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PU Spray foam insulation in pakistan

PU Spray foam insulation in Pakistan

PU spray foam insulation Overview

PU Spray foam insulation in Pakistan is home insulation is amazing that a lot of community in Pakistan is now investing in at the same time as updating their houses. It very much helps with falling the air-conditioning expenses and also keeps your house at restricted hotness all through the year. Since a lot hasn’t been spoken in Pakistan after PU Spray foam insulation, we take the freedom to compile a number of the greatest skin texture of this insulation filling.

2-Types of PU Spray Foam Insulation in Pakistan

Main the category of the construction of a home, building, or office, there are 2 main types of spray foam insulation in Pakistan, according to PU thickness:

  • Closed unit PU Spray foam:

Closed unit foam is tall thickness foam, this type of spray foam insulation has much profit over the conventional filling method. Even though per panel foot cost of closed unit foam is higher than open-cell foam.

It is known to resist volume water, even during flood since it has a senior R-value (6.0 per inch). The most attractive thing about closed unit foam is that it can be applied and works at a temperature as little as -15 degrees Celsius.

  • Open unit PU Spray foam:

Open unit foam is full of cells that aren’t completely compressed. Another way to put it is that the unit is left intentionally open to build the foam softer and flexible to be relevant. It is called low-density foam due to its lowest R-value (3.5 per inch).

Advantage of PU Spray Foam:

  • It is a hand made a tool for drooping electric bills.
  • It is a pro effective way to reduce the heat of a house.
  • Creating sufficient protection against water leakage and seepage without damaging or disturbing the interior beauty of your home.
  • It is produced by combination Ethylene Phylogeny Canniness among a polymer.
  • It has a high thermal resistance and a small thermal conductor that aids controlling the heat of a house in extreme weather and sun lighting etc.
  • Polyurethane insulation can be spray on walls and roofs to save any kind of construction not only from moisture but also from unwanted sounds.

Price of PU Spray Foam Insulation in Pakistan:

  • A little spray foam can be purchased for PKR 1000 to PKR 1500. This is handy to fill cracks, air-holes, and uneven surfaces within a house.
  • The prices of PU Spray foam insulation in Pakistan are decided according to per foot, which starts from PKR 100 per foot, exclusive of labor cost, and depending on two things: the density and how well you negotiate. While PVC and other solid insulation sheets may cost as low as PKR 60 to PKR 90 per square foot.
  • If you buy a professional spray foam expanding by polyurethane contractor. It can cost you around PKR 5 thousand to PKR 8 thousand. We will save you additional labor costs, while the price of an imported quality can of 5 kg is under PKR 50 thousand. It is completely up to you if you think effective and wants to take cost by doing it yourself.

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