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Computers and Technology

Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module | A Complete Guide

Hyperlocal marketplace or on-demand delivery model. The model guarantees the product or services conveyed to the customers in a more limited range of time. The Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model aids the end-users to assign their everyday tasks all the more helpfully. On-demand delivery brings an entryway of chance for limited-scope retailers and merchants.

Driving hyperlocal brands like Uber and Fiverr and numerous others have developed lately. Furthermore, now they catch an enormous section of the market. Recently, “on-demand near me” marketplace delivery has scaled. Moreover, now it even appears in changed verticals like a drug store, booking, and cab services.

If you are anticipating making your own personal hyperlocal delivery business model, you ought to understand the various parts of the hyperlocal delivery business model. This blog talks about things and aspects of the Hyperlocal Service Marketplace that you should know.

What is a Hyperlocal multi-vendor marketplace?

Hyperlocal refers to focusing on a targeted community or geological region.

The hyperlocal model chips away at two essential elements –

  • Topography
  • Time

More limited delivery time and more broadly focused on topography are the signs of any effective hyperlocal model.

We need more nearby sellers to focus on an enormous number of districts guaranteeing fast delivery. Like some other eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace, the on-demand close to me delivery model allows sellers to sell products through a similar online store.

In the hyperlocal marketplace, particular sellers can just sell in focused zones. Sellers earn by selling their products or offering services, and store proprietors or partners earn through commissions.

Hyperlocal or close to me delivery model requires the fastest conceivable delivery with exacting time imperatives. The fastest delivery is just conceivable if neighbourhood vendors supply products or offer services in their close-by-focused districts.

On-demand close to me delivery model is ideal for non-sturdy household staple and dairy products, as they should be conveyed in a more limited range of time. Customers or end-users get products and services from close sellers or experts, ensuring delivery is fast and consumables are new.

How does hyperlocal Marketplace function?

Users can put orders from various channels like a website, mobile app, or call. The hyperlocal marketplace runs on the omnichannel approach conveying a consistent encounter across various channels. The hyperlocal marketplace has a robust constant back-end design. Sellers get orders from customers and ensure orders are satisfied inside exacting time limitations.

The hyperlocal marketplace works in four essential stages –

  1. Mobile app or a website to follow the current area of a user.
  2. A user can put in a request just if the seller acknowledges orders from his recognized area.
  3. The seller receives the notification for any new order they receive.
  4. The delivery kid picks and conveys the products.

What are the various highlights needed for the hyperlocal marketplace?

Store proprietors or partners, sellers, and buyers need an alternate arrangement of highlights depending upon their jobs.

Sellers and store proprietors ought to have the option to add a bunch of focused areas and shipping rates to convey their products.

At whatever point a user attempts to put in another request, his area ought to be naturally followed and the user ought to be offered the labour and products from his close by sellers as it were.

Buyers or purchasers require the following arrangement of on-demand close to me delivery marketplace highlights –

  • Auto-recognition of the user’s present area.
  • Buy products from close by sellers.
  • Personalized search and shopping experience.
  • Support for various modes of online and offline payments.
  • On-demand pickup or delivery.
  • The store admin can view or edit the reviews received by the customers.
  • Continuous order affirmation and delivery following.

Retailers need the following arrangement of express hyperlocal marketplace highlights –

  • The seller can add multiple areas for focused delivery.
  • Custom shipping rates for the various areas.
  • The seller can get continuous order notifications with the customer’s followed current area.
  • Singular seller profile and ratings.
  • Seller’s products ought to just be appeared in focused zones.

Top difficulties for hyperlocal marketplace

When contrasted with customary multi-vendor marketplaces, the hyperlocal marketplace needs a more robust design for the fast-moving interaction with no extent of provisos.

The on-demand close to me hyperlocal marketplaces face the following arrangement of difficulties –

  1. Fast delivery

Conveying consumables in close time imperatives makes a genuine success for any hyperlocal marketplace. On-demand products or services need to have timely delivery, as purchaser’s timetables depend on these things.

  1. Omnichannel Experience

Depending upon the various situations, shoppers regularly use various channels to put orders from neighbourhood vendors through online hyperlocal marketplaces. Little players regularly disregard the significance of ordering through websites and focus on tolerating orders using mobile apps as it were. It prompts expected misfortune.

The mobile-first approach is productive, yet it can not abrogate the requirements of having a responsive website. In the hyperlocal marketplace, customers ought to have the option to put orders from various channels. Various channels ought to be interconnected and offer an omnichannel experience to the users.

  1. Continuous Ordering Architecture

The hyperlocal marketplace delivery is a fast-moving interaction. The ongoing ordering measure is the vital necessity to guarantee everything takes the most limited conceivable time. At the point when a user submits a request, sellers ought to get a constant notification to acknowledge and deal with the order. A user is likewise supposed to get constant notifications for order affirmation and satisfaction.

In hyperlocal on-demand close to me delivery marketplaces, purchasers can follow the constant area of the delivery staff. These constant highlights need an exceptionally versatile and robust fundamental innovation engineering.

Admin Benefits of the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module

Straightforward commissions:

The marketplace is a wellspring of robotized revenue and supporting close-by businesses can be advantageous. The Prestashop Hyperlocal E-commerce Business by Knowband allows the admin to set the commission for every seller. The commission can be one of a kind or comparable depending upon the admin’s choice.

No prerequisite for stocking up a stock

Since it allows multiple sellers and permits them to sell at one platform, the Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace has the usefulness to manage the inventories. Both admin and seller can add or take out products and classes.

A productive business model

It is a flexible business model with the upsides of eCommerce marketplaces. Maybe then a standalone eCommerce shop implies fewer financial risks. A rising customer check goes with creating suppliers, finally achieving an obviously creating business.

Helps increase revenue

Sellers come to hyperlocal marketplaces to sell because it licenses them permission to an enormous customer base. The risk of buyers faltering on products they might at first not want to buy is higher while searching through merchandise on marketplaces.

Thus, this increases the chances of better sales as a wide extent of merchandise are acquainted for them with peruse various vendors.

Knowband Hyperlocal Marketplace

At last,

What’s your opinion on the Prestashop Hyperlocal Service Marketplace? You should investigate the Hyperlocal Marketplace module by Knowband to have a superior understanding. The Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model by Knowband will help you serve the customers better. Thus, you can see an apparent rise in your sales and revenue.

In addition to the Hyperlocal Model Addon, Knowband offers a multi-seller Marketplace module for various platforms including PrestaShop, Magento 2 and OpenCart. In case of any queries or doubt related to the Hyperlocal Multi-Seller Marketplace working or functionality, feel free to contact us at

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