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Pipe Bursts: A Plumbing Emergency

Maintaining a house is not that easy as it may sound. You may face emergencies when it is least expected. Pipe burst is one such problem that needs an instant solution. You might have wondered why pipes burst. Well, you must have noticed that pipes usually burst in the winter season. Why so? That is because the water inside the pipes starts expanding as it gets close to its freezing point. This causes a sudden increase in pressure inside the pipe. When pressure increases beyond the holding capacity of the pipe, it gets ruptured.

It is a plumbing emergency that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If not handled well a plumbing emergency can cause a whirlpool inside your house. Therefore it is always recommended to take care of it right away without wasting a single second.

What to do before the arrival of Birchgrove plumbing service?

There are certain things you should keep in your mind before some expert plumber reaches your residence. Remember you can’t ignore your plumbing emergency. It may flood your house and waste tons of water. Here is a list you should do until help arrives.

Turn off the water valve

To save your home from water damage you should turn off the source of the water, quickly. You can find the main valve under the kitchen sink or your basement. However, it is always good to have a proper idea of your house before any such mishaps.

Empty the pipes

You are advised to drain all the remaining water from the pipes after you turn off the main valve. You can drain them by flushing your toilets. This step is very important in order to stop any leakage from the pipe. A leaky pipe keeps on deteriorating your property and can hit you hard in terms of pocket.

Turn off the main electric supply

Although it depends on where the leakage has happened, it is always good to take caution to avoid short circuits in your house. You never know, leaky water may come in contact with electrical outlets. You must be aware of how unprecedented a contact of water and electricity can be. Due to the fact that water is a good conductor of electricity, it may bring your house on to the thunder and trigger fire.

Try to find which pipe has burst

It is very important to find the area of the leak. Large pipes are easy to locate, but you find it difficult to locate a burst in smaller pipes. Try to see if there are any signs of water in the ceiling or wall. However, you don’t need to worry if you are not able to locate the site. Plumber Birchgrove will find a way for that as well.

Remove all the important items from the site of the leakage

Water can be a very damaging force for your goods. Therefore it is one of the necessary steps to empty the area of the incident as soon as possible. If water has already destroyed some of them don’t forget to take their pictures to claim insurance. Important documents should be on your priority list to get removed.

Clean-up the water damage

Water spoils everything that comes in its way, you are advised to wipe away all the water as soon as you see it anywhere. You must know water can trigger the growth of molds. To prevent this make sure you have not left moisture anywhere. Switch on fans to dry every wet area. Remember you may need help from professional cleaners, they use heavy-duty fans and commercial vacuum cleaners to dry your wet carpets and other items.

Why should you call emergency plumbing service for a pipe burst?

Pipe bursts can be disastrous, if not fixed in time they may cause heavy loss to your assets. If you want to save your house from becoming a swimming pool you should call expert plumbing services like ours. Not doing so can damage your walls, painting, wooden objects like furniture, and other decor items. Surely, you will not want to destroy your residence like this.

Some advantages of emergency plumbing services

When you are facing some plumbing emergency like a pipe burst, you should call upon the experts to fix it. A plumbing company like Birchgrove plumbing service can help you to tackle haphazard before it causes any serious damage to your property. We don’t only control the emergency but we also make sure you never have to come across such plumbing emergencies in the future.

Our service providers replace all the old and rusted parts of your pipes with upgraded ones to avoid any future accidents. So in that way you get peace of mind with having fewer chances for pipe bursts.

How can you prevent pipe burst incidents?

A pipe burst can happen due to various reasons especially in the winter season. So it is important to take extra caution during winters to avoid pipe burst. Your preventive measures can include; replacing old rusted pipes. Yes! Old pipes are very prone to get damaged by pressure. Obviously! You can not look at the pipes and plumbs that are inside the walls. For that, you need to focus on the maintenance of pipes by plumbing experts. In addition to that keep an eye over the walls and ceilings to check if there is any leak or watermarks. If you see those signs you need to call Birchgrove plumbing services immediately before it is too late.

Well, those tricks are not enough to save your pipes from getting burst. You need a regular inspection of your water pipelines regularly by professional companies like ours. In this process, we ensure you that your plumbing does not have any issue to be considered.

Regular check-ups by professional plumbers are essential to keep your plumbing up to date. Doing so can eventually reduce the chances of getting trapped in any plumbing emergencies.

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