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Products available in custom cardboard packaging

Custom cardboard packaging and its different types are the most common and effective for products. As soon as one enters any retail shop or outlet, they see every size, shape, and type of custom cardboard boxes all around them. These boxes are used for packaging various products. Mostly, the first section consists of live bakery items. One can get food items like a freshly made hotdog, assorted donuts, cupcakes, and even sandwiches from here. All these food items are packed in food-grade custom cardboard boxes that offer convenience to the customers. Some boxes even have a window patching feature that helps in minimizing human contact with the food. It allows the customers to look at what they are buying without touching. Custom cardboard packaging is fast-growing popular globally because of the countless benefits to the customer and the businesses that opt for it. 

The most famous layouts used in custom retail packaging are tuck top boxes layout. Custom tuck top boxes are used for packaging different products including devices, assorted chocolates, assorted donuts and medicines, etc.  They have a no-fuss opening and closing mechanism. The visual content of these boxes makes them unique. This visual content is printed using offset commercial printing techniques by the brands and companies investing in retail packaging options. They select the branding and creative themes for these boxes. Add-ons and finishes are also selected to highlight the visual content. Sometimes only a selected part needs to be highlighted. For such cases Spot UV is used on the boxes. To add a glossy finish to the entire surface of the box laminations or UV coating is used. How a product is packaged has a significant impact on how the customers perceive the quality of the products packed inside. 

Packaging is also used by the companies that manufacture bath bombs. They use cardboard boxes for bath bombs that are designed to look attractive. These eye-candy boxes have the power to excite the customers and lure them towards this product. Most times boxes for bath bombs are as mesmerizing as the products inside them. Companies also invest in custom display boxes that allow a separate display for this product. Many shoppers complain of not seeing bath bombs on the shelves. When this started happening, companies realized that smaller products get lost or ignored on the shelves. They started making use of display boxes that are placed near the exit counters. The shoppers can pick the product directly from these boxes. These boxes make the customer feel that a product is more accessible to them. 

Bath bomb companies also make use of these boxes at trade shows and exhibitions. They are sturdy but light-weight and can be carried from one venue to another easily. Even in retails, they can easily be re-stocked. During the holiday season, other companies like those selling candles, make use of custom display candle boxes. But sometimes, their products are prone to get stolen. To counter this risk, companies invest in antitheft custom candle boxes that use interlocking flaps in their layouts which are difficult to open. The packaging company also suggests using odd-shaped packaging for such stock so that shoplifters cannot hide it in their apparel or pockets. The jewelry industry follows the same technique and often uses oddly shapes custom jewelry boxes for their smaller jewelry items. 

Other industries like the cereal industry also make use of custom cardboard packaging. Various brands brand their boxes in their signature themes to make them attractive for their target audiences. Most brands of cereals target the children if their cereals are sugared. Did you know that these cereals are placed at the eye level of the kids on the shelves? The chocolates and other sugared products for kids also follow the same strategy. It helps in reaching their target market directly and boosts sales for the company.

The Egyptians were also known to add gem powder to their lipsticks to add to their colors and make them appear more glamorous. Both men and women in Egypt liked to preen their beauties and wore lipsticks. Custom cardboard packaging is also used by the candle industry to pack their standard to luxury candles in these protective custom candle boxes made from cardboard stocks. Candles are not just used for accessorizing or decorating the space and rooms. They are used in aromatherapy and light-therapy as well. Each of the candles is placed in its custom cardboard packaging developed according to needs. Unlike the olden candles that were made from tallow, these candles are made from natural wax. One won’t have to worry about their candles getting stolen as in the olden days when they were consumed as food during famine.

Retail outlets have a significant role in this evolution as the packaging industry is always churning out options in packaging boxes. More companies and brands are now switching to custom cardboard packaging.

If you are looking for custom retail packaging boxes for your product, consider testing custom packaging options with Clipnbox.

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