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Protecting Your Health With a N95 Mask

A N95 mask is a commonly used, shortened name for a N95 particulate-filter respirator, that meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) national standard for protecting worker health from particulates. In general, a N95 mask is worn by people who are exposed to hazardous materials on a regular basis. Some occupations such as construction are exempt from the standard. If you or your loved one has ever worked in such a job, it is important that you and they both wear a N95 mask at all times when in potentially hazardous environments.

A N95 mask also protects against dust, fumes, smoke, fumes from chemicals and acids, and airborne particles such as pollen. It is important that all of these airborne particles are filtered away from your breathing area. The best way to do this is with an air quality (AQ) monitor, available for rent at many businesses. This equipment will assess the quality of your current airflow, as well as record any changes that could be contributing to poor air quality in your work place.

Most N95 respirators are powered by a positive pressure and have a tight seal. These masks are usually worn with a N95 mask bag. Some, however, come with an optional air release valve that allows the flow of fresh air into the workplace, should an emergency situation occur. This is highly advisable, as fresh air can alleviate most negative effects caused by negative pressure.

Features to look for in a N95 mask

Another feature to look for when purchasing a N95 mask is an airtight seal. Masks often feature a wide mouth, like that of a normal mask, but open vents provide an escape route for toxic or harmful airborne particles. If the mask does not feature an airtight seal, then it is likely that the mask will allow airborne particles to pass through it, causing the same effect as breathing in fumes. In fact, some studies have shown that long term exposure to airborne toxins can result in neurological damage, especially in individuals without respiratory problems already.

Depending on the type of job you perform, you will want to select your personal protective equipment (PPE) based on your specific needs. Some examples of PPE include safety goggles, face shields, gloves and a dust/pollen filter mask. A typical dust/pollen filter mask may be worn inside the N95 respirators or may be used as part of a set of personal protective equipment (PPE) worn while at work. There are a number of reasons why employers may mandate the use of a N95 mask, such as respiratory issues, allergies or asthma. For these individuals, a good N95 mask will help them to better breathe at work. For those who have a history of allergies to dust or pollen, or who live in areas with high levels of dust, the use of a N95 mask can mean reduced exposure to these allergens, improving their overall health.
The vast majority of N95 masks are designed to fit tight against the face, leaving no room for air to flow past the mask. They are available in a variety of standard sizes, but if you need a custom or size N95 mask, most health care workers should be able to find one that will fit properly. The standard N95 masks should be adequate for most individuals, but if you need a custom-sized mask, you should discuss your options with a mask manufacturer to determine what kind of mask is best for you. If you are looking forward to buying these masks then you can simply check out your nearby retail store or medical supply store. Also, you can prefer to order online from reliable sellers like accumed.com.

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