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Program and Curriculum offered by INSEAD MiM

The INSEAD business school has launched a new Master in Management (MiM) program for young graduates with a passion for management but no prior work experience. “The expedited 10-month full-time MiM program will enable the next generation of well-rounded and agile thinking professionals to make a meaningful contribution in society and deliver value in a digital environment,” according to INSEAD. This article provides all of the details of the INSEAD MiM program that you need to know. So, let’s start. 

Do you want to learn more about the INSEAD MiM program?

The INSEAD MiM program is for recent graduates with little or no work experience who are interested in pursuing management education. The program welcomes individuals with a strong interest in management from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds. Candidates should have the following characteristics, according to the MiM admissions team at INSEAD:

  • Academic Achievement (GPA and GMAT/GRE Scores in Undergraduate)
  • Contribution Capacity (Assessed through Interviews and Written Application)
  • Motivation at a Global Level (Adaptability and Flexibility in Multicultural environments)

Facts and Figures from the INSEAD MiM Program

In September 2020, INSEAD welcomed its first cohort of 80 students. The curriculum will last between 14 and 16 months. And, the average age of the class is 22 years old, and the program tuition costs € 47,500. A few more facts about the INSEAD MiM Program are listed here. This curriculum will take 14-16 months to complete which may include 80 people in a single class. The application price is estimated to be around € 180. It is true that 98% of MiM grads seek employment within three months of graduation. 

INSEAD MiM Program – Application Process

Starting with the online application, the INSEAD MiM program application procedure is divided into five steps. The five stages are as follows:

  • Online Application
  • Video Interviews (Recorded)
  • Optional Interview with Admissions representatives or Alumni
  • Admissions committee evaluation
  • Final decision

The entire application process could take up to 7 weeks to complete (from the application deadline). In Stage 1, the application cost of 180 must be paid while submitting the online application. In stage 1, the following documents must be presented with the online application:

  • CV/ resume
  • 2 Recommendation letters
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Motivation Essay
  • GMAT/GRE Score

You will be given a link to record a video interview online once you have completed the online application form. This link will appear in your application’s dashboard as well. You will receive a status email from the admissions officer within a week after your video interview and online application have been assessed.

An optional interview with a representative from the admissions office or alumni may also be necessary. The admissions committee receives all of the application materials, as well as the interview feedback, for review. The final judgment is sent to you through email.

Academics and Curriculum

The MiM curriculum is divided into five academic sessions of eight-week. An exam and a professional development component conclude each academic period. Teaching and career/skill workshops take up 5 weeks of each period’s 8 weeks, with 2 weeks of immersive practical blocks in between.

In these practical blocks, students apply what they learned over the previous five weeks to reinforce principles taught in core courses. In the last year of the program, students can select from a list of up to ten electives. The INSEAD Master of Management program is designed for ambitious, disruptive future leaders who wish to focus on systemic thinking in a complicated context. The core courses of the MiM program are- 

  • Financial Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Valuation
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business & Society
  • Data Science
  • Strategy
  • Macroeconomics
  • Social Psychology

Multiple elective options include 

  • Accounting and Control
  • Decision Science
  • Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics and Political Science
  • Technology and Operations Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategy

 This gives graduates the opportunity to gain job experience and assess the industry in which they’ve chosen to work.

INSEAD MiM – Careers and Salary

There is presently insufficient information on graduates’ career prospects and salaries since the program’s first cohort began in September 2020. Also, If the INSEAD MBA program is any indication, the MiM program should give graduates a strong foundation and a strong start in pursuing their desired careers.

At INSEAD, the career development center works with students at all stages of their employment hunt. And, Career classes, electives, workshops, and one-on-one sessions are some of the ways they interact with students. Throughout the year, the CDC also hosts career treks to different locations.

INSEAD Scholarships

Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship will go the candidates that bring a variety of backgrounds, professional experiences, and personal profiles to the class.

Financial Fellowship

It is for those students who need financial help for their education.

Achievement Scholarship

It concentrates on excellence in academics and individual achievements.

Eiffel Scholarships

This prominent program provides financial assistance to international students chosen by French universities. For the duration of the program, the scholarship will give a €1,181 monthly stipend. Also, Health insurance, a round-trip international ticket, and some cultural events will be there.


Candidates should have some job experience in their countries before applying for this post (Latin America, Central, and Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East). Also, The Scholarship Committee will assess each candidate’s overall quality. One of the most crucial elements of a successful application will be academic achievements. Also, Round 1 and early birds in Round 2 of the Eiffel Scholarship will be open.


Prodigy Loan

It is an International Loan Program that is open to all admitted students. The institution Prodigy Finance was established by three INSEAD MBA alumni who decided to take on this challenge in 2007. Also, Their ground-breaking strategy provides financing to overseas postgraduate students at prestigious business institutions. Alumni and other investors profit from their community platform, while students benefit from access to higher education that they would not otherwise have had.

Brain Capital

All admitted students are eligible to apply for Brain Capital tuition assistance. And, Two MBA graduates from the Class of ’17J brought Brain Capital to INSEAD. They provide a tried-and-true financing option for your study at INSEAD. The two INSEAD MBA students dreamed up a tuition-financing strategy that would allow you to attend INSEAD without going into debt. 

Over the previous ten years, they have assisted more than 5,000 students as a trusted partner with Brain Capital. And Tuition repayments are fully income-dependent, giving students the greatest amount of flexibility in their future job and life choices. Individual career support is also provided to students before and after graduation. It is possible to fund up to the whole cost of education and living expenses.

Sample Essays tips for the INSEAD Master of International Management

What would you say about yourself in a formal introduction?

You might use this as an example of an international encounter that was either educational or recreational (whatever works best for you). And, you can further discuss your explanation by mentioning a specific component of the trip that impacted you, i.e., had an impact on you by causing a shift in your perspective or future actions—including what you learned from this experience. Finally, you might discuss how this influential encounter has influenced your thinking, actions, or understanding.

Tell us what you’ve been up to since graduating from high school and what has influenced your decisions.

Your most important job experience is one that has aided in your development and learning. And, You can describe your event by describing what you did, how you did it, and how you developed and honed your talents while working toward a specific objective or target. Also, You can also mention the beneficial effects that your efforts have had.

Share your short- and long-term career goals with an INSEAD MIM.

Positions of responsibility are essentially situations in which you were in charge of a specific duty. Also, It could be guiding a group in a specific direction or being alone responsible for launching a specific agenda. And, Explain how you directed a team, the measures you followed to ensure the process ran smoothly, and how you overcame the challenges your team experienced. And, In the instance of sole responsibility, you might discuss the approaches you took and how you dealt with the obstacles you faced. Also, Finish your response by stating what you learned and the result of your efforts.

Is there anything more you’d like to share with the Admissions Committee in your application?

Positions of responsibility are simply instances in which you were in charge of a specific duty. It could be guiding a group in a specific direction or being alone responsible for launching a specific agenda. Also, Explain how you directed a team, the measures you followed to ensure the process ran smoothly, and how you overcame the challenges your team experienced. In the instance of sole responsibility, you might discuss the approaches you took and how you dealt with the obstacles you faced as well. Also, End your response by stating what you learned and the result of your efforts.


The INSEAD MIM’s purpose is to cultivate the next generation of well-rounded, agile-thinking, and innovative leaders capable of making a significant impact in today’s society. The INSEAD Master of Management (MIM) program combines an innovative learning method with a problem-solving attitude. Also, The intensive and diversified 14 to 16-month curriculum provides young graduates with a comprehensive set of skills. It will enable them to start a successful career in any field.

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