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QuickBooks Setup for Dentist

Dentists and other oral healthcare providers can spend an excessive amount of time managing their financial records. We specialize in healthcare and QuickBooks setup for dentist accounting services designed to save dentists both time and money, allowing you to spend more time running your practice. We’ll take care of your bookkeeping, manage cash flow, handle tax planning, and provide you with organized financial reports. Our dental accounting services will assist you in growing and maintaining a profitable practice for years to come.

What QuickBooks Gives You That Dental Practice Management Software Doesn’t


Customizable reports will provide Profit & Loss that show how much it costs to pay for your staff, how much your supplies are costing your practice, and if you are more or less profitable than last year. With this information, you can answer many more questions on how your practice is running and will be able to make informed decisions when adding staff or buying a new piece of equipment.

Accountant’s Review

This tool allows you to make an Accountant’s Copy so your accountant can adjust your finances, make entries for tax purposes, etc., without interrupting your operations.

Bank Feeds

Connect QuickBooks to your bank and credit card accounts for up-to-date account balances and smoother bank reconciliations. This is a big time saver.


Budgets are easy to create and can be as detailed or simple as you need. After your budget is in QuickBooks, you can see how you are doing compared to your goals.


QuickBooks is designed to be user-friendly and has a convenient cloud-based package so you can access your financial information from any computer. You may still need a bookkeeper; however, it is easy to view your financials on the fly.

What You Get From Dental Practice Management Software

  • Patient information: Maintenance of patient financial information in a central location, including insurance information
  • Scheduling: Easy scheduling of appointments
  • HIPAA Compliance: Dental management programs are HIPAA-compliant, so you can store health history along with digital x-rays, etc. QuickBooks is currently not HIPAA-compliant; therefore it cannot maintain medical information.

Using QuickBooks in addition to your dental practice management software makes good business sense. Doing so provides you with the entire picture so you can better understand your practice.

Setting up QuickBooks

If you haven’t yet set up your accounting software program, we highly recommend you call us first so we can guide you through the critical decisions during set up. The manuals say it’s easy, and it is, if you are an accountant. For the dental practice owner, it is also very easy to make mistakes when starting out with QuickBooks and its time consuming to correct them down the road.

Ongoing QuickBooks support

As a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we can save your business time, prevent a lot of headaches, and help correct accounting errors. We will continue to advise, support, and guide you or your staff at critical stages throughout the year. With our guidance, you will learn basic accounting concepts which will help you better monitor the financial condition of your business.

As part of our QuickBooks dental accounting services we review your bookkeeping on a regular interval to ensure your accounts are accurate. Anytime you call with a question or need advice for an important business decision, which you are always welcome to do, we can review your QuickBooks file to make more informed decisions.

Contact us

Want to learn more about how QuickBooks setup for dentist  and can add value to your practice? Call Only our Experts today and learn why our clients wouldn’t think of using another CPA firm for QuickBooks training and support.

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