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Quick Guide On Hydroponic System


 Times have changed now, is a very commonly heard sentence by almost everyone and it is very true as well. A lot of progress and changes have been witnessed by people worldwide in all the areas that strike a person’s mind, be it science, jobs, manufacturing or gardening. Anything and everything has taken a 360-degree turn. With so much advancement in technology the process of doing everything has changed.

When it comes to gardening, the traditional method has become obsolete in the urban area. New gardening techniques have been discovered so that the growth of plants can be increased by giving due consideration to the space constraint. A lot of new gardening techniques being used in today’s world are raised beds, vertical gardening, hydroponics, and many more.

Hydroponics is one such gardening technique that can be applied both indoor and outdoor. This makes the hydroponic system a very popular method of gardening. Hydro means water and phonics refer to the process of growing plants, hence the name hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants using water but without the presence of soil. This sounds absurd, right?. How can plants grow without soil? Well, it has become possible with the latest and unique hydroponic system. In this, the water used for growing plants is deeply infused with essential nutrients which fulfill all the needs of the plants and help in their growth.

It happens at times that because of bad weather the plants are unable to grow. Or a possible reason for the death of your plants could be the wrong placement of plants because of a lack of space. The only solution for this is setting up an indoor plant growth system. But growing plants traditionally inside the house is not possible because of the absence of all the essential things needed for gardening as well as the fear of dirt spreading in the house.

If you are thinking of growing plants indoors then the Hydroponic system is there for your rescue. In order to help you out, a DIY Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System is being discussed as follows:

  • Things Required: Big Bucket, Net Pot, Air pump, Air Tube, air stone, Rockwool, some kind of a growing medium.
  • To set up a hydroponic system the first and the most essential thing one needs is a nutrient-rich solution. Pour this solution into the bucket until a point that is above the net pot immersed in the bucket. A net pot is used so that the plants can be provided with proper air needed for their growth.
  • Now to make an arrangement for the air needed to grow plants, use the air pump, air tube, and air stone to set up an oxygen system in the bucket.
  • After doing all this, do make sure that the roots of the plants can be seen in the Rockwool. Until the plant roots are not in direct contact with water, they will not be able to absorb the essential nutrients from the water.
  • In the end cover up the plant with the growing medium of your choice.

Setting up an indoor hydroponic system is not tough. You just need to use the correct equipment at the right location in the right manner. The essential things for the hydroponic system can be found very easily at almost all the nearby stores that deal in the supply of gardening material. These dealers themselves can guide you a little on how to create this unique system in your house or in your lawns. Once you have set up this system, all you need to do is to monitor it on a regular basis.

Gardening is a hobby of many people. And truly it is a fun activity. One not only contributes to the process of saving the planet but also gathers a lot of knowledge about plants. Once you indulge in this activity then there is no looking back as it is such a vast concept that you would willing want to learn more and more about it.

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