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Piano playing in your NYC apartment: 5 soundproofing tips

Are you playing the piano? It is a beautiful instrument, but if you are living in an apartment, you must respect your neighbors and their peace. NYC is a loud city, of course, and additional noise from your piano is not always a good thing. Piano playing in your NYC apartment is relaxing for you, but there are some rules you must follow. Did you perhaps consider buying a digital piano? Or you are not a fan of this type of piano? In case you don’t have a digital piano, you need soundproofing.

Moving to the piano to a new apartment in NYC

If you are moving to a new place, you should know that moving the piano is not recommended to do by yourself. They are big and heavy, so they need to be handled by professionals. Hence, if you decide to change the address, research moving companies that are specialized in moving a piano in NYC. Experts have all the right equipment, knowledge, and experience with those specialized relocations. Your instrument is too valuable to take a risk.

A girl listening to a piece of music.
If you enjoy playing and listening to music, keep in mind not to interrupt your neighbors and not to hear noise from the outside.

Besides moving a piano, you will move other household items too. To keep your home and belongings safe while moving, moving professionals may also help you. Organize your relocation like a pro and start a new life in NYC in a new apartment. People in NYC are moving often, and there are many different moving companies, but you should choose a reliable and reputable one.

Tips for piano playing in your NYC apartment

If you have moved to NYC, now it is time to enjoy and relax. What is more relaxing than a sound of a piano? If you are an artist, then, nothing. Probably, you cannot wait to sit and play your favorite instrument, but keep in mind that you have neighbors, and you are not alone in that building or apartment complex. Don’t disturb them and the first thing you should do before piano playing in your NYC apartment is to apply some of the soundproofing methods.

You may also ask other people for advice. Piano movers may help you with some tips. Search movers on and also look for home designers if you don’t know how to organize your new apartment after moving.

Piano moving.
Make sure to transport your piano safely to a new apartment in NYC.

Look for some tips and tricks on how to make your apartment soundproof. These are some of the options to try.

#1 Fill your NYC apartment with fabric

Empty space will make more noise, keep that in mind. You may prefer metal or wood, but these materials amplify sound, so it is not recommended for piano playing. Fabrics, for example, act as soundproofing materials. They are not maybe stylish, but they are very helpful. Carpets and curtains are another great fabric that will muffle the sound, so avoid wooden floors. Instead of that, add carpets. Also, add furniture that has fabrics, such as sofas.

#2 Soundproof the windows

NYC is always crowded with people and traffic, this is why you need to pay attention to windows.

  • Utilizing soundproofing window inserts is the most effective way to reduce the noise from the outside. They are installed in the window frame five inches in front of the interior face of your existing window, so you do not have to change the entire window. Laminated glass is one of the best options to consider in this case.
  • Replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows if you experience moderate outdoor noise, which you do, by living in NYC.
  • Seal gaps along windows with acoustic caulk and piano playing in your NYC apartment will be better because small gaps between a window frame and an interior wall can let outdoor noise into your apartment.

#3 Reinforce doors

Noise can sneak into your homes through doors and gaps between walls and doors. Installing a solidly sealed wooden glass door may be a good option for you as a pianist. Those doors will provide a sense of openness and usher in a great deal of natural light too, it may be a decoration, not only a soundproof effect.

Piano playing in your NYC apartment after placing it.
Place a piano in your apartment and furnish it properly.

#4 Build natural barriers

Plants can also absorb some noise and sound waves. They are good natural noise barriers and at the same time, plants will make your NYC apartment prettier.

#5 Add soundproof wallpapers

Soundproof wallpapers can absorb the noise and your neighbors won’t hear the piano. Wallpapers can be decorative too and you can organize an art exhibition in your NYC apartment. Also, wallpaper is coming back into style and you can buy them in different colors and prints. Your apartment will look stylish and be soundproof at the same time.


Of course, these are some of the options you have – 5 simple tips for piano playing in your NYC apartment without disturbing other people. If you are planning to play the piano all the time and very loud, then you need a professional to help you out with those walls. Also, keep in mind that the streets in NYC are loud and that noise can get on your nerves. Even if you are alone in the building or your neighbors do not mind that you are playing, you need to protect yourself from the outside noise. This is why soundproofing is so important in New York City.

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