Preserving Artistic Legacy: What is the Mission of the Gerald Coarding Foundation?


Gerald Coarding was a talented American expressionist artist who lived and worked in the 20th century. He was born in a small town in the eastern United States and displayed an inclination towards art from a very young age. The rapid development of his artistic talent led Coarding to dedicate his life to painting.

Gerald Coarding’s paintings are characterized by vibrant and emotional motifs that convey the artist’s inner world. Using a rich color spectrum, he created numerous unforgettable images, where emotions, various moods, and expressions intertwine. The artist predominantly worked with oil paints, employing a multilayered approach to create depth and relief in his works. The themes of Coarding’s paintings are diverse, ranging from portraits and landscapes to abstract compositions. Some of his most renowned works include:

  • «Waves of Emotions» – An abstract composition distinguished by a striking interplay of colors and forms, conveying the states of the human soul.
  • «Laughter and Tears» – A vibrant portrait depicting contrasting emotions within a person.
  • «Emotional Outburst» – A vivid painting with expressive color splashes, reflecting the artist’s inner turbulence and emotional outbursts.
  • «Gloomy Melody» – This painting showcases the melancholic mood of the artist, emphasizing his connection with the music of his emotions.
  • «Last Rays» – This artwork captures the unique beauty of the end of the day, exuding a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Throughout his life, the artist’s works received high praise from critics and captivated audiences during numerous exhibitions. However, outside the United States, the art of Gerald Coarding remains relatively unknown. To rectify this situation and bring his talent to the forefront, the Gerald Coarding Foundation was established.

The Mission of the Gerald Coarding Foundation

Through its endeavors, the foundation aims to make Gerald Coarding’s name more widely recognized and acknowledged in the world of art. The organization endeavors to preserve the artist’s creative legacy and shed light on his contributions to contemporary art.

One of the key objectives of the foundation is to provide support to owners of Gerald Coarding’s paintings and potential buyers who seek to ascertain the authenticity of the artworks. The foundation’s specialists conduct professional and objective assessments of the artist’s canvases, employing cutting-edge technologies and scientific research methods. Their analyses encompass aspects such as brushstroke style, sfumato, signatures, pigment use, artistic style, and other characteristics that are crucial in determining the authenticity of art pieces.


In addition to authenticating paintings, the Gerald Coarding Foundation strives to gather and disseminate information about the artist’s life and creative journey. To achieve this, the foundation organizes various events and encourages the public to contribute their suggestions and wishes through a dedicated form on the official website.

By fulfilling its mission, the Gerald Coarding Foundation hopes to preserve the artistic heritage of Gerald Coarding, promote art appreciation, and foster trust in the world of art among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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