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what not to do after botox

Precautions: What not to do after botox?

It is completely fine when people complain about having one or the other skin-related issues as it has become the norm of the day. There can be numerous reasons for people being prone to these skin-related worries. It may be due to a stress factor or other such reasons, but not even a single person is immune from skin-related issues. 

Nearly everyone is complaining of wrinkles, migraines, lines, and excessive sweating, but no one knows the alternative for the same. These days if any facial treatment is on the rise, it is none other than the botox injections. Out of all the other treatments, it is the botox only, the most popular one, and is doing exceptionally well in giving people the results they long for. 

People think that merely receiving the botox treatment will give them the skin they long for. But the reality is quite distinct from it. You need to abide by some aftercare instructions given by the physician to get rid of all your skin related worries. 

There are a lot of precautions to take after the botox injections. Let us learn the things you should refrain from after receiving the botox and what not to do after botox

Precautions to take after botox

Due to the reliable and long-lasting results, people love and get the treatment frequently to enhance and improve their appearance over time. But following the treatment also, you should take great care of yourself and never leave everything to merely the esthetician. Let us discern some of the precautions of botox. 

What not to do after botox?

Touching area 

As the botox injection is administered precisely, the physicians often ask the patients to avoid touching the area so that the botox injections do not move to other muscles. It is ordinary to feel some discomfort after the procedure for some time. During this, some people also complain of rubbing or massaging the area but avoid doing that. 

You should remember that any unnecessary movement may not give you desired results, and all your efforts will go in vain. So avoid touching the area as much as you can. 

No careless sleeping 

Following your treatment, you should avoid the horizontal position for about four months as it will give them time for the botox to settle into your body. If you want to have the best treatment results, then sleep on your back for some time until botox gives you the desired results. The first priority of you should be to recover completely from the botox treatment and consequently be careful while sleeping. 

No physical activity 

After the botox treatment, you should not indulge yourself in an active lifestyle, especially strenuous activity. Consequently, no matter what, you should not participate in any such activity. Wait for a couple of days to get back to your old routine, as getting on immediately will cause you unnecessary trouble. 

Facials or other treatments 

Unless you get the desired results from the botox treatment, one should not get other facial treatments in the meanwhile like chemical peels, hydrafacial, PRP, or any other type of facial treatment. Such treatments tend to interfere with the botox treatment if availed in between and will meddle in between your results. 


The painkillers one should take, and one should be based on the recovery after the treatment. There are certain drugs like aspirin which many physicians recommend to avoid for at least 48 hours. Studies have found that these medications cause the blood to thin down and might also cause excessive bleeding. It’s better to consult your physician regarding these types of medicines before taking them. 

Social appearances 

In the wake of excitement for your changed look, people might feel like going out and flaunting their new look. If you are also among them, then wait for a while. At least for two weeks, you should let the treatment absorb into your skin. It will make sure that you flaunt your natural self at events and social appearances. 

Excessive heat

You should avoid going out in the sun for some days and be in the shade of heat like saunas, spas, and hot showers. It may lead to bruises and redness. There are many physicians who recommend you the same as your skin turns sensitive after botox treatment. If there is some urgency, you can step outside of your home by applying sunscreen to your face. 

No make up 

Imagine getting the botox treatment and wearing makeup right after it. How it seems? You will no longer identify the botox’s results as they will get hidden under the layer of makeup products such as lotions, creams, and other things. That’s why physicians ask you to avoid wearing makeup for a while and let botox do its work. 

Avoid consuming alcohol 

The next major thing to avoid after having botox is alcohol. Some people are habitual of consuming alcohol and cannot stay a day without it. If you also belong to the same category, then we must say that you will have a tough time. But it is only a matter of a few days only afterward; you will be free to have it. The physicians also ask you to avoid it because it leads to bruises, redness, swelling, and other similar side effects. 

Leave the area alone. 

Some people keep bothering the area repeatedly, but they hardly know that doing this way, they are running their damn selves. To have the full worth of the money spent, it is best to leave the treated area alone and undisturbed for a while until the botox absorbs into your skin and gives you your dream skin. Consequently, do not bother the treated area and let it rest. 

Botox’s side effects 

Along with the aftercare instructions, a patient must also know its side effects in advance, only to create chaos later. Let us unfold its side effects. 

Pain and swelling

As the botox uses the injections, there is bound to be some pain and swelling afterward. No matter how effective and safe the treatment is, there will be certain side effects that you cannot escape. Likewise, some people complain of feeling some pain and swelling surrounding the treated area. 


Another side effect of botox is bruises. When you don’t abide by the aftercare instructions and have alcohol, step out in the sun, and indulge in a workout, there is a high risk of getting bruises all over the body and over the treated area. But no worries, as it will subside on its own, and there is no need for you to bother the physician for the same. 

Along with pain, swelling, bruises, there are side effects such as crooked smiles, dryness around the eyes, weakness in the muscle, and many more. But you can escape all these side effects by being careful in abiding by the aftercare instructions. Abiding these will also make room for long-lasting and excellent results. 


Everyone must have high knowledge of what not to do after botox by now. Abiding by all the instructions will help you to flaunt your new and healthy-looking skin in public. Avail of your botox session now and fix your skin issues in numerous sessions only. 

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