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Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques: Everything You Need To Know

In this blog, you will learn about various carpet cleaning techniques used by professionals. Carpet is an expensive investment and also a significant aspect of home décor. Also, it is one of the first materials you buy while constructing a home. Cleaning a crucial component of the interior is also essential. Carpets, on which you constantly touch our feet, carry many germs, both known and unknown to us, such as germs and insects. Due to the particular constant foot contact, carpets contain many germs and viruses that we are unaware of. 

Carpet cleaning is critical for individual health since it can create respiratory issues, asthma, and infections. If it is not done on a regular basis. Cleaning the carpets extends their life and improves their appearance and fragrance. Carpet steam cleaning also has an impact on the quality of the airflow inside your home. There are some carpet cleaning techniques that can help you in taking good care of your home environment.

Main Carpet Cleaning Techniques You should Know

Cleaning a carpet is a very important as well as time-consuming process. You need to invest a lot of time and energy to clean the carpet. Below, you will find some of the main as well as effective carpet cleaning techniques followed by professionals.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning, often known as carpet steam cleaning, employs highly concentrated hot water to stir the carpet fibres and remove impurities. Furthermore, hot water extraction therapy often involves pouring a cleaning solution into the dirty and stained region, spinning the carpet using a brush, and cleaning. After soaking the cleaning solution in the carpeting for a brief duration, the carpet will be “cleaned” by carpet cleaning equipment to effectively remove the cleaning solution before drying in a house or weather controlled environment. Average-sized carpeting of 3500 square feet requires about 2-3 hrs of cleaning and a minimum of 4-5 hours for drying.

Carpet Shampooing

To know carpet shampooing was prevalent till the encapsulation technology became accessible in the 1970s. Although scrubbing carpeting might seem to wash heavily soiled carpeting, the method has drawbacks. Furthermore, keeping a significant number of moist bubble pollutants in the carpets that take a long time to dry causes the carpet to become sloppy when dry because no scrubbing is done post shampooing. Furthermore, the rapid re-soiling of carpets makes them less popular than alternative cleaning procedures. This is among the most often used and effective carpet cleaning techniques. As a result, if you apply this method, you will surely have a great and spotless carpet.


Simulated detergents are employed as a foundation for frothing solubility and, once dried, are in the form of particles. Weak pollutants in the fabric will be stuck in powder as the spilt cleaning foam dries. After cleansing, the foam should be wiped or brushed. When compared to carpet shampooing, the bubble encapsulation cleaning approach has succeeded.

Because it uses less water during the cleaning procedure, the evaporation time is reduced. Those who advocate for the use of ecologically acceptable chemicals have praised foam encapsulating cleaning since it produces minimal contaminants after washing than carpet shampooing. Regardless of the fact that encapsulated cleaning of the carpet is well-known for its effectiveness. You can use all these carpet cleaning techniques to get fantastic results. 

Bonnet carpet cleaning

The method of wiping the highest part of the carpet fibre with industrial-strength powered equipment with a rotating pad. It has been submerged in a cleaning agent to extract dust from the carpeting surface producing excellent ground cleaning results. Bonneting is common in hotels as it provides a fast fix option for cleaning carpets in large common areas that need carpets to be washed. Also, without a lot of wetness and to dry rapidly so that visitors are not facing problems. While bonneting doesn’t really fully scrub a carpet, dust from beneath it quickly rises to the top, causing the carpet to become dirty again.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as complex washing, is a sort of new cleaning way. It has garnered growing acceptance and certification from leading carpet producers due to its ability and lack of drying time. The administration of cleaning solution or powder into the bottom section of the carpet with a motorised opposing spinning brush tool. Also, to reopen the carpet fabric. It enables the solution to set within, leading to a complete deep carpet cleaning outcome, which is the focus of dry carpet cleaning. It also helps in absorbing dust in the carpet and allowing it to be completely eliminated at the end of the cleaning process.

What Are The Problems That Can Be Cleaned By These Methods?

Mould and Fungal Spot Removal

You can use any of the above-given methods to get rid of mould and fungal spots. Out of all of them, steam cleaning and shampooing are very effective in mould and fungal spot removal. Thus, when you want to get rid of mould and fungal spots, do not forget to use these methods. 

Germs And Allergen Removal

Steam cleaning is a favourite method for germs and allergens removal. You can use it in all circumstances that say your carpet has germs and allergens. 

Stains Removal

A variety of stains can harm your carpets and you can use any of the above-given methods to get rid of stains. Even dry cleaning is useful in the removal of superficial stains. Use steam cleaning and shampooing for stubborn stains. 

Odour Removal

Odours are very common when carpets are dirty and stained, you can use steam cleaning and shampooing especially to get rid of bad odours from carpets. Dry cleaning is not very effective in bad odour removal. 

What Else For Your Carpet Protection And Your Family Safety After Cleaning And Drying?

Only cleaning and drying are not enough for your carpet protection and your family’s safety, you can include sanitisation, deodorisation and Scotchgard protection layer for complete care. Though most germs and allergens are killed by cleaning methods, sanitisation will add an extra layer of safety. Similarly, deodorisation helps in attaining a good smell. On the other hand, Scotchgard is a layer of protection that protects the carpet surface from stains and spills and eases the cleaning process in the future. 

Note: You must talk to experts before cleaning if the problem is bigger because you may damage and lose your precious carpets. Also, carpets with old and stubborn stains need cleaning with extra care. You must know the condition of your carpet before starting any step of the cleaning process. 


By now, you must have learnt enough about professional carpet cleaning techniques: Everything you need to know, however, you can not adopt all methods and techniques to take care of your carpets.

All these cleaning ways can only be done safely by a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne company or trained and certified personnel. While consulting a carpet cleaning firm, the specialist should be able to advise you on the finest carpet cleaning process. It will be based on the design of your carpet, the quantity of filth it contains, and the outcome you want. So, before picking a carpet cleaning procedure at random, always speak with a team of professionals. They will help you in choosing the best method. Also, you can book a carpet cleaning team that will do all the processes for you and ensure your carpet protection and your family’s safety.

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