adding green consumers to it. 

2. Creative use of print designs  

The custom perfume boxes of all types currently use the most modern techniques in offset printing to splash classic accents on the cardboard boxes. Because of this, custom perfume packaging is now being stylized based on creative geometric patterns with sharp angles and in eye-candy colors. The high-end perfume brands are customizing perfume boxes in fine arts styles. The inspiration for such designs is taken from renowned paintings etc. Using print design in creative ways, they can create masterpieces in custom perfume packaging. 

3. Proper brand placement on custom perfume packaging 

Developing impressive packaging for perfume brands is a fusion of science and creativity, which expert packaging companies like ClipnBox master. These companies make sure that their customers select the appropriate typography styles that are easy to read even from a distance.  With a surge in online sales, companies are fighting to build strong brand identities with their customers more than ever. These companies make sure that custom perfume boxes become the focal point of the packaging designs concentrating on the branding identity elements instead of elaborate designs. Other information like warnings, ingredients, etc. must also be placed strategically on these boxes. The key to winning in the retail industry in current times is by providing useful, eco-friendly and attractive packaging to customers. It will make them recall the brand every time they look at it.

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