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Pro Tips for Dealing with Drywall Cracks and Other Damages

Do not panic if you find a crack in your drywalls. Just make sure that you are repairing all those cracks on time so that the drywalls don’t fall. The small cracks look normal and we usually ignore them. The reasons for cracks could be many like the cracks may appear while doing the home shifting, while changing the room settings, or while the electrician was working behind the walls and accidently hit something hard on the drywalls.

Instead of spending a lot of money on the crack, look at our guide that will help you fix the cracks easily and as soon as possible so that they do not turn into some big problems.

Drywall repairing tools

Before you start fixing the cracks know that you have the right tools. The ordinary knifes and screw drivers can ruin your drywalls but will never repair them fully. If you are going to repair the cracks on your own you should first know that you have the right tools like:

  • Utility knife
  • 6-inch Taping knife
  • Mud Pan
  • Drywall compound
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Paper drywall tape

If you do not have these tools, instead of touching the cracks on your own, you should better call the Drywall Edmonton professionals. They have the fully equipped team that will repair all the cracks with care and without charging you much.

Steps to repair the cracks

Follow these simple steps if you are going to repair the cracks on your own.

Step 1 – Clean out the cracks

The first thing you need to do and should care about is to clean the cracks first. Here the utility knife will help you out in cutting off any rough edges and to scrape away any loose material from inside the crack. That way the material that we will fill in the crack will set properly.

Step 2 – Apply the compound coats

The drywall compound will be used to fill out the cracks. Put some compound in the mud pan and take a small amount of it on your taping knife and apply the coat of the compound over the crack.

Step 3 – Taping

If the crack is straight then cut the tape as of the length of the crack and place it immediately onto the drywall. If the crack is of irregular pattern, you can cut the small pieces of the tape and then apply on the follow the zigzag pattern to cover the whole crack.

If the crack is very long and has the odd shape that you cannot repair yourself, it is a good idea to call for the professional help of Drywall repair Edmonton.

Step 4 – Push the tape into the compound

Once the tape is set on the crack, push it into the compound and make sure that there aren’t any bubbles left or else the air will stay there forever. Due to the air bubble, your walls will feel a bump too. After setting the tape and pushing it into the compound properly, apply another layer of compound and wait till it dries properly.

Step 5 – Apply another coat

Once the compound over the drywall is all set and dried, apply another layer of compound and blend it with the rest of the wall. Make sure you do not stuff in the massive compound or else it will give an odd look to your drywalls.

Step 6 – Apply a thin coat of compound

This will be the final coat that will be thin and will be just to give the neat look to the walls. After the application of the coat let it set for drying.

Step 7 – Sanding

Once you feel like the crack is evenly filled with the compound sand the patch of the compound with the fine-grit sandpaper until it is smooth. After that repaint the patch with the same color as that of your drywall. After following this final step, you will be done with repairing your drywall cracks.

These are the easy steps to repair the crack but the hardest part is to evenly apply the compound and to let it dry. The single layer of a compound may take a day to dry so the whole process may take from 2 to 3 days. In case the crack is so big that you feel like it won’t be repaired and instead of wasting the money, you can go for installing the new piece, and for that, you may call drywall installation Edmonton for help.

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