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Quercetin: All You Need To Know

Humans have been using plant-based medicines for millennia. Evidence of the same can be found in many ancient texts and scriptures. However, with further advancements in science, many discoveries have helped humanity to a great extent. 

One such discovery was quercetin, which has been helping many since its discovery in 1937. A Hungarian biochemist was going by name of Albert Szent Gyorgyi, later won a Nobel Prize for his contribution. 

However, that might make many ponder over further details associated with It. Therefore, let’s take a deeper look at It and better understand its role in your body.    

What Is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a flavonoid or pigment found in many different types of plants and vegetables. Over the years, quercetin benefits have earned a lot of prominence among the medical community as well as the general population. Some of the well-known health benefits of quercetin include mitigating the risk of chronic health conditions, including cancer, heart diseases, and even degenerative brain disorders. 

It has earned the reputation of functioning as antibodies in the body. This means they are ideally engineered to neutralize free radicals that can cause severe damage to your cells when their level increases. This damage can significantly impact the body, often resulting in many chronic body complications. 

Fortunately, we have quercetin, one of the most abundantly found flavonoids in your diet. Estimates suggest an average individual consumes about 10-100 mg of quercetin daily through different sources. Some of these familiar food sources include apples, citrus fruits, onions, berries, coffee, capers, broccoli, grapes, and even red wine. 

In case that does not suffice your It, you can even consume quercetin supplements readily available in almost every medical store. These supplements can have multiple benefits, such as enhancing the immune system, combating allergies, fighting inflammation, and maintaining an overall healthy body.       

Different Food Sources Of Quercetin

As mentioned earlier, quercetin is a naturally occurring pigment found in many plants and vegetables. One can get this pigment from the outer layers or peels of veggies and fruits, making it an ideal plant-based nutrient for all vegetarians and vegans out there.   

Some of the most excellent sources of It include green and yellow peppers, capers, red grapes, broccoli, tomatoes, cooked asparagus, red leaf lettuce, different berries such as blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries. Besides that, you can also get It from kale, shallots, red and white onions, black and green tea, among many others.    

One point worth noting here is that the concentration of It in all these food items can vary based on the condition in which the food was grown. This fact was further cemented by a study showing organically grown tomatoes have 79% more It as compared to tomatoes grown using the conventional approach. 

Health Benefits Of Quercetin

People from all around the world benefit from the consumption of quercetin foods in many ways. Knowing about these health benefits can help one take better measures to preserve their health conditions. Therefore, here are some of the well-researched and well-known health benefits of quercetin and how they can benefit your body.  

Effective In Easing Allergy Symptoms 

Its anti-inflammatory properties of It have helped many get relief from allergy symptoms. Studies on the subject concluded that quercetin could block certain enzymes responsible for causing allergic reactions. This suppresses chemicals such as histamine, which is responsible for causing the allergic reaction in the first place. 

Further studies have shown quercetin has aided in suppressing anaphylactic reactions in mice caused by peanuts. However, most of these studies have been conducted on animals, and the jury is still out on deciding if It will have a similar impact on humans. 

Reducing Inflammation: 

Another well-known benefit of It is its capability to combat and reduce inflammation. When one thinks of free radicals, one often thinks of them to be something that damages the cells in the body. However, research shows they do much more than that, as free radicals have been known for activating genes that trigger or even fuel inflammation. This means the higher the level of free radicals in the body, the higher are the chances of an increase in the inflammatory response. 

It has proven itself to be highly effective in countering the effects of free radicals, which automatically translate to reduced inflammation. However, experts suggest it is better not to jump the wagon and at least wait for more extensive research on humans.       

Reduce The Risk Of Chronic Brain Disorders

The antioxidant properties found in It are beneficial in protecting your brain against degenerative brain disorders. Some of these disorders include dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Studies have shown that mice affected with Alzheimer’s disease received quercetin doses regularly for three consequent months. By the end of the study, It has successfully reversed the impact of Alzheimer’s, enabling the mice to perform better in learning tests. 

Further studies on the subject have shown quercetin is the primary compound in coffee that protects one from varied illnesses. This came as a shock to many because earlier caffeine was thought to have been responsible for the protective compounds.       

Help Prevent Cancer

Quercetin has also earned a reputation for protecting people against cancer. This is due to Its antioxidant qualities.

Reviews of animal and test-tube studies showed that It had suppressed prostate cancer-causing cells’ growth. Other similar studies have shown a similar impact on cancer in other body parts, including bladder, liver, ovarian, blood, colon, adrenal, etc.     

Quercetin Supplements 

Quercetin supplements are readily available as dietary supplements from different pharma and health food stores both online and offline. These supplements are available in different forms, including powders and capsules. Experts recommend a typical quercetin dosage ranging from 500-1000 mg per day.   

It would further help to keep in mind that the bioavailability of quercetin is low. It makes it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrient optimally. Therefore, experts often recommend consuming It with bromelain or vitamin C for better absorption.    

Potential Side Effects Of Quercetin

It is generally safe to consume the conventional naturally occurring quercetin found in different plants and vegetables. The same goes with quercetin supplements; as long as you consume the supplement in appropriate quantities, the chances of succumbing to any side effects are zero. 

However, if you consume more than recommended quantities of It supplements, there can be mild symptoms. That is such as stomach aches, headaches, or tingling sensations across the body. 

Even pregnant or breastfeeding women can consume quercetin with food. But the same does not go for quercetin supplements. Because as studies have found that the consumption of quercetin supplements during these periods can adversely impact the mother.   

Therefore, as with any supplements, it is always better to consult a trustworthy physician before consuming quercetin supplements. This is important because the compound in It can easily have an adverse effect after mixing with any medications you might be taking.   

Final Thoughts

Quercetin is undoubtedly one of the essential nutrients for your body. However, the avid abundance of It in different food sources means you barely have to worry about quercetin supplementation.  

Nonetheless, in case you are suffering from a severe medical condition. And you can also consume It supplements after consulting your physician or doctor. Make sure to consume quercetin bromelain together to facilitate better absorption.  

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